Can You Help

June 7 2015

This is a plea from Patsy Evans asking for help

Dear Editor,
I am currently writing a book of my parents life in Burma prior to the war, their trek out, back to Burma then moving to Australia where they
lived out their lives.   I  am seeking any photos of the jungle/mountains between Tamu to Palel. 
My father and mother, Jack and Mary Dyer were Anglo-Burmese and spoke highly of the Naga tribesmen and the Tea Planters that assisted them on their trek out and of course I have included my fathers account of them in my book.
My father worked for Bombay Burmah Trading Co. Ltd at their sawmill at Dunneedaw, Rangoon
Please advise me where I may leave a message in case somone has some photos that I may use.
Best wishes
Patsy Evans
Patsy's e-mail is


Can you help ?

October 27 2014

Peter C.Byrne is asking for help


Has anyone had heard of the possibility of the unearthing the possibility of a missing work by Corbett entitled JUNGLE STORIES. It seems he may have published it himself in the 30s and printed just 100 copies.

If anyone has any information on this can they please contact Peter Byrne with a copy to the please






We have had a request to help Himanshu Bagaria who is presently pursuing a law course in Christ University, Bangalore. He tells us that he intends to write a book on the history of Dibrugarh town and he  is collecting materials for the same.

Himanshu is asking members of Koi-Hai if they have any old pictures of Dibrugarh Town, to send them as attachments to him at

Himanshu, rightly reminds us that Dibrugarh was the main tea centre since the time of the origin of tea.