Thomas McMeekin’s Tea Times

In this documentary, photographer Andrew McMeekin retraces the journey of his grandfather Thomas McMeekin, a pioneer tea planter of India. 

"This film is in every sense original. Gaining access into an almost secret world we established reciprocal trust and respect with the people we filmed and overcame restraints of old fashioned protocol.

The subject choice was prompted by mother’s death. Her papers had revealed details of the fascinating life of my great grandfather. I knew our family had tea in its blood and the documents brought memories back to life again. I decided that Thomas McMeekin’s story as a pioneer tea planter in India deserved to be told. 

My story gave back a missing part of the puzzle of tea garden history as little documentation remained following the Bangladesh War of Independence. The camera brooked language barriers which could have been a hurdle. Food and music also proved useful communicators! 
The most important thing I have learned is that the old adage ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ holds true. The will overcame a whole cluster of ‘impossibles’ whilst filming. By remaining undaunted, never inflexible, presenting a true picture and never exploiting there was a way."

Andrew McMeekin


October 26 2013

This is a superb collection of pictures of the Taj Mahal in 3D panorama !!! and more
and we thank Ranga Bedi very much for sharing them with us for all to enjoy

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May 30 2013

Thanks to Jean Harley we have this video

 The following video is long yet very colourful and informative. on the Winged
Seduction Birds Of Paradise


 February 1 2012

Derek Perry kindly sent this with these comments:

This came to me from my delaNougrede cousins in England.  The five brothes left
Shillong early in 1947.  It is difficult to make a fair judgement of the over crowded 
town scenes particularly as one's memories always seem to focus back to the late
thirties, the forties and early fifties.   A period  over half a century old. The highlight
for me was the close up of the trees.  I can still hear the gentle swish of conifers
wafting through the hills above St Edmunds carrying with the wind the unique scent
of pine. I like to keep that as an evergreen memory.


January 15 2012

We have to thank Willie Wood for this video of a brief glimpse

of Shillong
. to view please Click below

First video shows the Living Bridge over the river.  It is maintained to this day.

The Living Bridge A way of working with nature