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Rob Andrew
Nasim Anwar
Doug Armstrong
Bushan and Kanchan Arora
Audrey Auld
Minoo Avari

Jimmie Bain
Franklin and Cynthia Babinall
Arvind Kumar Bali
Peter and Merle Bartlett

Dick Barton
Raminder (Gogi) Bajaj
 Phil Bayley
Sanjay Batra
Bill Beattie
Ranga Bedi
Jim Beven
Gautam Bhattarcharya
Ian Campbell
Bill Charlier
 Kailash Chaurasia
Neil & Enid Coombes
David & Susie Copland
 Mike and Kathy Courtney
Kamal Ch Das
 Ranjit Das
Surajit Datta
Sudip De
Devaya & Ratna
K S Dev

Pranjal Dutta

Don and Lorna Elliott

Andrew Flint 

Sandy Fraser
John Gill

Robin Gregory

Peter and Valerie Hardy

Monjour & Shapa Hossain
Ted Humphreys
Robin Humphries

Sandy & Gwen Jennings

Ramniwas Jhalani
Rampal Joshi
Arun Kaul

Mohan Keswani
Amir & Shaheen Khan
Ravi Kidwai
David & Kim Kincaid
Jim & Wendy Knight

Chandra Lahiri
Rick (Ritu)Lakhar
Alan & Jacqueline Lane
Ashley & Patricia Larkins
John L'Estrange
Barbara Lyness
John Mackenzie
Sandeep Malhotra
Lekha Mathur
Saroj Kumar Mehera

K K Mehra & Reenu

Rajan & Shalini Mehra
Dacre & Janet Mogg
Aloke Mookerjee
Terry Morris
Bob Muir
Vikram & Gowri Nanjappa
Bhupinder Oberoi
Narendra Pal
Roopy Patney
Ken and Paddy Pearson
Sandy Pearson
 Vic Pearson
Derek & Bev Perry
Kalyan Phukan


Jim & Nancy Pinto
Bob & Dorothy Powell-Jones

Jasbir S. Randhawa

Bibek & Runu Ray-Chaudhuri

George & Diana Richmond

Clive D Roberson
Jimmy Robinson
 Richard Rogers

Sanjib Roy
Holly Scallon
James Scott
Shukla Sen

Ganesh Sharma
Dennis & Fairlie Sharp
Venk Shenoi
Peter Shortt
Dick & Dolly Simpson

Gordon & Yfke Simpson
Guman Singh
Hardev Singh

Sanjiv Singh

Dr Sukbir Singh

Matt & Glennie Summors

Jim Thomas

John Thyne
Jeff Tikari
Lue Tripp
Philip Wilson

Alan Wood
Anthea & Robin Wrangham

Hamish Young
Asad & Amy Yousuf
Ali & Shireen Zaman




Rob Andrew

Joined Tea in August 1954 (aged 19) as Asst. on Satali TE (Davenports/Mcleods, Hasimara Tea Co). Worked on Malangi TE (Hasimara), Huldibari TE (Central Dooars) and acted on New Chumpta (Terai) for Gordon Fraser. Got my first billet as Mgr of Satali TE in 1961 (aged 26)to 1966.Spent a few months at Tingamira (Doom Dooma Dist, Assam) before returning to manage Tirrihannah TE (Darjeeling Dist.Terai ) in early 1967. Moved to H/O Calcutta 1969 (re-married) and retd to UK in late '70. Joined IBM Jan '71, transferred to Lexmark 1991 and finally retired after five years as a consultant in Sept 1999. Moved from Norfolk to Cheshire in 1987.  


Started planting in East Pakistan with James Warren in 1967 as an assistant in field,
became a Senior Manager there in their Deundi, Mertinga and Noyapara Tea Estates.
Moved to Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited in 1983 and became their Rubber
Development Manager and Tea Manager in Maulvie Tea Estate. In 1985 carried on
to Lawrie Plantations in Mazdeehee, Allynugger as Senior Manager and VA Rubber.
Joined Duncan Macneil on secondment from Duncan Brothers as Tea Development
Advisor in 1991.
My wife Helen Bonnie Anwar is also a tea planter's daughter. Her parents were Mr
Alexander Henderson Greig and Mrs Mildred Greig of Deundi Tea Estate. Presently
I run an advisory outfit on rubber and tea called Plantation Assistance Tea Estate
Services in Chittagong as its Managing Director.
My e-mail address is naspatectg47@yahoo.com

Doug Armstrong

Company --Duncan Brothers   1963-1970
Estates-Newlands, Meenglas, Newlands, Jitir
Current Location -- Sydney,Australia _____________________________________

Bhushan and Kanchan Arora

Vivek  Arora, the son of Bhushan and Kanchan Arora, tells me that his father died in 1999, having spent a lifetime in tea. Bhushan  retired as manager of Budlapara T.E. (Assam Frontier Co., Mangaldoi Distt., Assam) in 1989 after 36 years in tea. Vivek's mother, Mrs. Kanchan Arora, has an e-mail address and would be pleased to hear from old friends. The e-mail address is not quoted, but the editor would be pleased to let anyone who properly identifies themselves have her address. The editor's e-mail is davidkoih@aol.com.

Bhushan joined tea in 1953, Banarhat/Karbala T.E. (Andrew Yule); manager in 1959, Rajgarh T.E. (Naharkatia distt).; 1962-1971: Choonabhutti T.E. (Dooars); 1972-1989: Darjeeling, Dooars, Dibrugarh, Napuk T.E. (Sonari), Budlapara T.E. (Mangaldoi).

Family of the late Bhushan:  wife, Kanchan Arora; children, Sunandini Lal, Mandakini Arora, Vivek "Viki" Arora, Vineet Arora.

Audrey Auld

Was at Killcott in the Dooars

December 11 2010

Minoo Avari
Joined the Darjeeling Company in 1966.  Worked as an Assistant Manager on
Ging and Tukdah Tea Estates before leaving for South India, to join the
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, in the May of 1970.  Left the
Corporation in 1980 to buy my own Coffee properties in Kodaikanal (South India) which were sold a few years ago to enable my wife, Shehzarin, and I to keep up with our green card obligations and visit our three children in the United States. 
If anyone wishes to contact Minoo his e-mail address is

Jimmie Bain

Joined Finlays and came to tea in 1952 as an Assistant Manager for
8 years on Finlay Estates in Assam.

