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The Editor is posting some personal bits from his memory and have to thank the
Managers and Assistant Managers for their kindness in making the photos. The

Two Estates, Mijijajan and Boroi, shown so far are looking very good indeed

BOROI Tea Estate

I am going down Memory Lane by showing the Estates and Bungalows on
the Estates I served on.   Below is the Boroi Tea Estate in the Halem area
of the North Bank of Assam where I acted for the late John Oliver.















some photos of Mijikajan T E  No 9 bungalow where I lived in 1955 to 1957

I am deeply grateful to Dulai Mahanta and his lady wife Ankita for taking the

photographs and also for creating such a superb garden around the bungalow

it has created a great memory for myself and my children. Sadly my late wife

Christine is not here to enjoy it















This is the First Time we have tried to post an Audio piece

It is a conversation between several Aberdonian planters the story
being Aberdeen to Assam


By kind permission of Billy Kay and Odyssey Productions


Click here to listen to the story Aberdeen to Assam