Where Are They Now

 This page is specifically for people to use in an effort to find lost relatives or old friends of yesteryear, or other historical information.

There is no cost and we are happy to help


December 7 2015

Looking for Ann Walsh nee Henderson

Susie and Peter Barrett would like to hear from Ann Walsh nee Henderson or anyone who knows her present whereabouts.  They knew her in London in the early 1960s. Ann and Susie both have connections to the family of Lydia Becker, b,1827. 
Susie's e-mail address is    susie.barrett@btopenworld.com

December 3 2015

looking for Mrs Margaret Page


Mandakini Arora would like to find Mrs Margaret Page who used to be in Darjeeling. Mrs Page was a friend of Janet Ower-Johnston. Mandakini is doing research on Geoffrey, Janet's husband, and believes that Margaret may be able to fill in some details that Mandakini is missing. Here is the link to Mandakini's article on Geoffrey James-Ower Johnston:  Koi Hai | Archives | Geoffrey Johnston




Her email address is mandakinni@yahoo.com.sg



November 2  2015


Geoffrey Farnham tells the Editor 

Recently I met the Cameron family based in Dibrugarh..they have lost touch

with their Cameron family in UK and they are quite interested in getting in

touch with the Camerons family in UK. Can they please contact them at



August 8 2015


Daphne Nicholls
On behalf of Betty McKenzie, of London, widow of
the late Donald McKenzie, of the Dooars, we are trying to find Daphne Nicholls, daughter of the late Pinto Kerr of the Dooars
If anyone can help can they please contact Peter Byrne at peterbyrne@aol.com




July 6 2015

looking for Grant or Alastair Simpson


Sandy Andersen is trying to find her cousin known as either Alastair or Grant

Simpson  He definitely travelled to India in 1964 on the Orcades from U K.

If anyone can help Sandy. Please e-mail her at  sandyaandersen@icloud.com  

or Editorkoihai@aol.com

May 15 2015

looking for Grant Simpson

Keith Crabb who was a friend and colleague of Grant Simpson at

Bazaloni T E  is keen to make contact with Grant again. If anyone

knows of Grant's whereabouts can they kindly let Keith know--His

brother Tim's e-mail is 


May 12 2015



Some friends are looking to contact John Duguid who in the Sixties was at Kacharigaon T E in the Thakibari area --if you have information please contact editorkoihai@aol.com


March 24 2015



Contact sought with descendants of J W Leslie Heathcote and his brother F Lionel T Heathcote to verify family genealogy and identify a 1902 studio portrait believed to be a Heathcote.

Information please to Athol K Attwood, <finwood@actrix.co.nz>



Helene Tosh

Does anyone know of Helene Tosh and how to get in touch with her. Her father James Tosh was at Digulturrung T E  and Borengajulu  in Assam. Helene was last seen around Borengajuli T.E. Assam


If you have any information please contact gnhswinson40@gmail.com  or the editorkoihai@aol.com


Help is sought in getting information on Mr Simpson, employed in Balijan T.E.

Dibrugarh, Assam in the early 1940's by the then Eastern Assam Tea Co Ltd.

He had apparently died during WW2,  possibly in between 1943-1945. His

contemporaries were Mr D Hodson, Mr J S Flynn, Mr N. Warner, and Mr R C Reynolds.

Any informationon the above mentioned gentleman will be gratefully accepted

by his grandson Mr Victor Macllwaine, Shillong, Meghalaya at

vmacilwaine44@gmail.com  or +91 9863064383


          Picture of Victor's Grandfather Mr Simpson

July 7 2014


Peter Byrne trying to find Janine McAlpine...she came out to Tea-the Dooars- with the Fishing Fleet (about which there is now a very good book just out, of that name) in about 1951 or '52. Her uncle, of the same last name, may have been a Tea Inspector, at Tocklai in Assam. She may have married a tea planter in Darjeeling...and might still be there.  Any leads much appreciated.  Peter Byrne.
Peter's e-mail is peterbyrne@aol.com

November 13 2013
We are attempting to make contact with the son of Val Brown who was at

Tinkuria TE in the Tezpur District in the 50's--

anyone with any information please contact

November 9 2013

Looking for Ian Newton

Bryan Byrne, who was a planter with the Empire of India and Ceylon Tea Company in the Tezpur district, in Assam,  is trying to find a one time planter friend of his, Ian Newton, from his days in tea, which were roughly 1950 to 1955.