Then transferred to Calcutta in 1960  as Visiting  Engineer for James Finlay,
Tata Finlay, and Tata Tea.    Left 1982
Moved to Africa (Malawi) in 1984 with the Lonrho tea group, first as a
Factory Manager for 3 years then as Assistant General Manager ( A.G.M. )
for 6 years  left in 1993  
Jimmie and Muriel having shared and enjoyed their times in tea  are  
happily retired in Aberdeen Scotland

His e-mail is
Franklin and Cynthia Babinall

Duncans: Assam Dooars Tea Company.  1972 Orangajuli T.E. (Mangaldai), 1976 Cinnatolliah (North Lakhimpur), 1980 Dumchipara (Birpara), 1982 Actg. Mgr. Garganda, Dumchipara, 1983 Birpara Resigned Joined HMP Group: Manager, Silonibari (North Lakhimpur) 1983-1990 - Immigrated to U.K. 1990 worked in the N.H.S. (Guys Hospital) Returned 1991 Rejoined HMP Group as General Manager, Pahargoomiah (TERAI) 1991-2001 Resigned and joined New Tea Company as General Manager (Operations) of Atal T.E., Thanjhora T.E., Rheabari T.E., Balason (Factory) & North Dinajpur (Factory) 2001-2008.  Rejoined HMP Group as General Manager, Namring T.E. (Darjeeling), Borokai T.E. (Cachar), Associated Tea Industries (Tinsukia) AND Namring Tea Co. Ltd. and Fairlie Estate, Coffee/Cocoa Plantations in the Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu. Based in Kolkata.

e-mail: f.babinall@darjeelingimpex.com

Can be contacted at:   HMP Group,    
‘HMP House'   
4, Fairlie Place      
Kolkata 700 001
 West Bengal,  India

Arvind Kumar Bali

Joined tea (McLeod Russell) in 1983 in the Dooars and left Tea in 2001 fromDehing TE in Assam

Changed professions and became Bursar to Assam Valley School from2001 to 2004 
and am now VP North  in SIS India Ltd based in Delhi. 
My e-mailaddress is

Looking forward to renewing contacts from old friends.



Peter & Merle Bartlett
James Warren from 1958 to 1971 in Assam   &  Malawi from 1971 to 1995


Dick Barton

      Born Tinsukia 1924 !  Father was an Assistant, then Manager & then
Superintendant for Jokai from 1903 to 1938.  I left in 1930 but was very
lucky to return on a short consultancy job in Oil in 1986.
      Any information about location of ANY Jokai records etc,  gratefully received.
Dicks Current e-mail is dickbarton727@hotmail.com


Raminder (Gogi) Bajaj

Joined Zaloni Tea Estate in the Tingri District in 1961--also served on
Rajah Alli, Balijan, Tara and Deamoolie
Left Tea in 1975
Now relaxing and living in Pune, near Bombay

Phil Bayley

A Williamson Magor Planter 1952 --1984


Sanjay Batra

Senior Manager

Dekorai Tea Estate

McLeod Russel India Ltd.

( a Williamson Magor Group enterprise )

P.O. Sootea, Distt. Sonitpur,

Assam - 784 175.

 Phones:  ( Office )  +91 3715 276447
                ( Res.)     +91 3715 276450
                  ( Mobile ) +91 9435052111

email :  sbatra@wmg.co.in  &  bats111@gmail.com


Bill Beattie

Assam Tea Company 1961-1966
Mackeypore, Lakmijan,Khoomtai, Mohokuti, and Suntok Tea Estates

Domiciled in Australia since 1966, and worked in Tropical Agriculture Research till 1987. Retired early and started an indoor Plant Hire business in Cairns which I sold 5 years later and now concentrate on growing rare palms from Madagascar. Agnes continues to work as a Primary school teacher


Ranga Bedi

James Finlay 1956 - 1972
Tata Finlay 1972 - 1974



Jim Beven

‘Gautam Bhattacharya'
 In tea since 1982

Now at Tarajulie TE Nr Tezpur

E-mail--  gbhattacharya@wmg.co.in

Gautam would love to hear from old friends

Ian Campbell

Son of Stew and Betty, who were in  Assam 1946 - 1974:
Mancotta, Jamirah, Panitola, Hukanpukri and Bokel tea estates.

After Mum's death in 2001, I collected dreams of her passing and
memories of her last months, into a book 'The Lark Ascending'.
Extracts from this, with some photos and 50s' cines, are on my website at


Bill Charlier

1946 TOWKOK Sonari district,
Moran district
Left 1973 from Khomtai as Supt group 3   MACNIEL  & BARRY which included  
Monkossi  and 1 other estate --Now happily retired in  Spain


Kailash Chaurasia

From 1959 to July 1986--The Moran Tea Co. Ltd
Moran,Sepon,Attabarrie&Lepetketta Tea Estates
Mostly on Sepon
Moran Polo Club


Neil & Enid Coombes

Neil  &  Enid were in Doom Dooma 1958/1965

David and Susie Copland

Duncan Brothers from 1962 - 1971
Wife : Susie in India from 1969 - 1971

Orangjuli,Dumchipara,and Chalouni Estates,
Tocklai Research Institute
V.P. Advisor based at Dalingkote, acted on Jiti, Runglee, and Sankos and
finished up a V.A. in Calcutta


Mike and Kathy Courtney

Assam Tea company  1964-65
Assam Branch Indian Tea Association  1965-73

at Jorhat, Tezpur and Dibrugarh

Kamal Ch Das and Bandana Nabis Das

joined Tea Broking in the year 1989 and since then have been
associated with the tea tradeand presently associated with
Paramount Tea Marketing Pvt Ltd
at Guwahati.   My e-mail id is ptmkcdas@gmail.com

Ranjit Das

I am of the 1959 vintage with King William House Group of Companies
( SINGLO/EMPIRE/DOOARS Tea Companies in North East India)  then managed by Gillanders Arbuthnot
Surajit Datta

I joined Tea in 1974, with Jardine Henderson/ McLeod Russell. I served in their gardens
in Addabarie, Tezpur Gogra , Monabarie. After the group merged with Makum Namdang,
I was the first Assistant to be posted in Upper Assam, Bogapani and then Margherita.
In 1987, I was Transferred to Matelli, in the Dooars. I left in 1990. Then I joined Assambrook,
and served in their gardens in South India. Subsequently, I was transferred to their Assam
Gardens,  Dibru Darrang and Dehing. In 1998, I joined the McLeod group, at Tyroon. After
Tyroon, I was at Tippuck, till Warrens bought it over. I was in Calcutta, till 2006, when I
joined the Beeyu overseas group. In 2007, I retired and came back to Calcutta, where my
wife Parveen and I are settled. I am into FreeMasonry, and I am also a Tour Director in a
travel Company, and I take tourists all over the world, apart from travelling with my wife,
as both of us love to travel.

