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Conveners Report 2012

Photographs 2012

List of Attendees 2012

Jimmy Robinson (convenor of the Junior Koi Hai Assam Reunion)


                            .       Koi Assam Reunion Oxford 2012

The inaugural Junior Koi Hai Assam Reunion took place at the Cotswold Lodge Hotel,
a comfortable hotel in the heart of Oxford on 13th October 2012. It was well
attended with 38 quests enjoying an informal three-course meal after an introductory
get together drink in the bar. During the lunch Jimmy Robinson (son of Robbie and
Jill Robinson from the Dibrugarh area) explained how the idea for this event came
from suggestions made during an Eastbourne lunch for a reunion lunch just for
Junior Koi Hai members in a central location at a weekend as most of us are still
working. There was support for this idea from older generation members at the
Stratford lunch last year. They saw the vital importance of the younger generation
in maintaining the Koi Hai community and taking it further through the popular
Koi Hai website, but also the regular lunches and the Koi Hai Newsletter. At the
end of the lunch, Cedar Ball (Sedhar Chozam) from Oxford talked about her
personal interest in the work of Doctor Graham homes in Kalimpong and how we
might support this work in the future. Sadly, Dacre Mogg, who was due to join us
at the event with his wife Janet, passed away recently and we remembered him.

Koi Hai members came from the Thames Valley counties of Oxfordshire,
Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, from the South East and London, Surrey and Essex,
from the Midlands and Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, from the West Country and
Devon and Wiltshire, but also from Scotland, from Lanarkshire, Edinburgh and
Aberdeenshire and as far away as Munich in Germany.

It was a great opportunity to renew acquaintances with people who had previously
been so out of reach, to put adult faces to names vaguely remembered from
childhood days, to discover links we never knew existed between families and
generations and reflect on our similar backgrounds in tea on gardens all over
Assam. Some brought photo albums while others brought maps of tea gardens,
which helped us locate our various experiences on both North and South Banks
of Assam. Copies of the Camellia magazine were made available for members
to take away and read later.

We appreciated being with each other after so long and having the time to sit
and chat. For the Carlyle family in particular, many of whom stayed at the hotel,
it was a real family get together and a chance to see close friends from Scotland.
For others it was an opportunity to visit friends and relatives living locally, enjoy
curry houses and the city's B&Bs. Many stayed on beyond the lunch itself with
some suggesting that this could be something to build in to the next Junior
Koi Hai reunion.

It renewed interest amongst younger generation Koi Hais in other lunches such
as the Eastbourne lunch next April and the London Curry Lunch in support of
Doctor Graham's Homes at the end of October. We are all looking forward to
repeating the experience next year and making it a firm fixture in the Koi Hai
calendar of events.

Jimmy Robinson, convenor.

Below are some photographs taken by Jimmy Robinson of the event at Oxford,

The Organiser himself Jimmy Robinson

Babul Macleod , Sadie Lund, Alan Kilpatrick


Bobby Foster and Marcus Jackson

Nicky Kenning, Steve Daly, Helen Soward, Phil Soward, Jo Daly & Minette Foley

Sadhar Chozam (Cedar Ball)  Hilary Taggart

Willem  Eng and Annette Ward

Ron Carlyle, Anne Carlyle, Neil Dunlop

Steve Daly, and  Helen Soward

Adrian Allen  and Victoria Outram

Cathy Simpson, Louise Carlyle, and Willem Eng (Louise's husband)

Linda Maiden and Anne Macmillan
Christopher Hunter,   Annie Heritage  and Rosemary Kemp

Clare Soltysiak    Adele Fletcher  and  Rick Dodwell

Ian Campbell and Paul Bullock


October 16 2012
List of Attendees

Junior Koi Hai Assam Reunion Lunch
13th October 2012


Adrian Allen

Mark Bullock

Paul Bullock  

Ian Campbell

Anne Carlyle                                    

Louise Carlyle

Ron Carlyle                                                               

Sedhar Chozam                                 

Jo Daly                                                          

Steve Daly                                        

Rick Dodwell

Georgi Dunlop

Neil Dunlop

William Eng                          

Adele Fletcher

Minette Foley                        

Bobby Foster                                                

Annie Heritage

Christopher Hunter                        

Marcus Jackson                                 

Rosemary Kemp                         

David Kenning

Nicky Kenning

Alan Kilpatrick                                           

Sadie Lund

Anne Macmillan

Sally Moss

Linda Malden

Babul McCleod                                           

Victoria Outram

Annette Robinson

Jimmy Robinson                                           

Cathy Simpson                                            

Magaretha Simpson                                

Clare Soltysiak

Helen Soward

Phil Soward              

Hilary Taggart