2019.02 - Nicola Howells

23rd February 2019
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I don't know what information is available in relation to employees working within the tea industry but my Great Grandad's brother was one of those who worked at the following establishments.  He died in Cutlacherra on 22 September 1906.  Cause of death?  Where laid to rest?  His death was notified in The Times of India. He was from an Irish Presbyterian family.  I had several ancestors working in India in late 1800s and he was also not the only Blackhall to work in the tea industry.  Others worked for the Agra Bank.
1892 he is listed as an Assistant with the Nagasuree Tea Company Limited in Chalsa, Jalpaiguri

1893-1895 he is an Assistant with the New Terai Association Limited in Panighatta, Darjeeling (This is also a tea company)

1897-1899 he is a Manager with the New Terai Association Limited in Panighatta, Darjeeling

There is no entry for him in 1900, suggesting he was not in India when the European resident’s list was compiled.

1901-1904 he is an Assistant with the Tarrapore Tea Company Limited in Cachar

1905-1906 he is an Assistant with the Central Cachar Tea Company Limited.

I received the above information courtesy of The British Library and they suspect that William Alfred Blackhall’s death was probably registered in Cachar in 1906, however baptism, marriage and death registers from individual churches did not always make it back to England (they were supposed to be sent from the individual church to a central registry in their Presidency and then on to England however they were either not always sent or were lost in transit), and as a quick search brings up no entries for Cachar between 1895-1906 I would hazard a guess that the volume covering Cachar never made it back to England.  
I also think that he visited/worked in Burma at some point.
I don't know whether you can point me in the direction of someone who may be able to assist with what I am looking for.
Any information would be gratefully received.
Kind regards
Nicola Howells