Photo Gallery


March 9th  2014

Here are some photos sent in by Rod Pimm, --Leesh River, Putharjhora, Kumargram, Jiti and Hope 

The photos were all taken between 1962 and 1968


Alison Allan (VA's wife) and  ? Rod thinks it is at the Nagrakata Club

May Duncan, wife of Harry, Huntapara T E possibly
also at Nagrakata Flower Show

Dick Simpson and Dolly's wedding

Cecil Duncan  Hope T E

Elma Lowden at Nagrakata Flower Show


John Grimmer Manager Newlands, Eastern Dooars 

9 Rod  Pimm Kalimpong 1966 or so

Rod Pimm, Lt. Hande ( Indian Army), Terry Kemble.
Rod and Terry both Leesh T E  Lt Hande from Indian Army forward regiment
(one of several) encamped at Leesh Patibari maidan



                   11  Rod Brown, Manager Aibheel  and Gill Pimm
             Hasimara club--cricket match versus Assam

          12   Bill Grice's daughter
    Bill was our Scientific Advisory Officer

13  Jake again --  Standing

Jake coming home on first leaave


          14  Sandy and Jean Elliott at somebody's baby's christening in Darjeeling 

          15    Rod Pimm  down by the Leesh