Tea Planters life in Assam 1800's--by George M Barker

Tea Planter's Life in Assam 1800's by George M Barker


A Planters Life in Assam before 1883

                                      By George M Barker


 This is a copy of a digital book in Adobe Acrobat PDF form.  I have broken it up into 10 chapters.  Please click below to go to the chapter you wish to read.


 Preface & Contents

 Chapter One --Going Out

 Chapter Two in Calcutta

 Chapter Three - Leaving Calcutta

 Chapter Four - The Naga Expedition

 Chapter Five -the Bungalow and how it was constructed 
 Chapter Six- Ready made gardens

 Chapter Seven - Coolies

 Chapter Eight - Insects of Assam

 Chapter Nine - Laws of health

 Chapter Ten - Assam as it is and what it might have been