I would love to hear from planters. My cell no is : 919836728911, and my email I'd is

Sudip De

Served on Rungamuttee, Nowera Nuddy and Dam Dim in the Dooars
and Hattigor, Nahorani and Lamabari on the North Bank in Assam.

Sudip left tea in 1981 to start his own Company and at the moment 
 handles Tea exports from the Inland Container Depot at Guwahati 
behalf of clients like APJ, The Assam Company, Tata Tea,
 Goodrickes, Warrens etc.

E-Mail address technotive@sancharnet.in


December 4 2012 

K S  Dev

Has had two tea employments the first is described in the December 2008 paragraph and the second  is in the December 2012 paragraph

December 2008

I KS Dev, joined tea back in 1988 at Dewan Group in Cachar.  Placed at Labac T.E. od Lallong.  That was precisely the year when there was turn-around in tea industry and this suddenly became a fit case for re-investments.  Lot of new areas were added in tea cultivation and people started minting money once again.  I remained at Dewan Group till end 1991 where I got married to Maneesha who happened to be my first boss's daughter. Thus she may be called a tea baby. I later shifted to Good Hope T.E. in Dooars then to Darjeeling at Gielle T.E. I worked as manager at Ambootia, Singell and Phuguri Tea Estates before shifting to Bhubrighat T.E. in Cachar. I had to finally come to Kolkata back in 2002 because my principal company M/S Longview Tea co. winded-up from tea business and placed me at their Engineering manufacturing flag-ship co. M/S New Allenberry Works as CEO. I wish all my tea friends and well-wishers the best for the support they extended to me!!!

December 2012

I, KS Dev who had shifted from tea to an engineering company  because of my previous company's decision to move out of tea business, am happy to announce that I am back in tea after almost ten years. Though physically I was out from tea life yet my association with the industry have been inseparable. Today I am with Sirohia group of Tea Estates as CEO who have gardens spread in Tripura and Assam. Their recent acquisitions are two big gardens of Assam Brooke in North Bank of Assam. I am thrilled to be back amidst all my close friends and contacts whom I had separated from long ago. I can be contacted at sdev@sirohia.com


P L Dutta (PL)

Worked for Duncans from 1960-1981. Jiti, Hantapara, Gungaram, Gandrapara
Retired as V.A.    Is now based in Kolkata and would love to hear from old
friends and colleagues.

Email id is: pldutta13@gmail.com

Pranjal Dutta. 
Joined Williamson Magor as a Asstt.Manager in 1991 and left in 2003. Gardens
served were Bogapani, Central Dooars, Bukhial and Tarajulie. 
Presently working with Paramount Tea Marketing (P) Ltd ,Guwahati.
Will be glad to be in contact with anyone. My e-mail ID is  

Don and Lorna Elliott

Lorna was previously married to Bob Clayton and in 1971 lived at Betjan Tea Estate
and Jutlibari in the Tangri District of Assam.They moved to Papua New Guinea in
1974 and were in Kudjip Tea Estate in the Banz District working for WR Carpenters.
In 1976 they moved to the Bali Vitu Islands ,working for Bali Plantations.1977 were
in the North Solomons.

Lorna is since remarried to Don Elliott who also worked in New Guinea for the past
25 years in the building Industry. They now live in Brisbane Australia with their
Three children who are all grown up and married.

Lornas maiden name was Tripp her father was Ken Tripp who was an old tea
planter in Darjeeling Assam and Dooars and he started the first tea plantation
in Sikkim in 1964. 

Lorna says :

 It would be lovely to hear from any one from the good old days.


Andrew Flint
 Association  with N.E.India
Arrived by sea on Circassia (Anchor Line) June 1959 in Bombay.    
Left by air June 1980

Jardine Henderson, McLeod Russell India Ltd. Magors

Kartick, Rydak, Gingia, Hunwal, Duklingia,
Matelli/Mootree, Jainti, Chuapara


Sandy Fraser


John Gill

Agency ---James Warren
Duration of service 1957 to 1962



Born Shillong India Tea - 1960 - 1969. Dooars: Beech, Satali, Malangi Darjeeling:    Puttabong, Tukvar Assam: Dejoo, Doolahat, Joyhing, Panitola
Current employment: Licensed Finance Broker, Motor Vehicle Broker, Tea Importer. Based in Perth. WA.

Peter and Valerie Hardy. 
Peter from 1959 - 1966, 
Valerie from 1965 -1966
             Served with Duncan Bros on Nonaipara T.E, CinnatoliahT.E, and Garganda T.E.

E-mail address is


Monjur & Shapa Hossain

Worked from 1973-1998; Retired as General Manager, National Tea Co. Ltd., Bangladesh

Served in the following Estates:   Lackatoorah, Patrokola, Champarai, Kurmah, Teliapara
and Chundicherra Tea Estates.   Presently Vice Chairman, Tetulia Tea Co. Ltd. and
Managing Director, PMTC Bangladesh Ltd.  
E-mail ID:

Ted Humphreys

Ted (E.W). Humphreys (Burmah Oil) arrived Digboi in February 1958  on transfer from
Karachi to Assam Oil Co as  Accountant. Remained Assam Oil Co until November 1970.
From February 1968 to November 1970 was Finance Manager (i.e the Senior Finance man).
Currently living in Australia. Would be pleased to hear from old friends ?

E-Mail address  alitedh@gmail.com

Robin Humphries

Joined Dekhari T.E. Moran District, Dec 1958. Moved to Dhoedaam T.E.
Doom Dooma in 1966. Married Maxine 1963, daughter Maria born 1965.
Left India 1967. Since then have been in tea at Amani and Tukuyu
Tanzania 1968-1988. Son Jonathan born in Tanzania 1970. Since,
Consulting in Ethiopia 1989-90 and Nigeria 1993-97 & other short
term assignments until 2001. Now mainly retired except for voluntary
work at CAB and for RBL 


Sandy & Gwen Jennings

Doom Dooma district 1964 - 1969

Warren Tea Co.  -- Rupai and Dhoedaam Estates

Ramniwas Jhalani

Started his  career in Tea in 1968 from Birjhora, joined Tirrihannah in 1972 where got my billet too,

 transferred to Ropacherra in 1989 and finally transferred to Anandapur in 1996 and retired from
there in late 2001.

