Cathie's Corner


Mrs Cathie Campbell is the diligent Secretary of the Association who
works very hard to keep everyone in touch. We thank her for all her
great efforts. This section is ntended to aid her in her work.

The Koi-Hai association has been operating for many years. A
biannual newsletter containing items of interest as well as
corrections and deletionsto the address book is sent to all
members. The latest volume of the address book was published
in April 200
. If you are not a member of the Koi Hai Association 
we strongly urge to become a member. The cost is minimal-------
if you live in the UK , one pound per year, and if you live overseas
two pounds per year. New members are expected to purchase the
Koi Hai Directory on joining
The Koi Hai Directory is issued every
five years and contains in excess of 500 names and addresses.
The cost in the year of issue of the Directory is an extra five
pounds over the annual subscription

 HOW CAN YOU JOIN---- SEND your application, with cheque,
directly to
Mrs. Cathie Campbell, 1/B, Stonefield Place Hawick,
Roxburghshire, TD9 0EY SCOTLAND

September 16 2008

Cathie had a surprise presentation when she attended the
Aberdeen reunion on August 15 2008 a collection was made for her. 

Below is the list of those kind people who subscribed to the
presentation given to Cathie Campbell, 144 in all, the sum of
£1720 was raised.

card of congratulation was specially painted for the
occasion by Bob Simpson.
We wish Cathie 
many more years of enjoyable retirement 
after her 33 year record 



 Allan, Duncan & Allison
 Anderson, Ailsa
 Andrew, Bob & Jill
 Atherton, Elizabeth (Sis Fea)
 Austin, Vic
 Bain, Janette
 Bartlett, Peter & Merle
 Batten, John
 Bayley, Philip & Jennifer
 Beattie, Retta
 Beven, Jim
 Bottomley, Diana
 Bleaden, John
 Brown, Larry
 Brown, Rod & Jan
 Bruce, Alistair & Helen
 Buchanan, Robin
 Burns-Thomson, Ian & Barbara
 Burton, Wendy
 Campbell, Jean
 Chalmers, Jim
 Chaurasia, Kailash
 Church, Roy
 Comyn, Cynthia
 Coombes, Neill & Enid
 Copland, David
 Cordiner, Alex & Constance
 Corstorphine, Sandy
 Courtney, Mike & Cathy
 Craig, J.H.G. (Ginger)
 Dame, John (Jim)
 Darby, John & Pauline
 Davidson, Ian & Lilian
 Davies, Cethin
 Day, D. S. (Dicky) and Jill
 Donald, Margaret
 Donaldson, Margaret (Arthur)
 Dunn, Jennifer
 Elliot, Tommy & Grace
 Eyton-Jones, David
 Falconer, Alexander
 Farbrother, Pamela
 Foster, Jimmy & Eleanor
 Fraser, Gordon & Flora
 Fraser, Jean
 Gill, John
 Glendinning, Jim
 Gollan, Ann
 Gow, Ian
 Graystone, Mike & Judy
 Gregory, Robin
 Griffiths, Sheila
 Grimmer, John & Sheila
 Hadfield, Mo
 Halnan, Gerry & Jean
 Handa, Pran & Karolina
 Hardy, Peter & Valerie
 Healey, Tim & Joan
 Henderson, Hazel
 Hindmarsh, Sheila
 Home, Kenneth (Ken) & Diane
 Husseyn, M.G. (Mo) & Fauzia
 Hutchison, Pamela
- Innes, Isobelle
 Isaac, Gordon & Colette
 Jackson, Colin
 Jackson, Norman
 Jaitly, Rajiv & Alison
 Jennings, Sandy & Gwen
 Kent, John & Pat
 Kilgour, David & Josie
 Kincaid, David & Kim
 King, Harry
 Knight, Jimmy & Wendy
 Knights, Dick & Mary
 Lane, Alan
 Latham, Len & Dawn
 Lees, David & Vicky
 Leonard, Alan & Anne
 MacDearmid, George
 MacKenzie, Betty
 Mackenzie, Hector & Jean
 Mackenzie, John
 MacRae, May
 Mackie, Mrs. B.B. (via son John)
 Maddocks, Jim & Marjorie
 Mehra, Shalini
 Melling, Stanley
 Miller, Bill (Dusty)
 Naug, Rex & Jean .
 Nelson, Anne A.
 Nicols, Jim & Daphne
 Parks, John & Mary
 Paterson, Stella
 Pattie, Norman & Margaret
 Pearson, Sandy
 Perry, Derek
 Peters, Pamela
 Pett, Peter and Maggie
 Poole, Dr. Tom & Katie
 Rex, Peter & Gabby
 Roberson, Clive & Caroline
 Robinson, Sheila
 Rogers, Richard & Sue
 Rome, Michael
 Ross, Iain
 Ross, Michael & Marcia
 Rushton, David
 Scallon, Holly
 Scott, Joan
 Scott, Margaret
 Seymour-Eyles, Peter & M.E.
 Sharp, Denny & Fairlie
 Shenoi, V. G.
 Simpson, Gordon & Yfke
 Simpson, R. D. (Dick) & Dolly
 Simpson, Robert & Jessie
 Sixsmith, Maureen
 Skinner, Tyl (formerly Simpson)
 Sloane, Denise (nee Pollard)
 Smith, Marion
 Smith, P. W. (Smudge)
 Stevens, Donald & Monica
 Stone, Bea
 Summers, Matt
 Swales, Roger & Philip
 Thomson, Eric & Alexandra
 Thomson, Jack
 Tocher, Doug & Pat
 Tracy, Jan
 Tyler-Street, Dick & Jenny
 Van Oppen, Martin & Cilla
 Waghorn, John & Margaret
 Waters, David & Barbara
 Warburton, K.F.C.
 Weatherstone, John & Carolyn
 Whear, Michael & Ray
 Willoughby, David & Maria
 Wilmot, Gordon
 Wilson, Peter & Christine
 Wood, Robert
 Zaman, Ali


July 9 2008

Below is a copy of Cathie's last letter to everyone--we wish her all
the best and a good rest from all her hard work on behalf of all of us


June 25 2008

Koi Hai Directory


Cathie Campbell has worked very hard in maintaining the Koi Hai Directory for 33 years and has now handed over the job to  Clive Roberson. At the time Cathie started in 1975 she had help but since 1979 the Directory has been her sole responsibility. She has done a wonderful job keeping the Directory in order over the years.

