Peter " Smudge Smith

Smudge Smith

November 3 2009

"This is a tribute to Peter 'Smudge' Smith which was compiled by Larry Brown, Peter Bartlett,  Smudges friends and family who got together to record this tribute to Smudge"  No editing has been done as this is their story.

Peter " Smudge Smith

Smudge gives a welcome to his loved ones: Miranda,Heather,John and Victoria-and to all  his friends.  

To many of us, Smudge was the Elder Statesman of the true ‘koihais’ and it has been a privilege to know him.

Prior to his sad demise, Smudge was asked to share some of his memories and he readily agreed to this.  He recorded some stories and allowed access to his photo albums. The transcriptions of the audio tapes will miss some of the enjoyment that Smudge obviously derived in the telling of them and he frequently chuckled, laughed out loud or had serious moments as he transported his mind back to his early times as a young assistant and later as a manager. It is with fondness that he talks of his friends and of their various escapades. Smudge and his friends were often referred to as “The Wild Bunch” or “The Rebel Group” as they not only enjoyed life to the full but they refused to conform with many of the ancient ‘dustoors’ put in place by a few pompous and cantankerous old colonial ‘Bara Sahibs.

The ‘Wild Bunch’ although frowned upon by some, did many good deeds in the area and within the community. Their expertise and enthusiasm was also invaluable in helping ensure the success of Club Socials, Meets and Sports functions. Their non-conformist ways meant a closer bonding with their garden labour and implementing schemes to improve their lot.

 The last tape recording ends with “I will record some more stories later”  Sadly, this was not to be as his time was cut short.

Click on each of the following to read more about his life and enjoy his pictures.  They are in Adobe Acrobat format so you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Early Life and RAF


After Demob & Tea stories

Collection of Photographs


From Smudge: family albums

More photos


From the Assam London Dinner 1953 to the final page “only a select Few”