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 March 18,2018

Tea Storytellers Blog

Check out this wonderful compilation of tea stories. Here's a note from Gowri Mohanakrishnan, the founder of the blog.

"There's something magical about tea stories; the minute you hear one, you feel like telling one of your own!

We might be the last generation of storytellers from the tea world. We are here to share our stories - tall tales, anecdotes, ghost stories, road stories, elephant stories, tales of eccentric Burra Saabs and their Iron Ladies, of cantankerous Malis and arrogant Bawarchis, of rains that never stopped and droughts that carried on and on. Cheers to the spirit of Indian Tea!"

If you have a tea story of your own to share please email Gowri at


May 17 2016

A very interesting web site is available to be looked at click to view

November 9 2015 

Here is the link to Kalimpong Kids---Anglo Indian Settlers in New Zealand  created by Jane McCabe whose grandmother arrived from Kalimpong in the early 1900's from the Dr Graham's Homes in Kalimpong--a fascinating story

December 28 2013
 Here is a link to read about the changes in foodstuff food deliveries to the Assam Tea gardens


October 5 2013

A new portal on Tea
The Editor, Anirban Roy, of the new web site has asked  Koi-Hai to help spread their message to our readers and we are pleased to help To go to their site please Click Here


July 27 2013

We thank Sujata Ojha for telling us of the Zaloni group, She said:  I was born  in Digboi and grew up  in Duliajan, where my father served as a Geologist for  30 yrs( Jan 1957- Oct 86).  We have a group on facebook where we Zalonians( Zaloni club is in Duliajan) share information about ourselves as well as other tid bits of information. I write to ask your permission to share the link of with the group. I am sure all will love it.

 This is the link




 November 10 2012

Thanks to Pullock Dutta Special Correspondent of the Telegraph of India for this article about the making of a documentary following the story of a relative of the Assam Valley Light:



 October 20 2012

Thanks to Alan Lane we have the following link to the history of Darjeeling  and the Windamere Hotel--please click below



January 27 2012

Shona Patel has created an interesting and amusing Blog about her association with tea from her childhood on a Tea Garden in Assam to read please Click the link below


December 20 2011
There is an excellent site written about Tea and Tea Planting by an ex-Tea Planter to go there please click this link

The site owner is Saif Shahid who claims to be just an ordinery ex-planter who still reminisces about his plantation days and occasionally yearns to go back to those days.
In his webpage he placed the following:  

"Saif Shahid has travelled to over 25 countries all over the world. He has lived in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK and now living in the USA for the last decade.  His background is in Mechanical Engineering.  Later he has switched to Information Technology."


28 July 2011
This is a message from Penny Kocher to a forgetful and very apologetic  Editor of koi hai

 I am the daughter of an Indian Army officer who served mainly on the North West Frontier but despite being on the other side of the continent you very kindly put a link on the Koi Hai website to one that I built about my father's life in India -  unfortunately it was omitted by mistake when the Editor upgraded the site--here it is again   with the Editors apologies

The good news is that I have published my father's memoir  in hardback and paperback - see attached below and my new website for more details  .

The Editor is about to place the information about the book
A SOLDIERS STORY--by John Archibald Hislop on the Books page of this site



February 21 2011

The Anglo Burmese Library has a very interesting web site
please click

January 18 2011
Here is an exciting opportunity to find a number
of Bungalows in Assam for a great holiday

Web address

The Banner tells it all

November 13 2010


Here is the link to the Planters club of Bangladesh

July 4 2010
Here is a link to a very interesting web site on TEA
a Blend of experience, Expertise, and Quality


June 22 2010
Here is the link to those of you with an interest in the Darjeeling Railways


June 21 2010

There is a very interesting web site for the Tea Industry of today showing
all the jobs being done by the latest technology
--It is probably of interest to those who are still working and also to old
Koi Hais who want to learn about today. Please click the blue site below


.Researching Old Relatives in India ?

For those who are researching the past and need information on relatives
who lived and worked in India there is a very helpful service
This is the India Office at the British Library located at 96 Euston Road,
St Pancras, London NW1 2DB
.In particular they have copies of the
annual Thacker's Directories. These directories contain a wealth of information.

Links to other websites and services which may be of interest 
to go there just click on the blue link

For travel----
Tailor - made Eco tours, Adventure Journeys, Cultural Holidays,
Luxury & Safari Travel in India

by National Geographic Adventure
******************************  Phil Davis is the founder of a charity
called Tiger awareness which helps projects in India --
*****************************  is a web site dedicated to Dadi Nani : 
Memories of our Old Grandmothers  This book is a collection of short
stories of 25 Indian grandmothers who were born around 1900. The
authors are their grandchildren. The book covers varied regions-north,
south, east and west.
The stories are personal and reflect family memories, which are often
subjective and emotional. The book is a fascinating, human-interest
account of the circumstances in which these diverse women were
born and grew up, their ideas, aspirations, and achievements over their
lifetimes--it is edited by Subhash & Subodh Mathur

*********************************, this is a website created and maintained by
Wahid Saleh originally from Jorhat in Assam and for the last 45 years
has lived in the Netherlands--Wahid has many interests please click to
visit and enjoy the site

*********************************"Calcutta in 1947"   A fascinating collection of photographs taken by an American serviceman
while stationed in Calcutta     

********************************* is the link to a website created
by the daughter of an Indian Army officer who joined Sandhurst in 1932
and then the Indian army in 1935 eventually leaving the army in 1947 and
returning to UK for another career  It is very well written by his daughter,
and gives an interesting insight to the life at that time 

********************************* COFEPOW - Children & Families
of Far East Prisoners of War Please click to see 
****************************  The Assam Company / Duncan Macneill


http://  Aaranyak fosters conservation of
biodiversity in Northeast India through research, environmental education,
capacity building and advocacy for legal and policy reform to usher a
new era of ecological security

******************************** is an interesting website and also has
reference to the efforts of Ranjit Barthakur and Richard Leitch in their
plans to refurbish old Bungalows for Tourism in Assam --Please go to
the pages marked "Wild Mahseer" and "Wild Grass" to read of the places
******************************* Coats has a copy of "The recollections
of a Tea Planter" by W.M. Fraser who was in NE India from 1894 to 1907 --
the book is basically a list of all the people, companies and places that he
knew or met in that period. The index lists about 600 names. Nigel very
kindly offered that "If any of your members are interested in people of
that era, I'd be pleased to see if there is a mention of them
."   to contact
Nigel  his e-mail is above

*****************************  Families In British India Society
**********************************   Indian Cemeteries Preserving the
memory of historic cemeteries in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka and Burma website 
******************************************* British Association for Cemeteries in
South Asia (BACSA)

********************************************* Jim Corbett Foundation-

Whitefield, the Settlement Today 
************************************************ well known Assamese
preservationist  Soumyadeep Datta is working hard on helping to preserve
the rain forest near to Digboi/Margherita and which continues up to the
Burma border. Please click the link  to read of his work

This is the website for Hamara Holiday Private Limited --They also have other web pages for
                         other areas in India