We all owe her a debt of gratitude, and it has been suggested that we collect funds in order to present her with a gift in appreciation of her hard work. Time is short as the lunch in Aberdeen is August 15,  and Cathie is expected to attend. We feel that would be a fine time to be able to present a gift when members of the Koi Hai group, who have benefited from her diligent efforts would be present.


April 2008
                        Koi Hai Directory April 2008
Well-- I am still here . Unfortunately no one has been interested in taking over my post, so I shall just carry on meantime, but if anyone decides to change their mind, please do get in touch. I think it is awfully important that the written Bulletin carries on for the sake of you that do not have computers, and therefore, unable to visit our website. It would mean that you would no longer have news of what is going on, and your friends.

I would like to say a very big thank you to all of you kind people who sent me  Christmas cards and good wishes for my retiral !!!! all of which are very much appreciated. Thank you

Corrections to the Directory now follow in page order;

UK Corrections
Page 3 --Marjorie Baker has died and Riger now lives in Dorset
                Francis (Bill) Bailey has died.
Page 6-- Bob Cohen and John Crawford have died
Page 13-Iris Lindsay has died
Page 15-Ann Morrison has died
Page 16 Pamela Peters has moved to Cobham Surrey
Page 17 Charles (Chuck) Rorrison has died
Page 20 From 18th April Jim and Barbara Thomas will be in Stockbridge Hampshire

On behalf of you all I would like to extend our condolences to the bereaved

Overseas Corrections
Chris Bacchus now lives in Simonstown South Africa

Below you will find a photograph of an attractive paperweight depicting our own "Two Leaves and a Bud". These are made locally, and if anyone would like one please send the order form (quoted below) to me with your cheque made out to "Scottish Borders Art Glass" They cost £45 including VAT, plus postage and packingo £4(UK Only) (They are quite heavy) and delivery will be within four weeks. They would make an excellent gift for ex tea planters

below is a copy of the order form

Cathie continues:
I have a member enquiring about the Wheatcrofts--can any of you help out ?

Shown below is a copy of an article from the Calcutta Telegraph dated 21st march 2008 Fame for the Aberdeen reunion !!! Here is a little bit of sour grapes for you ! ! Aberdeen will hold an Assam Re-union and the Telegraph praises "Assam and Darjeeling" I wonder was there never any tea produced in the Dooars ! ! ? ? Anyway we mean to attend the Re-union

Ideas to brew at Aberdeen

Industry turns to British ex- planters to revive Assam tea


Guwahati, March 20:
 It was the British planters who took Assam tea to the world.
Now, the backbone of Assam's industries is looking to the Britishers - mainly the ex-planters and descendants of tea planters in Assam - to spread the good word about the brew originating in eastern India.

The Assam Tea Planters' Association (ATPA) has made an appeal to ex-planters, mainly who are settled in the England and Scotland, to help in whatever way possible to make Assam tea popular in the West.

The chairman of ATPA, Raj Baruah, said the former British and Scottish planters from Assam will hold a reunion in the Scottish town of Aberdeen on August 15 to rekindle memories of the past. "Many ex-planters from all over the world and their descendants who served in Assam during the British era would attend this meet. We think they would be happy enough to help the tea industry in Assam at least to make the brew popular," Baruah said.

Sources in the industry said the former planters had active contacts with buyers across the globe and their "word will be good enough for a renewed interest in Assam tea".

Though Assam is still the country's largest tea producer, exports have been falling over the years because of what many believe is a drop in quality. Now the industry has taken steps with stress on quality rather than quantity.

"Once a buyer loses interest, it's not easy to bring him back to that product. But we hope that the British tea community can help by putting in a word or two," a tea planter added.

Industry sources said it was not only British and Scottish planters who will assemble for the reunion. In fact, many former planters from across the world who have served in Assam during that period are also invited.

Baruah said a delegation from the Assam tea industry is likely to attend the reunion and exchange views on the industry and make a presentation on the industry's stress on quality.

"These planters could be of great help to Assam's tea industry as they are knowledgeable and experienced. A few tips from these former planters could do a lot of good to the tea industry."

The sources said reunions of British planters who served in the tea industry of Assam and Darjeeling are not uncommon. Many former planters are settled in various parts of England and Australia, but most have settled in Aberdeen.

Ramesh Jaitly, a retired Indian tea planter who had worked in Assam in the 50s, had attended one such reunion. Jaitly told the participants that several tombstones of cemeteries in Assam have Scottish surnames but most of the cemeteries are in a shambles.

Cathie continues
I will not be attending the Eastbourne Re-union this year, but would like to wish you all an enjoyable day meeting old friends again. I do hope to go to Aberdeen in August and perhaps we may some of you from the South then

Hoping we all have a lovely summer this year, and if I can help you with anything please get in touch

 December 8 2007
Cathie's Winter  2007  Message  

                        KOI HAI DIRECTORY  DECEMBER 2007

Time once again for our Winter Bulletin, and I shall start by giving you the changes to the Directory in page order as usual:

Page 3---   Betty Allan has died
Page 4 ---  SGB (Ghusal) Brown has died
Page 9 ---  Jim Glendinning has moved to Chichester W. Sussex
Page 10--- Topsy Grice has moved to Headington Oxford
Page 16 --- Barbara Pearson has died
Page 21 --- Sheila Verinder has died
Although not now in the Directory Bill Clapperton has died

Page 4 --- Channi Uppal now lives in Gurgaon India
May I on your behalf, extend our deepest sympathy to the bereaved.

     I have been informed that the Eastbourne Luncheon will be held at the Hydro hotel Eastbourne, on Tuesday April 22nd  2008. All enquiries and later, requests for tickets should be made to Mike Courtney at address in the Directory. 

      Talking of Re-unions, great news - a Re-union Luncheon will be held in Trinity Hall, Aberdeen on Friday 15th August 2008. The Organiser David Kilgour has given me all the details which I pass on to you on a separate sheet enclosed. Do hope lots of you will decide to attend as the Aberdeen "do" has been a great miss.

      Now for some important news.  I have decided that it is time for me to hand over the reins of running the "Koi-Hai" Directory to someone else.  I have done this job for 33 enjoyable years, and having celebrated a mile stone birthday earlier this year, I really feel that it is time to pass on the responsibility of running the Directory.   So ---if there is someone out there that would like to take over the job please write to me.  To save any confusion, your subscriptions should just be sent to me as usual, and hopefully by the end of January, I shall be able to write to you all with the name and address of your new Secretary.  I would just like to say that it has been a great experience.  In 1975 there were four of us running the Directory, but since 1979 I have done it alone, and it can easily be done by one person, and I am sure whoever takes over will find it most interesting.  I would just like to say a very big thank you to so many of you who have supported and complimented me over the years, and a special thank you to David Air, for all his support and for reaching so many members through our Web site. 

