Woollett Family

July 8 2008
Thanks to Annie Flello the daughter of  Leslie and Kay Woollett of Bamon Pookrie--here is a family history of that time told in pictures. Annie has collected these old photos and has allowed us to share. 

The photos were converted from slide photography mainly taken by the late  Pat Martin who was the Burra Sahib of BamonPookrie

The first section relates to the Bungalows and are followed by pictures of The Flowers, The Garden & Camping , Local pictures of Nazira in the 50's/60's, and the sea liner trip to UK. 

We are deeply indebted to John Lampitt who has come forward with some  identities and descriptions of this collection of Photographs--thank you John.

Hopefully some other good people will help us add to the memory bank

To see the pictures Please click on the sections below  


Bungalow Pictures


Garden & Camping Pictures

Nazira Local Pics

Ship Trip

Unfortunately memories of who exactly the people in the photos are have dimmed. It would be much appreciated if you can help and recognise anyone not named if you could let either Ann Flello Ann2607@aol.com  or me at Editorkoihai@aol.com

The photos are numbered and if you would kindly quote the number I would be delighted--thank you --

I think the photos which are 50 plus years old are remarkable in quality having been converted by Ann from slides so that we could enjoy the scenes  We are very grateful to Ann for allowing us to share her story