Brian currently lives in Carson City, Nevada, USA

Anyone with any information about Ian please reply to   petercbyrne@yahoo.com

 October 20 2013

 Brig and Priti Suri

 Maureen and Gordon McGilvray are trying to find the whereabouts of Brig and Priti Suri--Anyone with information please contact Jill Dawkins at   jilldawkins@me.com


September 5 2013
We are looking for David Ojha
Alan Leonard, from the erstwhile 'Broken Pekoes' is keen to get in touch with David Ojha.......who was a singer and accomplished guitarist with the Broken Pekoe's. David’s wife’s name was Maureen—if anyone knows of their whereabouts can they please e-mail Alan Leonard  alan.hohcr@btinternet.com
or the Editor Koi hai  editorkoihai@aol.com

June 24  2013

Hamish Barkley is asking for help----if you can help, please send copy direct to Hamish at  hamish.barkley@orange.fr  with a copy to editorkoihai@aol.com


I am Hamish Barkley,son of Robert " Bill" Barkley, resident in bungalow no 1, BOKEL tea estate, Lahoal/Chalkhowa/Dibrugarh district,and employee of the A.B.I.T.A.

This bungalow was on the road to the Dibrugarh and District Planters Club,and consequently was well used !

I believe the dates are 1953 to 1959. Our neighbours were the Pattersons and the D K Dutta family.

I am researching the area for old friends (or rather sons and daughters thereof) for my brothers 60 th birthday next year.

They were born (twins) at Panitola hospital in 1954.

Any links would be helpful.

Hamish Barkley


May 7 2013

Looking for information about Reginald Walmsley

A young lady from Canada is looking for information about Reginald Walmsley who was in the Ootacamund area in the 1920’s and 1930’s probably in tea He had estates  there and Yasmin  was wondering if it was likely to have been tea. If you have any information please contact Yasmin Wooldridge whose e-mail is harsishava@gmail.com

April 25 2013

Milton Dean (miltondean@earthlink.net) would like to make contact
with any or all of the people who were in Namrup, Assam India with
him during the year of 1968. They were working at the FCI (Fertilizer
Cooperation of India) They were all UK citizens from England,
Scotland, &Wales. Namely Claude Laird, Bobby McClimate, Tommy
Malcome, John Bice, Dave Tees, Marty Walker, John Mack, Harry Grill,
Mike & Ann Thorn, Jack Tarbun, Mr. Lorrie, Tim Shepherd, "Big" Joe
Stewart,  and a few others.


Dick Dysart was Project Manager but sadly passed away. His widow
Dorothea lives in the USA and her e-mail is dorotheabuzz@gmail.com

To contact Milton please use his e-mail above


April 19 2013

Peter Byrne would like to find and make contact with Tom Tyson, a planter
from the Dooars, last seen there in about 1953.  Tom married a lady from
Darjeeling about this time and then left Tea and went to live in New Zealand. 
He was an old tiger hunting, burra peg drinking buddy of Peter B.  
PLEASE REPLY TO PETER BYRNE. petercbyrne@yahoo.com   

March 16 2013



PLEASE REPLY TO PETER BYRNEpetercbyrne@yahoo.com   

January 8 2013

Looking for Forbes Fisher

REPLY TO PETER BYRNE. petercbyrne@yahoo.com  .

Many Thanks

December 31 2012

 A request from Peter Byrne

I am very keen to trace a lady named Julie Thompson, or, via her married name, Julie Chubb.  July is the daughter of Henry and Sue Thompson, of Sitapur, India, one of the last British families living in north India after the end of the Raj.  They were dear friends of mine and in my professional hunting years in the nearby Nepal Terai, I enjoyed many a fine Christmas with them and Julie.