      Subscriptions are now due at the cost of  £1 per annum for UK members, and  £2 for overseas members.  Quite a few of you have a credit balance with me, so if your Bulletin is marked with a red X you owe me nothing for 2008.

      Until such time as I hand over to someone else, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have a query, but in the meantime, may I wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year

Mrs Cathie Campbell
/B Stonefield Place
Scotland  TD9  0EY                      Tel 01450 378464           


"KOI-HAI" DIRECTORY  -  Cathie's April 2007  Message               

April already, and therefore time for our Spring Bulletin. Everyone says the older you become, the faster time passes, and that certainly feels true this time, as it seems no time at all since I was writing the Winter Bulletin.

As usual, I shall give you the corrections to the Directory first, in page order.

Page 4 - Harry Beattie has died; John Bleaden has moved 
Page 5 - Dr. Arthur Cheshire has died;
Page 10 - Joan Halnan has died;
Page 16 - Eileen Perry has died;
Page 18 - David Rushton has moved
Page 21- Michael & Ray Whear's new post code is CB22 7PT;
Page 22 - Jimmy Wright has died;

NEW U.K. MEMBER;- Robert B Wood, Aberdeen, AB 15 9SZ
There was a mis-print in my November Bulletin, John & Mavis Trinick's address should read "Litttlemead" and not Littlewood as printed.

Page 1 - Bill Adamson has died;
Page 2 - Sandy & Chris Fraser now live in Queensland 4350, Australia.

May I express on your behalf our deepest sympathy & condolences to the families of those members who have died.

A nice surprise for Marjorie & Roger Baker during the screening of Michael 
Palin's T.V. show of his travels in India, as suddenly,there was a shot of their last bungalow.!!

The Eastbourne Luncheon will be held at the Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne on 
Tuesday 20 April 2007. If any of you have any queries regarding this, please get in touch with Mr. Mike Courtney at his address in the Directory. Although two years ago I said that I would not be back, I have changed my mind, and look forward to seeing a lot of you once again on the 24h. April.

Can I just say a very big thank you to the many of you who so kindly sent 
me Christmas Cards and such encouraging letters. I know a lot of you were sending your subscriptions at the same time, but that is immaterial, because it is so nice to also have your best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Thank you.

I would like, just for a moment to raise what might become a slightly controversial subject, and to put you in the picture regarding the brevity of my last Bulletins . You will recall that my Bulletins always included some anecdotes from members, which were well worth relating to you. Now, however, most of our correspondents send their articles to be put directly on our web site. Now this is fine, and our Web site is certainly very interesting, but unfortunately quite a number of you have no computers, and are, therefore, missing out on some good reading. It is a sign of the times I'm afraid, and I can only apologise to all of you who do not have access to our Web site. Perhaps one or two of 
our writers might consider, once again, also sending me a copy of theirs items, as they used to do.

I hasten to add that I do have a computer and access to the Web site, but I know that there are many of you that have not, and I am only trying to be able to supply you with an interesting Bulletin.

Perhaps I should have kept those remarks to myself, but if you have any 
comments, or indeed any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch ! ! ! .

Mrs. Cathy Campbell 1B Stonefield Place, Hawick,

Scotland, TD9 OEY     Tel: 01450 378464

KOI-HAI DIRECTORY - Cathie's November 2006   Message  

Time once again for our Winter Bulletin. Hope you have all enjoyed our lovely warm summer, yes - even up here in Scotland !
I will inform you of all the changes in the Directory, given in page order as usual

U.K. Adjustments:-Page 3 - Bill Allan has died; Page 4 - Jim Bevin has moved to  Foulsham, Nr. Dereham, Page 16 - Peter Parr has died; Page 18 - Ann Scallon has died; Christopher Shapland has died; Page 20 - John & Anne Thyne now live in Worthing, W.Sussex, Page 21 John Waghorne and Sunny Warner have died.;

Oops! I've done it again! Wrong information received, and I printed it!! I am happy to say that Adelaide Reid Anderson is very much alive.
I have written to her and apologised for this error.

It appears that John Trinick's address has been completely missed out of the current Directory - "John & Mavis Trinick, live in, Derek Road, Maidenhead

From the Overseas Section - Peter & Elsie Kirby are now at Newton Stewart, Wigtownshire

New U.K.Members:- Babul McLeod, Rayleigh, Essex,

Overseas Corrections:- Page 1 - R.K,.Buruah has died; Page 3 - Ivan Rufus now stays in Redlynch 4870, Cairns, Queensland, Australia; Senny & Tanima Sen Gupta's address is Lake Gardens, Kolkata

In my April Bulletin I said that New Overseas Member John Vauqulin's P.O.Box was 1422, this should read 1522

New Overseas Member:- Sarajit Datta, 32/1A Nandan Road, Kolkata 799925, India.

 May I send my sincere condolences to the relatives of those who have died

Referring to my request in the April Bulletin for the book "Forgotten Frontier', can I just take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those folks who wrote to me with helpful information as to where I might procure a copy. I am happy to say I now have one, thanks to the generosity of one of our members.

It is now time for paying your, subscription for 2007. It is as usual £1 for U.K. Members and £2 for Overseas Members. Quite a few of you have a credit balance with me, so if your Bulletin is marked with a red cross you owe me nothing for 2007.

There does not appear to be much actual news this time, but if any of you have a query, please get in touch.                                                
 Wishing you all a very happy Christmas, and healthy and wealthy New Year

Mrs.Cathie Campbell 
1/B Stonefield Place, Hawick,
Scotland TD9 OEY           Tel:01450 378464  

KOI-HAI DIRECTORY - Cathie's April 2006   Message  

     It's now time for the Spring Bulletin, although it is not very Springlike up here in Scotland as we are still being threatened with wintry showers.
     I'll give you first the corrections in page order as usual: Page 3 Pat Allen has moved to Pulborough:  Adelaide Reid Anderson has died: George Barrie has died;
Page 5 Alf Cheetham has died; Nell Caldwell has died;  Page 6, Dick Clifford has died; Pamela Crompton has moved to Australia; Joan Cooper has died;
Page 8,  Margaret Fairfield has died;  Page 17, Jim Richardson has died; 
Page 21, Gordon and Eileen Wedderburn have moved to Brechin, Angus

OVERSEAS CORRECTIONS  Page 2, Maureen Furst has died; and although his name is not in the new Directory Stan Spriggins has died.
NEW OVERSEAS MEMBERS: Giles Russell, Sunninghill South Africa, John Vauqulin from South Africa, (Those of you who knew the Vauqulin brothers  may be interested to know that jack now lives in Leicestershire, but both Peter & Janet died some 2/3 years ago and John as you will see has now become a member.