 Later for about a year in 2002 worked in Indong and few months in Palashbari in 2003. 

Hobbies: Share emails which are Informative, Enlightening or Entertaining, reading, travelling and using multi-media.

 Ramniwas would love to be in touch with friends from tea fraternity, his contact details are:

 Email: rnjhalani2009@gmail.com  Mobile: 0-94340-63165

He adds;  Laugh when you can,   apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can't change.   Life's too short to be anything... but happy.


Joined Tea in 1976- Goomti Tea Estate (Kursueong- Darjeeling),
resigned in 1978:  Joined HMP Group, Pahargumia Tea Estate (Bagdogra)
in 1978, Transferred to Silonibari Tea Estate in 1983, North
Lakhimpur, Assam; Now working as Manager in Silonibari Tea Estate.
Can be contacted – rpj.slonibari@gmail.com".

Arun Kaul

Assam Company Limited
Joined 12/12/1966 and still working


July 8 2009

Mohan Keswani was an Assistant Conservator of Forests in West Bengal Senior Forest Service; and was undergoing Range Training in Moraghat Forest Range (P.O. Gairkata in Japaliguri Dist),when he joined Tea in May 1956. His first garden was Bundapani (Singlo Tea Co.),a part of King William House group,which also included Empire of India and Dooars Tea Co., managed by Gillanders Arbuthnot Calcutta. Other gardens in the group , where he worked as Asst manager , were Nagrakata,Indong and Telepara(Dooars)and Muttrapore(Assam). He became an acting manager at Muttrapore and then Napuk(both these Singlo gardens being in Sonari area of Upper Assam). He then became manager Ghatia in Nagrakata sub disctict of Dooars;and here he was till 1974, when he resigned from the company. He joined as manager Bhatpara(Kalchini) and then Beech (Hasimara), where we worked till early 1978, when he joined Mohunbaree Tea Estate in Dibrugarh district of Assam. This garden belongs to Dhelakhat Tea Company owned first by James Warren and then by Jardines. He retired from Mohunbaree in March 1986,and since then has been resident of New Delhi.

Having been a part of Tea Planting community, Mohan has many friends and acquaintances and being a keen tennis player during his tea career   the circle of friends is larger as his visits to various Tea Clubs in North East India were frequent .

He shall be delighted and honoured to hear from his friends . Kindly contact on his email id mohankeswani30@gmail.com.

Below is a photograph of Mohan during his visit to Cambridge, England

  Amir & Shaheen Khan

Vintage: 1966 (Still working)

Details. I joined Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd and was posted at Hoolongooree/Choonabhutti/Hingrijan/Tinkong/Khowang/Murphulani
My first billet was Karballa in 1979.

Left Andrew Yule in 1986 and joined Boisahabi Tea Estate as Superintendent.
Joined Octavius Tea & Industries Ltd. 1998-2001 as Visiting Agent.
Re-joined Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd. 2001-2003 as General Manager and posted at Khowang Tea Estate.
Retired from Khowang in 2003 and I am presently working as Advisor for
Bokahola Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Ravi Kidwai


David and Kim Kincaid

The Jorehaut Company


Jim and Wendy Knight

Tirrhana, Amluckie,Oophulia, Shakomato,
Baijan, South Sealkotee, Dhoedaam
Arrived Assam 1948 left 1970

Devaya & Ratna
Both claim to be "Tea Children" with parents who were in Tea. Ratna's parents were Vippi and Nirmal Nanda who worked with WM's/Mcleod Russell and Devaya's father 
was with Brooke Bond/MB & Co, Coonoor, South India

Received by the Editor
My name is Ratna Nanda Devaya.I was born in Ainakhal  in Cachar to Vippi and Nirmal Nanda and spent a few years in the Dooars in Bhatpara and Kartick  and
Chuapara tea estates.I spent my most formative years in the North Bank in Assam in the districts of East Boroi at Nya Gogra Tea Estate and in Bishnauth at Gingia tea estate..

I met Devaya who joined the Williamson Magor group of Companies as their Tea Taster and assistant to John
 in 1982 after having done his training with David Panter at George White & Co. London.We were married in 1985 and spent 4 years in Bishnauth at Majulighur Tea Estate.We spent 3 tears in Margherita when WM bought Mcleod Russel.We moved back to Pertabghur in 1992 and were there till 2001 when we moved to Guwahati as part of the Williamson Tea Holdings Plc. We are now back in Margherita since 2005 when the Magor Family sold out. We are still in tea and Devaya continues to work for Mcleod Russel India Ltd.

Devaya is the son of Ranee and NA Kuttaiah who spent many years with Brook Bond in South India and finally CEO of Matheson Basonquet Coonoor.

Ratna and Devaya would like to renew old friendships-- their e-mail is ratnadevaya@gmail.com

Rick (Ritu) Lahkar.

Resided in Sycotta T.E; Katonibari T.E; Cinnamara T.E; Amluckie T.E. as the son of a a tea planter - Subol Dutta Lahkar between 1975 till 1990.Associated with Mariani Planters Club, Jorhat Gymkhana Club & Misa Planters Club.  Later I joined Williamson Magor & Co. Ltd after college,  based in the Guwahati office and trained to become a tea taster and was associated in the marketing & shipping departments. Was with Magors from 1995 till 1997.
Currently settled in Sacramento, California,United States and run my business brokerage firm here. But I still keep dreaming of the good ole' days of Assam.
my e-mail address - rlahkar@hotmail.com


Alan and Jacqueline Lane

Alan was born in Bombay in 1943 and spent his  early years at the Tarrapore Tea Company garden Dewan T.E in Cachar district.His father was John J Lane (shown in the Assam Directory of 1964)Manager of Kalline T.E. in Assam .

Alan served as a Crossley  Engineer in Assam from 1963 to the end of 1968.  servicing and repairing Crossley engines in many tea estates throughout Assam and Cachar.He knew Bill Charlier when Bill was at Mohokutie Tea Estate in Moran District. Many others from Assam and Cachar are remembered, some of whom are highlighted in the Koi-Hai directory, including Ranga Bedi of Jamguri and Sandy Dick of Borhat  

Alan and his wife Jacqueline (nee O'Leary) married in Margherita Church (officiated by Padre Peter Innes from Digboi) in 1968. Jacqueline knew Sandy and Gwen Jennings(daughter of Vic Austin of Baghjan T.E, Doom Dooma). Jacqueline's father Tim O'Leary was Superintendent in charge of the war graves cemetery in Digboi prior to his death.
Alan's father, John J. Lane is still alive and very much kicking, knows Jimmy Mortimer very well from his days in Cachar.