Julie left India many years ago and moved to Florida in the U.S., to become a pilot. She succeeded in this and after she got her license, worked for a domestic airline in Papua New Guinea. There she may have met and married a Captain Chubb, another pilot and in the small communites of PNG. . would probably have been known to some of the tea planters. And there she disappeared from my view, to speak. She may still be living in PNG or may have moved down to Australia? Can anyone help?

Peter's address is  petercbyrne@yahoo.com

This lady was traced but sadly had passed away a few years ago

DECEMBER 25 2012

Looking for information on NAGRAKATA CEMETERY

 One time tea planter Peter Byrne (The Dooars Tea Company, 1947 to 1953) is very keen to make email contact with someone in the Nagrakata District of the Dooars. His particular interest is the old British planter's cemetery at Nagrakata and if it is still intact and, if so, what memorial stones exist and who is buried there.

He can be reached via petercbyrne@yahoo.com


He s also, on behalf of his ex tea planter brother, Bryan Byrne (The Singlo Company, Assam) trying to find a one time Assam planter named Alan Richardson.

or via


October 2012

Can anyone help Diana in her search?

Diana Owen is trying to locate Jennifer and David Eastmure, children of Gerry Eastmure. If you can help please contact:


 Similarly, Matiul Nowshad is trying to trace the whereabouts of Natalie and Babette West, children of the late B.A.West who worked in Darjeeling on the Soom Tea Estate and later moved to Sylhet in Bangladesh where he wa general manager of Deundi Tea Company from 1979 to 1986. If you can help please contact


May 1 2012

  Can anyone help Ranjit in his quest

Ranjit Barooah is asking for help in tracing any details/documents/pictures of the Purdey family. Ranjit's UK friend said
Richard Purdey's Grandmother  was at Moran and her husband was Wilfred Allen who was at that time I think with Jokai Tea Co.
She was one of six children and her brothers John, Philip,Terence and Hugh (Ben) all worked in India with the Moran Tea Co.This would have been circa 1900/1920
Her son Charles worked in Ceylon with Whittalls and then in London with Typhoo and Meridan.
Richard is part of the Gun Makers family and lives locally to me.

Please reply to Ranjit    ranjit.dasgupta@harrisfreeman.com

 April 23 2012

Dibrugarh Polo Cup 1905 

Can you help Identify the names on this cup? 

Charles Pitt
from Florida, USA has been in touch offering to donate a polo cup which reads 'Dibrugarh Races 1905 First Team Polo Tournament'. The names on the cup are:

1. L.C. Green

2 C.A Langley 

3. H.W. Lavres

and on the back: 

3.  H.W. Lavres

L.A. Gramston Capt


March 31 2012

Can you help -

-looking for information on Tony Edwards

Julie Edward's Father worked in the early 60s in Assam and then West Bengal His name was Tony (Anthony John) Edwards.

"Sadly he died when I was only 3 months old and all I have is a few photographs, some letters he wrote to his parents from India and a few wonderful sketches of the Indian countryside which I treasure."
Tony's photo is shown below he is on left.

Can anyone help by scratching their memory of Tony please

Please reply to  jcedwards75@gmail.com 

March 16 2012

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Charles and Jill Elliot who moved to Zimbabwe (previously known as Southern Rhodesia) from Kachirigaon in the Thakurbari of Assam about 1960 Please contact Editorkoihai@aol.com


November 7 2011

Alfred Eustace D'Silva
  Is anyone familiar with Alfred Eustace D'Silva or his son Alfred "Alfie" Joseph D'Silva?  Alfred Eustace D'Silva was part owner of the Piska Tea Estate and later his son Alfie was owner/manager. Supposedly, the British army took over the tea estate during WWII.
The D'Silva family lived in Ranchi/Calcutta and they also had a country home called 'Wisteria' not too far from the tea estate. 
Alfred Eustace died November 1940 and Alfie died in 1953. 
If anyone is familiar with the above please contact gemwtch@aol.com. 