    I would like to send my personal congratulations to thoise ex planters who took part in the Radio Scotland's Billy Kay Show "Aberdeen to Assam" on the 23rd of March. It was very good and brought back some wonderful memories. If any of you would be interested in listening to this broadcast it is available on CD. Please send a cheque made out to "Billy Kay" for  £13 and address it to Billy Kay, 72 Tay Street, Newport on Tay,Fife, Scotland DD6 8AP.

    As promised in the December Bulletin, I will now give you a second anecdote from Gerry Halnan.

    "There was a planter (we shall call him "Bill" for protection) who was a pacifist at heart, upholder of non violence, had a soft spot for animals and was truly an English gentleman. However, his coolie lines were beset night after night by the raids of an audacious leopard. His labourers besought him to do something about it, as they were losing their goats, dogs and the odd cow on a regular basis. Eventually he felt forced into accepting the suggestions that a leopard trap be borrowed from another garden, and set up to catch the culprit. "Bill" was also 
a timid man and wanted nothing to do with the venture, especially the setting up and placing of an innocent white goat in the cage at the end of the trap, a virtual Pontius Pilate in fact. Eventually the trap was set and everyone retired for the night. 

Early next morning an excited messenger came to the bungalow to tell the Burra Sahib that the leopard was in the trap, and he could bring his gun  and finish off the condemned prisoner. "Bill" was most reluctant to do this, all his principles and timorous instincts were against it. Nevertheless he knew he was on the spot and being Mai-Bap (Mother & Father) to his labour force, and a pucca sahib, he must be seen to be fearless and perform this essential, if odious duty. Reluctantly he loaded his gun, calling for his head clerk and mentor to accompany him. The latter, a dark skinned and corpulent Bengali complete with spectacles, suspenders, and immaculate white dhoti, had not been cast in the mold of his hero, Subhas Chandra Bose, and was not in the least of an adventurous bent. Nevertheless, he knew his place and walked alongside his lord and master until they had inspected the caged animal , which on seeing them charged the bars and roared its hate at them with explosive force.

This was nearly too much for the babu, who rolled his eyes and looked at "Bill" imploringly "Now you must shoot it Sahib" he said "Bill" who was wearing his solar topee, which always looked two sizes too big for his smallish head, and a slight frame , said he could not possibly shoot the creature in cold blood, and insisted it must have a sporting chance, and that he would stand a few yards in front of the trap while a labourer raised the gate to release the beast. The Babu could not believe what he was hearing and remonstrated, then pleaded accordingly. "Bill" his mind made up, was adamant that they should stand shoulder to shoulder in the line of duty, and so they stood, no doubt quaking a little. The leopard meanwhile turned and twisted in his confined cage, spitting, snarling and striking up at the feet of the poor wretch who had been  deputed to perform this hazardous duty. The gun was leveled, and the order given "Raise the gate".  Up went the gate, the Babu cried "Sir, I am a dead man" and flung himself on the ground face downwards. The leopard with the speed of light, shot from the trap and sprang, landing on top of "Bill's" topee, crushing it down over his eyes. Both barrels of the gun fired simultaneously into the uncomplaining air , and "Bill" hit the deck alongside his aide, confirming his egalitarian beliefs  that the age of chivalry was not dead. The leopard continuing his Chinese cracker exit, was soon over the fence and into the tea, on route for the jungle, and, as I understand , did not return to pester those lines again.
Something for myself now !! - I wonder if someone who has a copy of Geoffrey Tyson's  "Forgotten Frontier" would consider lending it to me to read. I promise to take good care of it  and pay full postage. Alternatively could some one tell me where I could purchase a copy.
        Some of you who were in the Tezpur area may like to remember H.N. Agarwalla, known to all as "HN". He is now, I understand, approaching his 90's, but was I believe Tennis Captain of the Tezpur Club and had a business of four cinemas in Assam. He is still a keen fisherman and was a founder member with David Patterson of the Assam Borelli Anglers and Conservation Association.
       To all of you attending the Eastbourne reunion, I hope you have an enjoyable day meeting old friends again.
        Please give me a ring if I can assist you in any way

 Mrs. Cathie Campbell,
1 B StonefieldPlace,
 Hawick, TD9  0EY,
Scotland.                    Tel: 01450 378464                Web:


KOI-HAI DIRECTORY - Cathie's December 2005   Message

-Letters indicate that the new Directory has gone down well, but.alas,the
information does not remain relevant for long, so I set out below all the adjustments in page order as usual. You will remember that in my April Bulletin I listed people. I was trying to trace, as 1 had not heard from them for some time, well, I am indebted to a number of you who have very kindly taken the time to help out, I have not been able to trace eyeryone, but the information I have gained I will also set out below.

Page 3 -Jimmy Bain now lives in Cults, Aberdeen AB14 9LR; 
Page 4 -Peter Bottomley has died; 
Page 5 -Dr. Ted Burrows has died; 
Page 5 Sylvia Christie now lives in Taunton, Somerset TA3 7SF; 
Page 5 Nan Cavers has died; 
Page 6 -Shurhonou Clayton has died; 
Page 6 (It was reported in November 2002 that Vi Cowie had died, but 
                  unfortunately her   name remained in the 2005 Directory -Sorry Jim) 
Page 7 -Sandy Dick died some time ago, and Helen .now stays in  Largs, KA30 9QG; 

Page 7 Peter Dolph has died;
Page 7 Elizabeth Dolphin is no longer at address in Directory;
Page l0 George Duncan has died; 
Page 10 Pamela Farbrother's post code should read RH4 3EN; 
Page 10 Mike Griffiths has died; Merle Hannay has died; 
Page 14 -Ken Matthews has died; 
Page 15 -Pauline Nicholson has died; Peggy Morris has died;
Page 17 -Tony Roberts has moved overseas to Alicante Spain
Page 19 R.J.(Steve) Stevenson has died; Freddie Stroud has died; James Storrie has died; 
Page 20 -Phoebe Turpin has moved to Hampshire,.P06 4TE; 
Page 21 -Elizabeth Wild has died. , ...
,... .
TRACING INFORMATION: The following 'are not now at the address in either the old or the new Directory,and have no other information about them; Doreen Ashwin,   Vera Boas,    Christine Chambers,   Roy Craven,   Kathleen Gadson,  Mary Gothorp,   Evelyn Henshawa,   Zoe Ingram,   Len Taylor. 
The following have been reported as having died: -
Sybil Dodds, Peggy McEvoy, Grace Duncan, Margaret Rae.