Chandra Lahiri

My parents are Abani and Meenakshi Lahiri. At various times in my father's career
with Jardine Henderson & McLeod Russel, he was posted at Halem, Gingia, Monabarie,
Tarajulie, in Assam and in the Dooars, at Baradighi, Rydak and Kartick, finally
ending up at HO in Calcutta (which he cared for a great deal less than he did
for the estates!). Sadly, he passed away on 15th February 2014 at the age of 84.
My mother now lives with my sister, in Mumbai. My sister and I grew up on these
magical estates and went off to Mount Hermon School, in Darjeeling, for our
education. While my sister was too young to remember much about the tea life,
I remember it in great detail, with very great love and affection. Reading Shona
Patel's brilliant debut novel "Teatime for the Firefly" the other day brought the
memories rushing back. It turns out she is the daughter of a dear friend and
colleague of my parents! We now live in the Sultanate of Oman, a long, long way
from the utterly magic world of Assam tea. And do I miss that long-ago world!
Chandra's e-mail is  lahirisoman@gmail.com

Ashley and Patricia Larkins

Ashley writes: I joined The Moran Tea Company in 1965 Served with the company at Moran, Attabarrie and Lepetkatta Tea Estates, as an Assistant Manager and later as Manager. Retired in 1996, as Senior Manager
of the group overseeing the Company's four Estates.

We were members of Moran Polo Club,and Dibrugarh & District Planters Club.
I was Secretary of Moran Polo Club for three terms and then President for two terms.

My wife Patricia was Lady Member and Flower Show
Convenor .We were both judges at several flower shows at Dibrugarh,Panitola & Doom Duma & Moran.

Patricia and I are now happily settled in Goa,where I am the General Manager  of Goa Golf Club Pvt Ltd & Britto Amusements Pvt Ltd .   My Present Company
has a Five Star Hotel 'Chances" which houses Goa's Largest Casino.

January 15 2011

Here is a request from  Jennifer L'Estrange. daughter of John and
Kitty L'Estrange who were in Tea from about 1958 to 1973.

Jennifer tells us:

They were in Jainti TE, Bhanobari, Hasimara, Chuapara, Rydak, Malangi,
all in the Dooars. .

I remembers the Strouds, Duffy, Marge and Dudley Roberts very good
friends of my mum and dad. Rufus, Ashoke Sen - Chuapara 1972, 
Llewellyn Trip, Andrew Flint, Sandy Robinson/Fraser.

My Mother Kitty passed away in 1991 and sadly also my two brothers
Michael in 2005 and Leslie L'Estrange in 2006. My sister Patricia lives in
Brisbane and I live in Cairns North Queensland Australia.

 My Dad John L'Estrange lives with my sister in Brisbane. At the moment
he is quite ill with cancer.

My email is Spirit_dancer@rocketmail.com

Jennifer L'Estrange Mayhew.

Barbara Lyness

Through her daughter Sue  McKenzie-Edwards

Agency Williamson Magors  --1948-1966

Estates- North Bank --Manager Seajuli in North Lakhimpur
for many years and also Attarkhat in Mangaldai District

September 26 2010 
John Mackenzie

John Mackenzie was born in 1941 at Roopercherra where his father was Manager. John was brought up on the garden
He returned to tea in 1963 with Duncan Brothers/Goodrickes and eventually left in 1979.  He started on Orangajuli as assistant in the North Bank of Assam and then went to the Dooars.  He worked on Lakhipara, Nagaisuree, Meenglass, Runglee (acting manager), Leesh River (acting manager), Nonaipara, Orangajuli (acting manager), Cinatolliah (acting manager), Zurrantee (manager) and left from Chalouni (manager).
John's e-mail address is Rungliot@tiscali.co.uk
September 21 2011
Sandeep Malhotra

Sandeep Malhotra tells us:
 "I had worked with Tata Tea in West Bengal and Assam" ,( 1987 to 2007) and with KDHP in Munnar Kerala ( 2007-2008). In West Bengal, I was posted in Dam Dim Tea Estate. In Assam, I was in Nahorani, Nonoi, Kakajan, Teok , Konkor and Dallim and Hatigor Tea Estates . In Munnar I was looking after the manufacturing process in Thenmally, Kadalar, Arvikad, Chanduvarrai, Chituvarrai and Yallapaty factories. I had stayed in Thenmally and Chittuvarrai Bunglows. I was in Laos of a couple of years and presently am in New Brunswick in Canada.

I would love to connect with everyone from the beautiful world of tea.

my email  is

February 23 2013

Lekha Mathur

I wish to join the Koi-Hai site to reconnect with planters I had known during 1960-1988. My husband  , late Suresh Mathur worked with Duncan Bros. & Co,& Goodricke Group Ltd  from 1956 to 1988.I spent 28 yrs on gardens in the Dooars, Darjeeling Cachar & Assam ( North & South Bank). Have recently published my book 'A Burra Memsahib's Tea Trolley". I live in Jaipur , Rajasthan, India.& my e-mail address is--- mathur.chandralekha@gmail.com

Click here to go to Books page to find the description of Lakha's book

January17 2012

Saroj Kumar Mehera.

Service: Assam - Powai T.E. 1949 to 1952, Kakajan T.E. 1952 to 1956. 

Calcutta - James Finlay 1956 to 1976, Tata-Finlay 1976 to 1983, Tata Tea 1983 to 1985.

E-mail: <skm122k@gmail.com>,  <skmehera@hotmail.com>

02. Mobile:  +919903109233.    03. Land Line: +913322874757



K K Mehra

K K  joined Duncan Brothers & Co. Ltd. as an Assistant On Lakhipara TE in The Dooars.  .He has
continued to remain with Duncans ever since .and currently looks after the Up - Country 
Operations of the companies 15 estates in North Bengal.  

Over the last 40 years KK worked on estates In the Dooars , Darjeeling and  the Terai in various
capacities. Since 2001 he has been in a corporate role as the Sr. Visiting Advisor and now as the
Vice President - Tea.