October 10 2011 

Can you help identify the place please 

A young lady, from Birmingham UK, Susan Elks owns the painting
has been scanned to the size you can see on the web site and is shown below-

It was painted by E. Berrow  in 1914 showing tennis, boating, afternoon tea etc .

The lettering in the background is "Coronation Tea Garden".

Susan has done some research and found that the Coronation Tea Garden may have been part of The Manjha Tea Estate, Belgachi, Siliguri, West Bengal, 734001, India

If anyone can help Susan in her research please contact cwsjelks@virginmedia.com


Roy Church is asking for your help

 September 18 2011
What were you doing on 21st November 1962?

The Planter's generation who experienced the traumatic days of the 1962 Sino-India War have a unique tale to tell and if we don't tell it soon it will be beyond recollection. It was a time which showed up poor management as well as being a time for capable hands to step forward.

If YOU have any recollections please let me know and it can be my winter's project to sort them out in some kind of readable order.

Even those who exhausted club's stocks of alcohol are by now, I guess, unlikely to be billed!

Send them in any form; postal address is The Pightle, Nowhere Lane, Great Witchingham, Norwich NR9 5PD, email is rcpightle@tiscali.co.uk.

Roy Church

September 15 2011

Dr Pradhip Baruah of the Tocklai Experimental Station is undertaking research on the origin of Assam tea on its discovery in Upper Assam in 1823 and the role of the Singphos.

If anyone has any map or maps depicting the original tracts can you please forward to Dr Baruah whose e-mail is pbaruahdr@gmail.com



 June 14 2011

Rajender Singh known to friends as Jindi is trying to find his old friend Anil Pandit who was at college with Raj and also met again when Raj was at Chabua with the IAF.

If you can help please e-mail Raj at rajrealtor@yahoo.com



 May 3 2011


Manbir (Pasha) Grewal. Whose father is Prem Grewal who was a planter with Jokai ( Later HLL) from 1976-2007.

Hatiali,Bokel, Singlijan (1990), Koilamarie ( 1994-97), Panitola ( 1997-2003).

Later Samdang and Hurchurah.(2007).

Manbir is  Lookin for old friends.

Please contact him at
manbirgrewal@yahoo.com -9814023155.(Prem Grewal)


April 4 2011 

To whom it may concern:

I would like to get in touch with anyone who was familiar with my father, Asoke De (also known as Yankee De for his longish hair). He was a tea planter with Duncan Brothers in the 50s and 60s and then with Goodricke's in the 70s and 80s.  The TGs that I remember he was in are Chandighat in the Assam area, Kumargram, Gandrapara and Danguajhar in the Dooars. He passed away suddenly on 10/10/10. I have fond memories growing up in Assam and the Dooars and of course attending Loreto Convent Darjeeling.  Do let me know if anyone remembers him. I would love to reminisce.  Thank you so much.


6105 Golden Hills Drive
Golden Valley, MN 55416
Fax: 763.847.4010

March 15 2011
In November 2010 a note was placed on behalf of Una Reeves looking for information about her farther Maurice W P Laws We now have informatiion please contact the editor Editorkoihai@aol.com

February 24 2011
Hamish Young , now living in Perth Scotland is trying to find his best man at his wedding in 1965. He is looking for David March. who was in 1965 on Nonipara TE -- anyone with information as to his whereabouts please contact Hamish direct as he is now on the internet  and his e-mail is hamishyoung906@btinternet.com 

January 20 2011




Pam Gardiner and Gilbert Hawkins are trying to find out about their
family They have quite a few photographs of her grandfather Francis Henry Hawkins  who was Manager of the Makum Division of the Makum Tea Company from 1900 to 1911 and then Superintendent from 1912 to 1919

There are three  photographs below which show him.

Pam and Gilbert's  main quest is to find out about TheIr Grandmother who was a Bengali and of whom they can find no record.

The three photos below show a group of children plus Francis Hawkins, second is on the golf course, and the last is a group of Polo players he is on the front row with the pruning knife.