We have managed to trace 
Robin(Roberta) Buchanan who now lives in Worcester, WRI3JA; 
John Batten is at same address as.. in Directory; 

Peter Cowie lives in Aberdeen; .
Maidie Sheldrake now lives in Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1 BJ. 

I should like to send our condolences to the families of the many people who have died.

NEW UK MEMBERS:- Mrs. Fiona Campbell, W.Lothian, EH488 3HU, who is the daughter of Bill and Ann Morrison. Fiona would love to hear from anyone who knows her, especially the children she grew up with in Tea. .
Mrs. Grace Weller  Eastboume, E.Sussex, Bn23 7TL

OVERSEAS CORRECTIONS:- Larry Brown now stays in Queensland 4213, Australia, 
Page 3  Gil and Jane Marshall have both died; 
Sen Gupta- please change to read Sukumar (Senny) & Tanima.

NEW OVERSEAS MEMBERS:- Barbara Ann Marshall, daughter of Gil & Jane -- Marshall, and she stays at the same address in Mallorca Spain.
Although not a member I have been asked to let you know that Gaffer( Douglas) Haywood has died.

Mike Griffiths was known to many of you, and I am sure you will be interested toread what has been sent to us by his son Hugh. "Michael Griffiths passed away on 26th April, 2005, aged 82 after a long battle with vascular dementia caused by strokes and cancer, which he bore with typical stoicism, dignity, an~ bravery. He was born in 1923 in Weston Super Mare, and attended Taunton School as a boarder whiIe his
parents were working in Nigeria. 
At the outbreak of the Second World War he joined the Indian Army and was commissioned into the 1'st Punjab Regiment, in which he attained the rank of Major, and became a parachutist.  He saw fierce fighting with the 4th Indian Division in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, but survived to join the IndianTea Industry in 1948 -working at first for Jardines, 
then McLeod Russell, then Williamson Magor. He was based in the Dooars at first, and then in Assam where he  became V.A. He served on various gardens including Addabari -Balipara(where he
  was V.A.) Monabari (where he was Manager) and Jainti. 

On retiring from Tea, he settled in Taunton, Somerset, where he worked for Debenhams Finance Ltd. For ten
years. Michael was a tall, very strong man who had a quiet modest nature, and whowas an extremely caring person who always saw the best in people, and whose wartime experiences led him to highly value old fashioned qualities of loyalty,
determination and honesty. survived by his wife Sheila, his two sons, Hugh(Royal Air Force Aviator) and Matthew, (Engineer for Rolls Royce Aero Engines), and his brother Tony and his sister Judith. He was a lovely man with a great sense of humour and a twinkle in his eye, who will be hugely missed by all those that knew him. If anyone has any anecdotes or stories about my Father I would be delighted to

hear from them (hugh.m.griffiths@'

Freddie Stroud was also a well known person in Tea, and Bill Allan wrote the following appreciation of Freddie's life. "Freddie joined the Tea Industry in 1947 after service as a Major in the 1 st Punjab Regiment. He was a very well respected member of the Tea Industry serving most of the time in the Dooars, and finishing his service in Tea as VA. Freddie was a keen rugby player who represented the Dooars at
least three times in the All India Competition. He was also a very active member of the UKCA, and was rewarded a well earned OBE for his services. Freddie was also a very sociable and cheerful person, and with his wife Elizabeth was a great asset in the Dooars, West Bengal. He will be sadly missed by his brother and sisters, and all who knew him.

I have heard from Gerald Halnan, who gave me the following "Have Gun Will Travel" In 1947  I returned to India to take up my civilian occupation as a Tea Planter, and over the following 16 years served as assistant and manager on five estates located in North bengal  and Upper Assam. In  those days  there were ample -- opportunities to indulge in field sports from magnificent Mahseer fishing to big game hunting. Principle amongst the latter were leopard and wild boar, both considered

pests, and wreaking damage in one way or another. Johnny Hay, an old acquaintance of school days, was the Manager of Moran T .E. about six miles down the trunk road from where I was managing a garden named Khowang. In the fifties for a couple of years we shared the same "watering hole" -the Moran Polo Club. Johnny was always the heart and soul of the party & I recall his efforts at emulating the then emerging sport of water skiing, using home made equipment. His efforts on the
mighty Brahmaputra river eventually resulted in ignominy. On a more sober note, being called out to shoot a leopard that had been surrounded in a bamboo bari, he took a gun and imprudently entered the "thick stuff" in which the creature was said to be lurking. The animal burst out of the jungle, and had him down, his gun struck from his grip. The leopard was on top of him and commencing its grim work, when his driver, a diminutive little man, waded in with his kukri and hacked the animal to death, undoubtedly saving his master's life. Thereafter, Johnny would make an annual pilgrimage up the road to visit his rescuer, and present him with handsome "baksheesh" in thanksgiving for his deliverance. I have a further anecdote from Gerald, but due to shortage of space, I am unable to give it this time, but will include it in my first Bulletin next year.
I enclose a form giving details of "The Camellia" Magazine. It is an interesting publication of news and articles submitted by planters, their wives and families and :also we hear from retired "Koi-Hais in this country. Until recently this was only
available by paying for it in Rupees or Dollars, but now arrangements have been made to purchase it with a sterling cheque, which should be sent to Alan Lane.

Subscriptions for 2006 are now due at £1 for UK members and £2 for overseas members. If, however, your Bulletin in marked with a red "X" you are still in credit and owe me-nothing. 
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, and a Happy & Healthly New Year, and if you have a query please get in touch

Mrs. Cathie Campbell,
1 B StonefieldPlace,
 Hawick, TD9  0EY,
Scotland.                    Tel: 01450 378464                Web:


                       THE CAMELLIA


"The Camellia Magazine" is a publication produced in Assam for'
current and retired tea planters that live, and had previously lived in '
the tea estates of Assam, Darjeeling and Dooars. -

The magazine, very ably put together by the Editor and her team in
Dibrugarh & DistrIct Planter's Club is a quarterly production, carrying
 news and articles submitted by planters, their wives and families
 about the social functions taking place at the various clubs in tea. 