K K is married  to Reenu and they have 2  sons ( both married and settled in the US ).K K lives on
Gungaram Tea Estate In the Terai on the out-division called Moonee.
K K has a page under his own name in Correspondents where some of his writings are shown

 E-Mail is  kkmehra51@gmail.com


Rajan & Shalini Mehra

Nudwa Tea Estate, Dibrugarh 


Dacre & Janet Mogg



Aloke Mookerjee

Landed on Tuesday the 7th May, 1963 at Grassmore Airfield, Nagrakata, Dooars and joined Nagrakata Tea Estate at that time with the King William House Group managed by Gillanders Arbuthnot. Later to Ghatia Tea Estate in the Nagrakata area and then on to Ghoiraliie and Borjuli Tea Estate in the Thakurbari District of North Bank, Assam. Left Borjuli in 1981and went to Papua New Guinea. Was there for 7 years in the Western Highlands and Eastern Highlands. Now living in Gurgaon and have my own factory in Faridabad. Would love to catch up with old mates over a beer or two!   

August 20 2009


I was in Assam from 1958 to 1967 with the Assam Frontier Tea Co. I have many happy memories of those days and would love to catch up with colleagues and friends 

My Address is:

57 The Weir, Castlecomer Road; Kilkenny, Ireland

 and my e-mail is


January 14 2012_

Bob Muir

  Bob tells us he  was employed by The Burmah Oil Company and posted first to India to work for The Assam Oil Company in Digboi from April 1959 until October1966 when he was transferred to Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) in The Burmah Eastern, Chittagong until September 1969 when he transferred back to UK to Ellesmere Port.
During the Assam period I worked in various departments including the Refinery, Fields, a secondment to Oil India (Nahorkatiya), the General Workshops and Marketing (Aviation Department).
In East Pakistan I was Terminal Manager and then Operations Manager.
At Ellesmere Port I was involved in the project setting up the new Fuels Terminal there subsequently becoming Terminal Manager and then Operations Manager, North West.
If any old colleagues wish to get in contact with Bob his e-mail is

Vikram and Gowri Nanjappa

Vikram joined Tea in 1988 - Harrison Malayalams , worked on Arrapetta TE , Achoor TE and Mayfeild TE in the Wynad Dist of Kerala till 1990. In 1991 joined Brooke Bond India Ltd as a Saleroom Trainee , went back to Tea plantations in 1993 this time with Octavius Steel and Co in the Dooars. Worked in Sylee TE , Nya Sylee TE , Dalmore TE and Dalsingpara TE.Was an Assistant Manager and Acting Manager in all of them. Left Tea in 2002. Presently in Bangalore working for Wildlife Conservation.

Vikram Nanjappa

E-mail address    nanjappavikram@yahoo.co.in

April 11 2013
Bhupinder Oberoi

Bhupinder Oberoi would like to get in touch with other Koi Hai members and old friends
He was commissioned in the Armoured Corps in 1970. and served till 1975 .

Bhupinder  joined Duncan Brothers later Goodrick group .in 1975 .
He served in Kumargram ,Orangajuli, Nonaipara, Jiti ,Gandrapara .
He also worked in Jokai ,Kolamiri Assambrook ,Tinkharia ,Dhullie

Bhupinder and his lady wife are now settled in Chandigarh .

Postal Address B S Oberoi, House no 90 ,Sector 27/A,Chandigarh 160019

Email / bhupioberoi@hotmail.com /Tel no 9781328684/land line 0172/2650599.

Narendra Pal

Ex Tea Planter work 25 years 1961 to 1986 with Andrew Yule,  Glilanders,  Octavious Steel  and Jalan Industry 
1990  move to USA and taken profession from  tea to Oil Industry 

Working as Senior Excutive Sales for the past 15 years 

Now  a permanent resident at  Houston Texas with Wife Aruna and Daughter Anandita.

E-mail   npal637@yahoo.com


Roopy Patney

1967 - 1990 Jokai ( Assam) Tea Co Ltd
India Ltd ( Balmer Lawrie)

Daisajan, Tippuk, Hukanpukri Tea Estates
Dejoo, Koilamari Tea Estates ( North Lakhimpur)
Hattialli, Singlijan, Dikom Tea Estate

Doom - Dooma,Panitola, North Lakhimpur Planters Club
& Dibrugarh & District Planters Club

Employed by Jalan Tea Group Of Industries since 1990 and based in
New - Delhi


October 14 2010   Ken and Paddy Pearson

Ken and Paddy Pearson, late of DoomDooma and other parts of Assam.   Ken was with the Assam Frontier and Paddy's father, John Collins, and grandfather, G.E. Collins, were Jokai (as was Paddy's first husband, Mike Blakeway)
Their e-mail address is paddy.pspk@virgin.net

Sandy Pearson

My service in India and Sylhet with Duncan Brothers stretched from 1952 until the end of 1971 with a 2 year break from 1968 to 1970.
Service ---AMO Madapore,  Patrakhola, Chatlapore,  Doloo, Killcott,  Carron, Pathurjhora,  and Garganda,  finishing up on Karimpore.


Vic Pearson

Williamson Magor's Estates in the Tingri District of Assam
Now residing in Perth Western, Australia

Derek Perry and Bev

Andrew Yules 1954 to 1962. Karballa, Banarhat,and New Dooars T.E's, Binnaguri Club. Khowang, Basmatia, and Desam T.E's Assam , Clubs, Moran, Dibrugarh and Naharkathia. Two U.K. leaves, second time, fell in love, married a lady from Hagley Worcs. Came back to Desam (Acting) with memsahib 1962, daughter Diane born in the Welsh Mission Hospital Shillong, coinciding with the arrival of Chinese on the Assam border. This was like deja vau from earlier experience with Jap invaders, decided to quit.
Lived in Knowle Dorridge, Warwickshire, later Norwich , Norfolk . Worked for Midland Bank (now HSBC)  Son David born 1964.  Sadly, marriage became "toot gia".  Next stop Auckland NZ 1973 to 1997. Met and married the lovely Bev, a Kiwi lady from Christchurch of Scottish stock, who rescued me from a dissolute life of Riley. (I was forgetting to heed Chaterjee Babu advice)  Now happily retired in Queensland , a little place called Witta, in hilly hinterland country close to the small township of Maleny where down the hill is the wonderful Sunshine coast.  Presently doing the mali work on an acre and a half, involved with Church and social work and dabbling a little with the written word.