If anyone has any suggestions which may be helpful to Pam and Gilbert please get in touch with the Editor at editorkoihai@aol.com

January 25 2011
In addition Pam is asking for help with this

I have another request if that is at all possible please.  I have a letter from Mrs Doris M Kilburn who was wife of J Maurice Kilburn (who became according to my information joined Makum (Assam) Tea Co in 1912 to 1914 and became Superintendent in 1919 on the Dirok estate before it was split into the Dirok Tea Gardens.  F H Hawkins was Manager from 1900 to 1911.  There was also a J H Kilburn who became manager from 1948 to 1952 (Maybe he was the son of J M Kilburn)?

Both J M Kilburn and D M Kilburn were friends of my Grandfather and took over his old bungalow.  This letter is dated 9 August 1965 - 3 months after J M Kilburn passed on.  F H Hawkins corresponded with J M Kilburn often during his life after Assam.

My request is:  I would like to hear from any one who knew either of the Kilburns or their children or may know where they are.  A daughter  livied quite close to Mrs D M Kilburn in Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK in 1965.


If anyone has any information which might help can you please contact eoither the Editor or Pam Gardiner PGARDINER@XTRA.CO.NZ

December 27 2010

Dilip Chanda would like to try to find his old teacher Donald Thompson from the Assam Oil Company-if you have any knowledge of Donald please contact Dilip at dilip1134@dataone.in   or contact editorkoihai@aol.com

Here is Dilip's request

Dilip Chanda (DK) worked in upper Assam in Assam Oil Company from 1952 onwards until 1980 when he left Assam for Middle East . There were at least 50 expat staff in assam oil and Digboi club used to be a meeting place for tea gardeners of the area from LIDO TO Dibrugarh , Panitola , Tingri etc

Dilip says; Many names are in my memory and I am interested to know the whereabouts of Donald Thompson , a Scottish  oilman who used to be a key figure og Digboi Club Golf course and who had later built the Golf Course of Zaloni Club , Duliajan  a part of A.o.C .He had taken early retirement in 1967at the age of 45 .
Donald identified Dilip also as DK

Donald  was my trainer at Assam Oil Company and I am indebted to him for breaking me into  the Oil Drilling profession which is very tough and  difficult . Anyway , I persisted and full fruit of his training I enjoyed in my profession later . Donald Thompson was particularly careful in retaining his personal car Registartion no as ASL 7  no matter how many times he changed to a new car .  He had a close friend whose name was Bill Hunter who was also in A.O.C and left India  in 1973 . He is also a Scot .


December 16 2010

Can you help ?

 Minoo Avari of Darjeeling fame is keen to reconnect with
    some old friends who were in the Darjeeling area

 He lists the following from his memory ;

 Peter Collinson, Raj Issar, Baljit Sukerchakia, Harish  
Mukhia,   Jiwan Prodhan, Mike Chenney, John Dugod...
the entire Emmet clan,  David Little and Richard Lancaster Gordon Temple, Gordon Fraser, Mike Murison, Huge Dominy... the list is really endless!

 If you are listed above please contact Minoo 
 or the Editor of Koi Hai EditorKoiHai@aol.com

If anyone knows of any of these Gentlemens whereabouts kindly let
the Editor know and he will pass it onto Minoo Avari



November 14 2010
Maurice W P Laws
Maurice's daughter Una Reeves wrote to Jim Beven and is asking for help if
anyone remembers her father. Her parents divorced when she was a little girl
and her father Maurice  W. P. Laws went back to Tea in 1948- Maurice was on
Nya Gogra in the Halem District of Darrang District---Una thinks that her
father may have died in the 1950's
If anyone has any information which can help Una, please contact

 September 21 2010
Chris is  looking for information regarding Mrs I.J. Lewis, who was in India in the 1930's. Mrs Lewis had a Klemm Swallow aircraft (Registration VT-AGA) registered in her name in 1935. The aircraft was based at Calcutta (Dum-Dum).     Any information regarding Mrs Lewis would be most welcome. My email id is novaa77@yahoo.com