Other articles published in the magazine are ones that have been
submitted by retired "koi-hais" to enlighten the readers of memories of
their time in North East India.

If you would like to purchase a year's subscription to this excellent
magazine, then kindly complete the section below, and post it to:

Alan Lane, 76 Hamilton Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfoik NR304lZ;---'---"
along with your cheque for £10.00 -payable to Sanjay Guha -and
we will make the necessary arrangements for you.


Cathie's April 2005   Message


Well, here is your brand New Directory, a little later than I had hoped, but  my printers were busy with Election leaflets. It doesn't feel like 30 years since I first issued this little booklet, and I continue to be surprised at hearing  from new members.

The following corrections have all been adjusted in the New Directory, but  for your convenience I list below the changes that have taken place since my December 2004 Bulletin. I would like to thank all of you who did go to your old Directories and passed on to  me information about who had moved or died.

UK Changes of Address--George & Maisie Duncan, Betty Watt, Eddie Taylor (Temporary)

The list of those who have died is on the Obituary page of this website

New Members: Chris Allen,  Ronald Russell,  S.G. Shenoi

There are a number of older members that I have not heard from for a number of years , so with the help of John Grimmer, Gordon Simpson, and Dick Simpson in the North and Ian Burns-Thomson in the South I have at least learned that they no longer live at the address in the Directory. I have therefore , taken their names out, but would appreciate if someone could tell me where they stay now,  or if indeed they have died. The names of those concerned are : Grace Duncan, Winnie Lawrence, Margaret Rae, Florence Worling, Peter Cowie and Doreen Ashwin---Mrs Betty Taylor now lives at Pepys Corner  Kent CT21 6AG

There are ongoing enquiries being made about : Chris Bacchus,  John Batten,  Jean Baylis,  Marjorie Bell,  Vera Boas,  Hilda Bowler,  Wendy Wight-Boycott,  Robin Buchanan,  Dorothy Bull,  Christine Chalmers,  Winifred Clark,  Roy Craven,  Sybil Dodds,  Kathleen Gadson,  Mary Gothorp,  Nell Golsbury,  Becky Henderson,  Evelyn Henshaw,  Ethil Hill,  Zoe Ingram,  Peggy McEvoy,  Rhoda Murray, Mary Ogg, Eileen Pilcher, Jean Price, Dolly Riches,  Maidie Sheldrake,  Nickie Stanley,  Len Taylor,  Pamela Werner,  Nancy Wilson 

Once again if someone can give me any information about anyone on that list please let me know.

Some of you will not have received a copy of the New Directory, but only a Bulletin. This is probably because although have a credit balance you have not enough to pay for a Directory. In my December Bulletin I let everyone know how much of a credit they had, and said that the cost of the New Directory would be
£ 5 plus annual subscription of £ 1 for UK mambers and £ 2 for overseas members. You may not want a copy of the New Directory or perhaps you have just forgotten to send on extra to cover the cost of the new one !!

Mrs Betty Mackenzie at address in the Directory, would like life members (men and women) of the Darjeeling Planters Club to get in touch with her, and also members or cadets of the NBMR.
I am enclosing an article written by Bob and Jill Andrew about their trip to India and Nepal, which I hope you will find interesting. (SEE BELOW)

Once again I would like to say thank you so much for all your nice letters and Christmas cards received over the festive season. It is so nice to hear from you all, and believe me it is so much appreciated . Thank you.
When a new Directory is printed, there are always a few errors slip through, and I have noticed one or two - Dick Barton has one "o" too many,  Topsy Grice should read Islip, Oxon OX5 2SW, John Grimmer should have post code AB22 8YU
Rita Scott 96 should read 94; Overseas:  Petty should read Perry, Kailash Chaurasia Should read Kailash Towers
UK : Peter Short needs another T,  Cynthia Bullock --Gidea Park Romford Essex RM2 5JU,  Wendy Burton--Code CB7,   Lisa Horsley--Code BN14 9LQ
If you find any more let me know.

I wont be attending the Eastbourne Lunch this year, but may I wish all those who will be there a very happy day meeting old friends.

I hope we all have a lovely Summer, and dont forget if you have a query please do not hesitate to get in touch

Mrs Cathie Campbell
1/B Stonefield Place
Hawick TD9 0EY
Tel 01450 378464                    Web


Cathie's December 2004  Message


   My Spring 2005 Bulletin will be accompanied by the normal five yearly Reprint of the Directory, so once more can I please ask you all to have a good look through the Jubilee issue of the Directory and inform me by the 31st January 2005 if you know of any changes of address,  or in fact if someone has died and I have not already reported it The cost of the Reprint five years ago,  was just under £5, and I expect that this time it will probably cost more, but can I ask you all just to  send me  the £5, and if it costs more I shall let you know, so that shall be a total of £6 for U.K members and £7 for Overseas members

I shall now give you all the corrections to the Jubilee issue in page order as usual 

Page 3 - Gavin Bain has died; 
Page 7 - Norah Davies has died; 
Page 8 - James Dunlop died some time ago and Winnie now stays in  Dunoon , 
Page 9 - George Forrest has died; 
Page lI­ Ken Hutcheson has died; 
Page 17 - Add Katie's name to Dr. Poole's entry, 
Jim & Faith Richardson now live in Edinburgh  
Page 18 - Dr. Allan Scott has died; 
Page 19 Peter Stone has died; 
Page 21 - Jane Tweedie has died. 

Digby Hembry and Ken Baber gave us the following appreciation of the life of 
Peter Stone.

"Peter died tragically on 4th May
2004 at the Assam Re-union in Eastbourne , aged 75. 
Peter joined tea in 1950 with the Empire/Gillanders Groupht Sonari, Dooars and latterly at Thakabari District on the North Bank, where he wJs held in high esteem professionally and socially. On leaving Tea he carved out another successful career with Human Resources with   firstly Fords and then with Thomsons Newspaper Group, and latterly with the oil exploration industry based in Aberdeen.In the years prior to his retirement he acted as a respected consultant to numerous oil exploration companies mainly located around N.E. Scotland . Peter was always very cheerful, pragmatic and an excellent Counsellor without seeking reward. He will be sadly missed by all his many friends, and we should not count the years but count the memories. He leaves a loving wife Bea, and two adoring sons, Kevin and Clive (who were both born in Assam
) and their fine families who he worshipped"

Although not members I have been asked to let you know that Roy Eastment, Doug Lobban and Joyce Millar have died!