Kalyan and Bontee Phukan

joined Octavious Steel & Company in 1972 and retired in 2006. Served in
Naharkatia, Sibsagar, Golaghat , Karimgunj and Cachar districts of Assam.
Presently associated with Paramount Tea Marketing (P) Ltd at Guwahati.
E-mail id is


Jim and Nancy Pinto

    Jim PINTO was in Assam in the late 50s, worked for McLeods Tea Co, Teloijan TE Moran Dist. and Dejoo Valley TE Nowgon Dist.  He transferred to Gillanders Arbuthnot, Kingwilliam Hse Group of Tea Cos., in 1960.  In 1962 he married Nancy nee Loader in St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Middleton Row, Calcutta.Jim & Nancy lived in the Dooars, first at Tasati TE Birpara Dist then at Beniguri TE,  In the latter years at Boghatput and Grassmore TEs, Nagrakatta District.  They had two children - a daughter called Jackie and a son called Stephen.  Four of them immigrated to the UK in Nov 1967.  Jim worked as an Asst Engineer for a few months for the Nat.Health in a Hosp at Tooting Beck.  He then worked for Thames Water as a Shift Engineer for 27years and took early retirement in 1995.  They now live in Stanford-Le-H ope,Essex. They would love to hear from anyone  who knew them.  Thank you for your co-operation.  Jim & Nancy.


Bob and Dorothy Powell Jones

Assam 1963 --1982
Latterly Manager Dehing T.E. of the Makum/Namdang Group
Bob and Dorothy live in Shillong, and visit the UK on occasions to see relatives and friends


Jasbir was with Tata Finlay Ltd/ Tata Tea Ltds/Tata Coffee Ltd serving on estates in Assam/Dooars/Kerala/Coorg from 19.10.1977  to 31.10.2008

on the following estates from 1977 to 2008

Assam: Borhat, Kellyden, Kakajan/Bhelaguri, Lattakoojan, Hattigor, Lamabari, Chubwa, Achabam, and Nonoi   Western Dooars: Dam Dim and Nowera Nuddy   Munnar (Kerala): Nullatanni, Vagavurrai, and Pullivasal   Coorg (Karnataka): Glenlorna Tea Estate   After 31 years as a Tea Planter, I quit Tea and joined Pernod Ricard India  (http://pernod-ricard-india.com/ ) in November 2008 at their Gurgaon corporate office in the National Capital Region (NCR), outside New Delhi.   Would be great to reconnect with former colleagues and friends from Tea.  Warm Regards,   JASBIR S. RANDHAWA

   Bibek & Runu Ray-Chaudhuri
  Joined as an Assistant at Sathkyah (Dooars) under Chulsa Tea Co (Superintendency : Goodricke Group) in 1958. Sathkyah factory got burnt in 1966 and it has since been an outgarden od Aibheel, under present Goodricke Group Ltd. Became permanent Manager at Danguajhar(Dooars) in 1959 - was in Lahipara and Sankos, both in the Dooars, before leaving the estates in 1982. I have been  residing at Kolkata since , attached to Jorehaut Group Ltd ( erswhile Jorehout Tea Co ) as Technical Advisor. Cinnamara Office  (located in the bunglow of PA to the Suptd ) alongwith couple of other bungalows are still in existence. I  visit Assam fairly regularly.


George and Diana Richmond

Joined Scottish Assam under the late Oliver Caruthers. Was in the Terai from 1965 till early 1969 at Pahargoomiah, together with the late Hugh McLeod,  Acted in Moraghat and Nangdala in the Dooars. Transferred back to Assam confirmed as Manager at Nudwa and my last posting being Manager of Dinjan Co.-Got sold and I left Tea. Now settled in Shillong

Roberson D.Clive.
Assam Doors 1956 - 1983 with Jardine Henderson/Mcleod Russell.
Assistant at Monabarie, Bhatpara, Tarajulie and Moortee/Matelli. 
Manager at Bhatpara, Tarajulie and Monabarie.  1983 joined Bangladesh Tea Rehabilitation Project. Left in 1987 as Team Leader to oversee the Project from
Director with Duncan McNeill and VA for the Assam Co..
Managing Director DMConsultancy to 1993. 1993-2002 consultant to Lawrie Plantation Services and Duncan Brothers Bangladesh.
Now happily retired with Caroline (Eastment).

Jimmy Robinson

Born in Assam in 1957, son of Robbie and Jill Robinson and brother of Myles and Minette. We were in Assam till 1976 on the following tea estates: Mankota, Sessa, Jaipur, Borpatra and Panitola. 


Richard A Rogers

Child of the Dooars  1938-45, son of Bill "Doc" Rogers, Binnaguri,
1956 to 1965 tea planter in Tanganyika with Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation
(South India) on Herkulu and Marvera Estates, Usambara Mountains, Tanga
Decolonialised in 1965 and settled to a banking/insurance/investment
existence until retirement in 1990.



1996-2001 (Duncans - Dooars ) 

Estates served on

Birpara Tea Garden
Kilcott Tea Garden
Dimdima Tea Garden

Presently working in a green collar job in Toronto , Canada
Would love to hear from anyone in the Tea Industry. 
He has two e-mail addresses

sanjibray@canada.com  and  urbangreen@canada.com

 Holly Scallon

Sylhet, Dooars, North and South banks of Assam
1946 - 1974


James Scott 

Joined the Lungla (Sylhet) Tea Company on 15 August 1958 at Shumshernugger Tea Estate, the then manager was E.W Bishop.

James also worked on the Lungla and Etah Tea Estates with Ivan Forrest and Tom Boyd. James was married in the Managers Bunglalow on 22 October 1960 .

James wouild be pleased to hear from any ex-planters who were there at that time

E-Mail ( jamesscott988@btinternet.com )



 Shukla Sen

Shukla Sen  is the widow of Gautam Sen who worked for James Finlay and
Tata Tea and served on Nahortoli , Powai , Hathikuli , Hattigor , Majuli , Namrup ,
Chubwa , and Kakajan Tea Estates from 1959 to 1988
Shukla would like to keep in touch with old friends.
Her Address is: 85, Moore Avenue ,P.O.Regent Park , Kolkata 700 040
and her phones are Landline 2411 0362 Mobile 9830926071 
Her e-maill is

November 13 2010
Ganesh Sharma

I have been working in Tea since 1992 as Assistant Manager and Manager and have worked in

It would be glad to interact with planters of Assam.
My email address is  planter_g.sharma@rediffmail.com
Phone no. : 9957172149, 9954306265.

Dennis & Fairlie Sharp

With Octavius Steel & Co. from 1958  to 1971
Rungajaun T E 1958-65
Woka T E 1965-68
Marangi T E 1968-71
Golaghat & Guriajaun


Venk Shenoi

email     venk.shenoi@gmail.com

Joined Dooars Tea Co in 1962 - Nagrakata and Grassmore. Left 1965, subsequently sales engineer for Tractors India Calcutta until 1966.