September 3 2010

Dorothea Dysart tells the Editor that while living briefly in ASSAM she
got married and had a reception at the Dibrugarh Tea Planters club. Roy and
Cynthia Anderson were bridesmaid and bestman at our wedding in 1965, and
she was  given ‘away' by a wonderful man Alan  McDonald Her  husband was
Richard Dysart "Dick" to his friends and he was the Project Manager   of the
Namrup Power Station in 1964 / 1965. She recalls Peter and Rosemary Shortt
so very well, they were very kind to us and my sincere sympathy to their children
on the loss of two such fine people.  Dick, her husband passed away some
years  ago and she now lives in North Carolina USA and has three daughters
close by and   three darling grandchildren. Dorothea would be delighted to hear
from old  friends from Assam days-her e-mail address is dorotheabuzz@gmail.com

July.31 2010

Anchor Line Ship Caledonia

S.K. Mehera. is asking fro help and I quote:

 I need a little help from other "Koi Hais". I travelled from Bombay to Liverpool in
August 1955 by the Anchor Line ship "Caledonia". Whenever the ship left port, a
rather catchy tune was played over the tannoy and I have been trying to identify it
and get a recording. It was played on an accordion, sounded Scottish and, because
of the ship, may have had "Caledonia" somewhere in its title. I know Caledonia is
synonymous with Scotland. Sadly, all my contemporary fellow passengers like
George Barrie, Bob Halliday, "Mike" Dutt, are no longer around.

If you7 can help please contact SK at his e-mail address:      skmehera@hotmail.com

March 12 2010

Tony Clarkson who was on Hukanpukri and Harmutty in the late 50's and 60's is hale and hearty and has been living in the USA for the last 40
years Tony would like to be in touch with his old friends. He has just found  http://www.koi-hai.com/. Please contact him at  tony.clarkson@beyonddriversed.com      or  contact the Editor at editorkoihai@aol.com


January 19 2010

Paul Riches has asked for help, which is two fold, and hope that one or more of your readers can help.

  1. Captain Douglas W Lancaster, Indian Tea Association

Does anyone remember Capt Lancaster and the part he played in helping the refugees from Burma escape from the Japanese in 1944? Does anyone have a photo of him or any background information. Anything very much appreciated.

  1. Indian Tea Association

Compiling a brief history of the ITA and would appreciate help from members regarding its foundation and in particular photos of any of its members.

Paul's e-mail is paul@priches.wanadoo.co.uk  or advise the Editor at editorkoihai@aol.com

December 28 2009

The Editor received the following note from Ann O'Brien which is self explanatory:

  I have looked at your interesting website before and on reading the 'Where are they now' page have decided on a long shot.  I have scant information about my grandfather, all gleaned from Thackers Dirctories. In 1905 Frank Murdoch was listed as Assistant at Matelli Tea Gardens, Cachar and Dooars Tea Co.Ltd, Chalsa.The company also had gardens at Moortee. The manager at that time was W.Alston. F.M continued to be listed until 1909, not in 1910, then again from 1911 to 1918, not in 1919 or 1920, then as manager in 1921-1923. Other names included in Thackers as either assistants or managers were J.Carmichael, J.Macdonald,  J.H.Lawson and  Dr.O.McCutcheon. If any of these names are familiar to anyone, if they have information or photographs to share it would be very nice. Thanks.

if any one can help Ann please contact either her direct
annobrien@idx.com.au or 

December 13 2009

Shyamal Kumar Banerjee is trying to locate his friend Billy Smith ( William McDougal Smith of Hamilton,  Lanarkshire,  Scotland )  who was in the coal dept,  Macneill & Barry of Calcutta . Shyamal says:  I left India for UK for studies  in the year 1962.  Bill left Calcutta  probably in 1968. The last I heard from him by means of post cards and letters from Brighton  UK in 2000.  By the way, I am from Calcutta, and my father was asst. Surjeon suptd.  with Mackinnon Mackenzie, 16 Strand Road, Calcutta.  He was also a doctor with ICI, Jenson & Nicholson and Macneill & Barry.