- Jim and Jean Bevin,  Norfolk , 
 Bill (Dusty) Millar, Newport on Tay , Fife ,
Sue MacKenzie-Edwards (Jimmy Lyness' daughter) Sidmouth, Devon 
John & Margaret Waghom,  Leigh on Sea, Essex.

Page 1 - Jill Dawkins now lives Richmond , Victoria , South Australia ; 
Thuna Buruah, wife of RK.Buruah, late of Swapnalaya,
Laipuli, Panitola has died, RK. now lives at New Alipore,
Kolkata 700 053, India ; 
Dougie Baird has died; 
Page 3 ­Helen Norris has died; 
Page 4 - Bill Whisker lives in Stirling , S. Austra;ia
 Ali & Shireen Zaman, Heera Apts, Kolkata, India; 
Ron Weir has died and Liz would love to hear from any of
her old friends

Dhruvo & Tonina Sen Gupta,  Kolkata 700045, India; 
S.(Kumar) & Ratna Basu,  Kolkata 700 092, India .

Although not a member I have been asked to let you know that Leela Nag, wife of the late Paresh Nag of Duklingia TE, has died, aged 80.

A National Brewery Chain has bought one of Aberdeen's oldest pubs "Ma Camerons" in Little Belmont Street, after 31 years of family ownership. Many planters will have fond memories "Ma Camerons" since it was bought by Alistair Bruce in 1970.

The Eastbourne Re-union Luncheon will be held at the Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne on Tuesday 26th April, 2005. All enquiries and requests for tickets should be addressed to Mike Courtney at address in Directory.

I set out below details of books you may be interested in. The author J.L.C. Strang was born in Calcutta in 1923. He arrived in Britain with his family before he was 1 year old, and grew up in Inverness, Edinburgh and Hampshire. In 1940 he joined the RAF., flying Spitfires and Hurricanes.and serving in the Western Desert .After the War   Mr. Strang decided to transfer to the Reserve of Air Force Officers, and sailed to the country of his birth to become a tea planter in Assam. The varied life that J.L.C. Strang led there forms the basis of this trilogy of fictionalised autobiographies. If interested please use the Order form printed at the end of this Bulletin.

I am enclosing a leaflet issued by the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum, Bristol, who, I understand will be having a display about the tea industry sometime in the near future, after they have accumulated a reasonable amount of Tea associated information and display items.

I have been informed by Michael Garnett in Australia, that a Major Hatfield is compiling information for a book on the Volunteer Corps in India. Michael was able to provide him quite a lot of details about the Cawnpore Light Horse which commenced in the 1880' s with the assistance of his grandfather Major William Garnett MBE. If you know anyone who might have information on the Assam Valley Light Horse I am sure that Alan would be grateful for any information. Michael does not give an address for Major Harfield, but I feel sure that should you contact Michael he would be willing to pass it on.

I think that is all for now, and please have a look through your Directory for any corrections that I should know about. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a trouble free New Year.and if you have any queries please get in touch.


Mrs. Cathie Campbell, 1/B, Stonefield Place Hawick, Roxburghshire, 


Order Form

Please return this copy to:­

Lawrie Plantation Services Ltd Wrotham Place, Wrotham Village, Sevenoaks, Kent

       TN157AB Fax 01732 885724. E.mail

PLEASE SEND ME............................. copies at £I5/copyof

  0          A Damfool Career - Volume I

  0          Paradise & back - Volume IT

  0          Best Laid Schemes & Mountains - Volume ill

For single orders please add £2 p&p and £3.70 for overseas

P&P free on orders of two or more copies UK only






Cathie's April 2004  Message

I am sending out the Spring Bulletin a little early this year, as I see from scanning my diary, that April promises to be rather busy with some of my other interests.

First of all may I say a very big thank you to all of you who so kindly sent me Christmas cards and encouraging letters over the festive season. Its lovely to receive them and I do appreciate your kind thoughts very much indeed.

I now give you the amendments to the Directory in page order as usual: 
Page 4 - Michael Baxter Brown has died; 
Page 5 - Morland Campbell has died;
             Change Marjorie Carey's entry to Marigold Carey; 
Page 10 - Agnes Harkness has died; 
Page 11 - Johnny Hay has died; 
 Page 13 - Jimmy Lyness has died; 
Page 14 - Jock MacRae has died; 
Page 20 - Dick Tully has died. 
I would like to pass on my deepest sympathy to all the bereaved. So many old friends this time.

NEW UK . MEMBERS: Richard Gibb, ---John Baxter-Brown,

OVERSEAS AMENDMENTS David Copland now has a new address

 NEW OVERSEAS MEMBERS: Michael Garnett,  Victoria, Australia;
Ivan & Cynthia Rufus,  North Queensland 4860, Australia..

Just as a quick reminder the 
Eastbourne Lunch will be held on May 4th, at the Hydro Hotel, 
and if you have not already done so, Mr. Mike Courtney is the man to contact.


Speaking of reminders may I just remind you of those special little fighting men "The Gurkhas" who I am sure fill a special place in our hearts. They have supported us faithfully, and now they could use a little financial support. If you feel you would like to help, your contributions should be sent to The Gurkha Welfare Trust, P.O. Box 18215, 2nd Floor, I Old Street, London, ECI V 9XB

A couple of years ago I referred, in my bulletin, to the Bristol Museum . Well, it appears that they have very little in the way of information etc. regarding the tea industry in India , and are quite keen to rectify this. One of two members have already donated items to their intended display at the Museum, so if you have anything you think would be of interest please contact them. Their address is British Empire and Commonwealth Museum , Clock Tower Yard, Temple Mead , Bristol . Tel. No. 01179254980,  

The following is an excerpt from the World News section of the Telegraph, which may be of interest to readers of other newspapers 1 Darjeeling tea estates are up for sale at a fraction of a penny 1 !. For one rupee, several thousand acres of tea bushes, whose produce sells for less than it costs to produce, are available, complete with bungalow, a breathtaking view and a slice of history. In the once majestic Planters Club the peeling walls smell of decay, and dust covers the library. Like the Club the delicately flavoured teas of Darjeeling appear to be in terminal decline. The tea output has fallen by about a third, and increasing labour costs together with a market collapse in buyer go a long way to spelling disaster. A kilo of tea taking about 95p to make, is selling for approximately 60-65p. Indiscriminate cutting of timber in the area is causing soil erosion and landslides are a constant threat to estates. Many of the bushes, themselves, of course are over 80 years old, suffer from disease and are sadly in need of replacement. Some owners prefer short term cures rather than wait seven years for new bushes to become productive. There is also competition from tea growers in other areas such as Kenya , Nepal and Sri Lanka . So if you were thinking of a real bargain for one rupee, perhaps you will be having second thoughts!!

