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November 21 2017

Second Bronze Plaque Unveiled

To commemorate the "Tea Trail" in the City of London the second Bronze Plaque was unveiled at the Tea Building, an eight-story structure in the city centre (at the intersection of Shoreditch High Street and Bethnal Green Road) where a tea warehouse was once located.

August 31 2015


In the summer of 2014 some tea brokers and planters visited the City of London to look at the "Tea Trail" as outlined in Edward Bramah's book.

They were surprised and disheartened to find that there was no public record or evidence that The Tea Trade had been actively involved in the City for over 350 years.

They set about trying to rectify this situation and looked at the possibility of having bronze plaques placed in strategic areas on a tea walk, such as St Katherine's Dock and Plantation Place (Originally Plantation House), where the Tea Auctions had taken place for many years as well as a third plaque, possibly in the area around Sir John Lyon House where the Auctions moved to in 1971 until 2000.

In the coming years this group aims to raise £30,000 and plan to have four plaques :

First        St Katherine Dock - now installed - donated by Finlays Tea

Second  The TEA Building Shoreditch  - agreed 

Third      Sir John Lyons House

Fourth    Plantation House

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The London Tea History Association will happily accept Donations to this worthy cause.   

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April 24 2015

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