If anyone has information please contact Shyamal  Spindle.skb@t-online.de 
Or the Editor at

November 21 2009

 Bharat Sarronwala is  trying to locate- W.L.RICHARDSON (Wife  Margaret)
who left  GARGANDA ESTATE of DUNCANS in DOOARS in late 1962
He was last contacted in Cyprus with his daughter Mandy but returned to UK in 2007 to settle near London.
Any news would be gratefully received.
Bharat tells us he is an ex planter ending up as Director Tea in Duncans Calcutta
If you have information please contact Bharat at
sudhabks12@gmail.com  or Editorkoihai@aol.com

November 15 2009

Derek Stewart whose father managed HazelbankTea Estate during the Second World War is asking for help.

During 1944 Derek was taken to and I quote "to Darjeeling to a sort of boarding establishment for children called the Hermitage, in order to avoid the hot weather season down in the Assam valley"

Below is a photo of a group of children taken at the "Hermitige" close to the main entrance gates but Derek is unable to remember exactly where the Hermitage is located in Darjeeling or what the building looked like. 

Derek would much appreciate if anyone knows whether the Hermitage still exists and if possible send a few photos of the building and any related information for his family records.

Please contact the Editor if you can help  editorkoihai@aol.com 


November 12 2009,

 A very different request --Oil wallahs please step forward

The Editor received the following e-mail and if anyone can help please contact Stefan at stefan.tetzlaff@gmail.com

Dear Editor of koi-hai.com,

I am currently a PhD student of Modern Indian History at Göttingen
University (Germany) working on the history of oil in South Asia
(especially Assam) roughly between 1880 and 1960. This history includes
the production as well as distribution and consumption of oil and
related products.

Professor Radhika Singha of JNU directed me to your wonderful website.
In order to broaden the basis of my research and to bring a unique touch
to it I would ideally be able to include material of and concerning
people formerly or currently engaged or otherwise related to the oil
business (such as local officials and management staff, workers, and
other stakeholders of Assamese society such as traders, landlords etc.)
This could encompass different types of material such as memoirs, oral
histories, photographs, or any other material in relation to the theme.


Stefan asks for those with relevant information to contact him with anything they are willing to share. Stefan's details are stefan.tetzlaff@gmail.com or by snail mail or by phone 

Stefan Tetzlaff, Birkenweg 15, 48361 Beelen, Germany
Mobile +4917697058627

October 21 2009

There was an airfield in Bangladesh (Shamshenagger) which was built by the Americans in the Second World War to accommodate aircraft which were flying over the Hump into China. Is there anyone out there who can shed any light on it's history ? Please reply to the
editorkoihai@aol.com or to appear@talktalk.net


October 12 2009

Joss O'Kelly is asking for help:

My uncle, whose real name was Patrick Terence Michael O'Kelly, but who went by Patric Richard Martyn Barrington, which he sometimes hyphened to Martyn-Barrington, with the nickname Barry, was an aviator who worked briefly post-war for the Dooars Planters. On 21st April 1946 he crashed in his own plane VT-AUK on Hindupara Airstrip.

I have a newspaper acknowledgement in which the family thank the Dooars Planters and other friends for their floral tributes and expressions of sympathy.

If there is anyone who remembers him or this incident I would be grateful if they could get in touch.

For interest I attach a picture of the plane and Terence, as he was known to the family

Thank you     Joss O'Kelly 

Please reply to Joss  jossokelly@btinternet.com  
or to


October 10 2009

A Fascinating Story-Can you help ?

Jim Beven is trying to contact Harriet McLeod, whose father David McLeod was the Manager of  Gargunda T.E.  in the Dooars.