UK electricity industry from 1966 to 1992 including international consultancy assignments for British Electricity International. Independent power project consultant since leaving National Power in 1992.

Now living in the Forest of Dean Gloucestershire and district councillor since 2003 and active in the local community. Venk  would love to hear from anyone from the good old days of Tea." 

Peter Shortt

Jorehaut Tea company  1952-1970
Uganda tea  1971
Kenya Tea  1972-1974

Telephone 01242 604336, Fax 01242 604700
Mobile  07798 848485

Financial Consultant   http://www.dcseurope.com/

New Meadow House, Winchcombe,
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire  GL54 5BA
Regretfully Peter died in July 2009


Dick and Dolly Simpson

Agency -Duncan Brothers &Co
Joined --May 1956  Left  May 1973

Tea Gardens:   Garganda, Sankos, Lankapara, Killcott, Leesh River, Nonipara, Orangajuli, Ledo.


Gordon & Yfke Simpson

with Williamson Magor from January 1950 to April 1982

Estates : Attreekhat,Borengajuli, Paneery, Seconee,Koomsong

Bangladesh Tea Rehabilitation Project 1983 to 1986 (Duncan MacNeill)

Mauritius Tea Factories 1988

Lyons Tetley International in Turkey 1990 - 1992


Guman Singh

Pradhuman Singh the son of Guman Singh tells us :


His father Guman Singh joined Jorehaut Tea Company in 1956 and was Assistant in Kharikhatia, Sycotta, Borsapori, has great Managers as Pat Livingston, Peter Cruden, John Ham and then acted at Hatimara and Kharikhatia for Joscelyn Rigby and Pat Russel. Got his first billet in 1969 Deepling, then moved to Langharjan, Numalighar and was finally transferred to Borbam (Amgoorie India) from where he retired in 1984. Were members of Jorhat, Mariani, Dhunseri, Tingrai, Sonari And Seleng Clubs. Played and won the Roberts Cup in Polo and the great team of Abhay Singh, Pat Russel, Cetin Davies and Guman Singh Presently leading a retired life with my mum (Pushpa) in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. his email id : Guman@pickofindia.com
Dad's elder brother Jagat Singh was also in tea with Williamson Magor group in Mangaldai, Thakurbari, Moran and finally in Romai, Dibrugarh District. He passed away in 2002 after a brief illness.


Hardev Singh

Joined Warren Tea Group in 1962 at Dekhari. Left Assam in 1992. 

During this period worked in Thowra, Deohall, Hatimara, Sealkotee, Duamara, Tara. 

After 1992 worked on tea plantations in Vietnam and Georgia(CIS). 
Now staying in New Delhi.

E-Mail address is

Sanjiv Singh

This is an update of Sanjiv's situation today September 13 2010

I joined tea in 1985 at Sessa - North Bank then worked in Borjuli,
Ghoirallie and moved back to Sessa. I was Acting Manager in Ghoirallie,
Dhulapadung and Sessa. Left tea in 1994. I now manage a social
risk management and human rights consulting business in Dubai,
been here 12 years. I would love to hear from old friends. Dubai
happens to be an the travel path of several people travelling
between the sub continent and the far east to the west and vice
versa. I would love to hear from old friends or anyone else from tea.
 Please do write to me and let me know because I travel a bit and
will make myself available if someone is passing by or visiting. My
email address is   sanjivsingh1@gmail.com
and my mobile number is +971 50 652 3156.

Dr Sukbir Singh
I joined the Tea Industry in Assam as a Physician after my MBBS from Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh. After a short tenure at Mothola Tea Estate (which is probably washed out by the Bramputra river now), I joined Dejoo Tea Estate in North Lakhimpur in 1979 and served there for approx ten years.
Presently, I live in Houston and would like to hear from Ex planters from North bank.  
My e-mail address is



Matt and Glennie Summors

(nee Millar ex Dr Graham's Homes)

Duncan Brothers(1962-1970)

Estates  Gandrapara,Nonaipara,Lankapara, Garganda and Kumargram


Jim Thomas

1955 - 61 Planter in Assam (Andrew Yule)
mainly NAHARKUTIA/MORAN Districts

1961 - 1963 Head Office in Calcutta
1987 - 1991 Man Dir Assam Co. in Calcutta


John Thyne

Arrived Bombay RMS Circassia Jan 1957 with Balmer Lawrie

Muttock, Bokel, Panitola, and finally Harmutty until 1966


 Jeff Tikari

Joined tea in 1959 - Bhogotpur T.E.(Gillanders Arbuthnot -sterling group- Dooars Tea Co. Ltd.). Tezpur (Empire of India & Ceylon); finally Jorhat/Sonari: Napuk T.E.; Muthrapore T.E.; Jaboka T.E.(Singlo Tea Co) To Papua New Guinea in 1977, tea/coffee Bunum-wo Plantation - 15 years.  ****************************************

Lue Tripp

Kalchini Tea Estate  Dooars.  Shaw Wallace &Co.- 1964 -1969

Bordubi Tea Estate. Assam. Williamson Magor - 1970 - 1972

Papua New Guinea - 1973 - 1999 - Tea & Coffee

Advisor - P.R.China - 2000 - 2002 - Coffee development project

Would love to hear from old friends and colleagues from the plantation industry.
( Retired and in Action)


Philip Wilson

Doom Dooma
(father was with the Borhat Company mostly at Jamguri )


Alan Wood


         Robin and Anthea Wrangham

They are now resident in Australia

Hamish Young


Duncan Brothers  1960-1967     Gardens;  Kumargram  and Orangajuli.   ?
Now living in Methven, Perthshire


 E-mail    hamishyoung906@btinternet.com


Asad & Amy Yousuf

Worked from 1961-1993; Retired as Superintendent

Inschape Group/Macneill & Barry - Dinjan, Maijan,
Hazelbank, Kondoli, Bhooteachang, Nangdala, Binaguri,
Moraghat, Thanai, Monkhoosi, Loongsoong, Nudwa.

Williamson Magor - Mahakali, Bukhial, Attareekhat,

Ali and Shireen Zaman

Joined Williamson Magor's in 1963 retired 1997

Served in the following districts

Mangaldai, Doom Dooma, Tingri, Bishnauth, and Margherita


 If you would like to have your details  published please e-mail your details to editorkoihai@aol.com