How time flies, as the saying goes, when you are editor of the "Koi-Hai" Directory. It seems no time at all since I was looking for a suitable cover for the "Silver Jubilee" issue of the Directory. And here we are in 2004, and next year we shall be having yet another re-print, and another cover to think of! It helps greatly, of course, when I am given information about people moving house, and also when someone dies. It is not always possible to receive this information from relations, so I have to rely on you letting me know. I am sure there are many names of people in the Directory who are no longer with us, so, please, if you know definitely that someone has died, and I have not already reported it, let me know.

I hope you all have a wonderful Summer, and I look forward to meeting some of you at the Eastbourne Lunch. Remember, if I can help you in any way with a query, please just 'phone me.

Mrs. Cathy Campbell, I- B Stonefield Place , 
Hawick , TD9 OEY , Scotland .

Tel: 01450  378464          



Cathie's December 2003  Message

      As sent to all those subscribing to the Koi Hai Directory but excluding personal addresses

Time once again to bring you up to date with what has been happening since the April Bulletin, and shall begin as usual with the corrections to the Directory. In page order.

Page 5 -   Clare Cheetham has died;
Page 12 -  Colin Jackson  has a new address
Page 13 -- Jimmy Lumsden & Joy Leitch have both died;
Page 14 -- George McMeekin has died-,
Page 16 -   Douglas Pirie has died;
Page 19 --  Peggy Standing has died.
Although not a member, I have been asked to report that Malcolm Lamond has died.

A.G.J.{Alan) and Jacqueline Lane , Norfolk ,
J.J. Lane MBE,  Norfolk
Ian Campbell, London


Page 4 - Vivienne Tyson has died;

Pat Tocher has asked me to let you know that her Mother Kitty Ross (Budla Beta Tea Company) died last year.

NEW OVERSEAS MEMBER: Derek Perry , , Queensland , Australia .

The Assam  Re- Union Lunch 2004 will be held on Tuesday 4"' May, 2004 at the Hydro Hotel, Eastbourne. Please note that that this is a change of date. Any further information and eventually Tickets can be had from the Convenor,  Mr. Mike Courtney at the address in the Directory.

There is now, it appears, a British contact for anyone, interested in trips to the Tea Garden areas in India- Mary Stephens, Travel Consultant, 16 Raleigh Road , Richmond , Surrey , TW9 2DX .incidently, if anvone is interested in these trips, I have on file quite a bit of information about them­

I set out below an excerpt from a book called "Haunting India" written by Margaret Deefholts. The following: paragraphs occur half way through the chapter on Calcutta .

-` We amble through the maze of stalls in Hogg Market   popularly known as the "New Market" even although it has been in existence since the early 1900's. Not too much has changed since I was a teen­ager, except for a noticeable lack of Anglo-Indians thronging its passageways.          Part of the complex burned down some years ago, and has been replaced by an upscale air-conditioned mall. We fend off persistent coolies and gawk at the merchandise on display.; bolts of vibrant silks and crisp cottons, ready Made garments, Bengali handicrafts, costume jewellery, cane furniture, crockery and glassware, all for sale at a fraction of the price we would pay here in Canada ,

Not for the squeamish , but fascinating, nevertheless, is the produce and meat market located in a cavernous building adjoining the main market. Bluebottle flies shimmer around mutton shanks suspended from meat hooks, and entrails such as livers, kidneys, hearts and brains are set out for inspection on marble slabs. The smell of ripe pineapples and papaya permeates the aisles of the fruit section. We stop to haggle over the price of Indian gooseberries. 'these are small yellow berries covered  in a pouch of dry paper leaves, and as.1 pop one into my mouth the _juice spurts, sweet-sour against my tongue, evoking memories of my Mother's gooseberry jam, eaten smothered in fresh cream at tea-time. Indeed what can be more evocative than the smell and taste of food relished in childhood? I take the time to drop by Nahum Confectioners in the New Market. The old proprietor has passed on but i7is son peers at me and said "Penn-Anthony?  Of course I remember your parents, they ordered Christmas cakes from us for years, and didn't we once make a Birthday cake for you in the shape of A piano". I am amazed at his mernory. Later as I turn to leave, he comes up to me and says "Next week is Easter Sunday, so here is something for you just for old times sake". He grins and hands me a paper bag. Inside is a small marzipan Easter Egg

Flury's on Park Street still retains its Edwardian ambience: afternoon tea, accompanied by a selection of cakes and cream rolls, is served on bone china crockery. The Anglo-Indian matre d' is intrigued to discover  that Noelene and I are also Anglo-Indians. In the course of our conversation I casually mention that I wish I could find another well remembered Calcutta delight -- spiced sausages. Not only does he offer to make a trip to the Entally meat market at dawn to buy these on our behalf, but his wife cooks them for us as well using a traditional Calcutta Anglo-Indian recipe which calls for them to be marinated in vinegar and mustard oil.

Only in India is the hospitality as warm as the sunshine                                                                                                                                 
At the other end of Flury's elegance, is Nizan's, which has been in operation for over 70 years. Tucked into a dimly lit a alleyway in the city's hub, is a small unpretentious place with ramshackle furniture, neon tube lighting and no conditioning, but as every Calcutta wallah knows, Nizan's kati-kebabs are fit for a Moghul emperor. They sizzle with dark mysterious spices that caress the palate like a teasing smouldering flame. 'The four of us drop into Nizam's one night, and despite the lateness of the hour, there is a steady stream of well dressed customers driving up in their cars, or strolling in from a near-by movie theatre after the last show. Some things haven't changed at all, even after a forty five years absence."

Margaret Deefolts, the Author, lives in Vancouver , and further details of her book can be found on her  website


Subscriptions for 2004 are now due. These are £l for U.K.members and £2 for Overseas members. Cheques should be made out to  "Koi Hai Directory"".
 As per usual, if your Bulletin has a red cross on it, you are still in credit and owe nothing for 2004.

May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Mrs Cathy Campbell
1/B Stonefield Place
Hawick TD9 0EY
Tel 01450 378464