David got very sick due to his appendix rupturing, and  Jim drove David and his wife Harriet to Darjeeling to the hospital

Baby Harriet and Ayah were left with Jim to look after them. During this time Jim held a special birthday party for her -it was her first birthday The year was 1959

Jim has lost touch with the family but often wonders what happened to the daughter, Harriet-Jim would love to make contact again

If anyone has information please contact either the Editor of Koi-Hai
or Alan Lane at alan.lane@virgin.net


July 7 2009

Sandeep Nagalia, the Senior Manager today of Bukhial Tea Estate, Letekujan, Golaghat, Assam is asking for  assistance in trying to locate the families of  the following who were 
Managers of Bukhial in the past

Mr J G McIntosh 1938-1950

Mr A Bell 1950-1962

Mr E K Deighton 1962- 1965

Mr H L Hammond 1965 - 1970

Please reply to Sandeep if you can help bukhial@wmg.co.in   
or to the Editor at


May 24 2009

Looking for Adrian McRobb and Robin Charles

Shoilen Ghose is keen to find 

  1. Adrian Duncan McRobb, formerly of the Baintgoorie Tea Estate, (Chalsa Tea Company,) Dooars.
  2. Robin Charles of Medley Tea Estate, Cachar.
Should someone know where they are, please contact them and ask them to email Shoilen Ghose (formerly of Chalsa Tea Co., and Pathani Tea Estate, Cachar.


April 23 2009

Can you Help?

Students of St Andrews School Darjeeling 
                     1965 to 1970

Amarinder Singh and his colleagues are trying to get in touch with students who attended St Andrews Darjeeling between 1965 and 1970

If you or anyone you know are in this category please contact  
Amarinder Singh, alias  Bunty and his friends

 his e-mail is  amarinder20@hotmail.com

March 12 2009
John P Wilkinson
Kiran and Robey Grover are trying to locate John Wilkinson
any one with information please e-mail editor at editorkoihai@aol.com
or groverkiran@hotmail.com


March 8 2009

Norman Gye
We have been looking at the website Koi-hai and would like to add a query
to the "where are they now" page

 I am trying to trace the name of the plantation in Calcutta my father owned,
Norman Gye.  He left in 1947 and dealt with Crewell & Company. 
Any information would be gratefully received. 
Susan Hargraves 


December 13 2008

Below is a message from KS Dev wishing his old friends well, if you wish to contact him his e-mail is


 I KS Dev, joined tea back in 1988 at Dewan Group in Cachar.  Placed at Labac T.E. od Lallong.  That was precisely the year when there was turn-around in tea industry and this suddenly became a fit case for re-investments.  Lot of new areas were added in tea cultivation and people started minting money once again.  I remained at Dewan Group till end 1991 where I got married to Maneesha who happened to be my first boss's daughter. Thus she may be called a tea baby. I later shifted to Good Hope T.E. in Dooars then to Darjeeling at Gielle T.E. I worked as manager at Ambootia, Singell and Phuguri Tea Estates before shifting to Bhubrighat T.E. in Cachar. I had to finally come to Kolkata back in 2002 because my principal company M/S Longview Tea co. winded-up from tea business and placed me at their Engineering manufacturing flag-ship co. M/S New Allenberry Works as CEO. I wish all my tea friends and well-wishers the best for the support they extended to me!!!


October 9 2008

We are trying to locate Roy Roulston
Can you help ?

"Joan Stocker , nee Gwinnet " is trying to find Roy Roulston of the Jhanzie company --any one with information please contact  Babs  Johnson at beejay2020@yahoo.co.uk or the Editor at Editorkoihai@aol.com"


September 10 2008

Jim Nichols tells the Editor 

I am trying to find the whereabouts of a 
Macdonald, or McDonald 
possibly in 1966.
If  anyone has  contact with him, can they please e-mail Jim at lanktababa@mac.com
Jim has a friend who  is looking URGENTLY for him.

Jim Nichols


July15 2008
Does anyone remember David Rowland

Alun Rowland has a family with a long line of members who had connections with Assam going back to the late 1800's He is interested to learn if anyone remembers his father David Rowland who worked with the Jorehaute Company at Sylee Tea Estate . and finally left in !959  His great uncle Jack Copeland was with the Jorehaute Company and retired in 1944

If anyone has recollections of Alun's relatives would they please contact either Alun direct at a.rowland1@btinternet.com or the Editor at Editorkoihai@aol.com