Crabb Family

April 1 2013

Tim Crabb as the head of the family today has given us a short report of his several visits
to Assam with family and some photographs for us to enjoy--Thank you Tim


Four years ago we visited India with friends who had never been there, and finished off with a
few days in Assam.
I had not been to Assam since my father retired in 1965 and was keen to
to go back. He
had been Superintendent of the Badulipar company resident on Koomtai tea


We contacted the present owners and were immediately invited to visit the garden while
there. We also wanted to visit the Kaziranga rhino reserve and were to be there for four days so
arranged to go to Koomtai on one of those days.

The present owner was absent on business but we were met by the General Manager,
B.B.Bawa who escorted us all round the estate, even pointing out an area planted in my
fathers time! The estate was in excellent condition throughout. We then visited the factory
where we were met by an elderly man who remembered me from a visit I had made when
we were both in our late teens!

After the factory visit we were invited to the burra bungalow for a light lunch prepared by
the owners staff. This was the bungalow my father had used for years so it was all a bit

The year after this our daughter visited Koomtai. She had taken her first steps there and
was made very welcome and overnighted on the estate.

Our second visit to Koomtai waslast November. We were in India to celebrate our 50th
anniversary in the company of our  daughter and husband and started the trip in Assam again
staying at Kaziranga and again visiting the estate and being entertained to a
marvellous tiffin
at the GM's bungalow. A  bungalow I had lived in when a small child.
We again toured the estate and factory and enjoyed a very pleasant day with Mr Bawa.


"Across the lake from the lookout"

Daughter and husband on safari at Kaziranga

Kaziranga Head Office

 Lookout at lake with recent flood levels marked. My daughter Sandrah in background.


From Kaziranga it was off to Jorehat for the flight to Calcutta and on to Jhodpur and
Udaipur to complete the trip. Udaipur was fantastic and the Lake Palace hotel quite an