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 June 15 2010

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About a year ago Derek Perry heard of the existence of this Yule History publication and sought Ali Zaman's assistance to get a copy. It arrived and  we are indebted to Ronnie  K. Babaycon  the Chief Executive of the Tea Division of Andrew Yule for his kindness in sending this wonderful story of this great Yule enterprise and also giving  his permission for publication on the koi-hai web site.
In the Foreward by the Chairman Sujit Chakravorti he gives thanks to Sujoy Gupta, the well known writer and editor who compiled and updated the book in1997

Below is the result of Derek and Ali's work

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This is dedicated to the Andrew Yule Company

April 12 2011

Click here to read A True Story of Wit by an Andrew Yule man with a great sense of humour
This story makes reference to Jaggery and for those who cannot remember what it is>>>
jaggery= coarse dark brown sugar made in India from palm sap, locally termed gur


June 6 2007
Roger Pal who is now domiciled in the USA kindly sent the photo below on May 8 2007.
This started a search by the Editor for other AY pictures. Derek Perry has kindly obliged
and sent some on his return to his home after his US visit during which he spoke with
Roger about old times

Andrew Yule Annual Cocktail 1957
The get together of AY personnel in order to meet our then Calcutta No.1, Hugh
Hammond and his wife Trixie and daughter.
Held at the Dooars Superintendent
Harry Smith's Burra Bungalow.

Pic 1. Left b'ground group. Joan Halnan, Jan Truss, George Dorward
Right b'ground group Harry Smith, Tim Rowell, Alan Gordon, Chris Tidd,
Ginger Truss.

Foreground. John Waters, Edna Smith, Gentleman's back, Bob Struthers,
Mike Prosser, Gerry Halnan

L to R Jan Truss, Joan Halnan, Trixie Hammond, Derek Perry with camera,
John Waters, Edna Smith,

Rt Foreground--Gentleman's back unknown, Bob Struthers, Mike Prosser,
Ginger Truss, Gerry Halnan,

Right background group --Miss Hammond , Jean Gordon
Alan Gordon, George Dorward

L to R. Ladies Group. Trixie Hammond, Miss Hammond, Jean Gordon.

Pic 4. L to R. John Waters and Joan Halnan
Pic 5. L to R. Pat Waters, Gerry Halnan, Jan Truss.

L to R. Mike Prosser, Hugh Hammond (A Y CalcuttaNo.1),Jan Truss,
behind Pat Waters, Gerry Halnan, Ginger Truss, Tim Rowell

The first batch of three Indian Assistants recruited by
Andrew Yules in 1956, L-R. Bhushan Arora, Anil Kumar Choudhrey,
visitor, Surendra Bhasin. They were good friends and great
gentleman." comment from Derek Perry


Email from Roger Pal May 07-which started it all--
"I received photo from Margie Roberts UK yesterday which was taken
at Karballa T.E. Dooars taken in 1962 at Andrew Yule group engineer
Dudley Roberts bungalow ".

Sitting on Right-to left Martin Hall, Vinod Bogra, Margie Roberts ,
Dudley Roberts, and Narendra Pal (all are from Andrew Yule).
Sadly Dudley Roberts died in 1992


The photographs below were taken at the 1958 event for our Dooars
planters to meet the new Calcutta No. 1 Grahame Oldham, 1958

This photo above has been divided into two parts to allow easier recognition see below.

Names L to R-- Bob Struthers, Not Known, Edna Smith, Graham Oldham,
Tiger Tim Rowell, 'Don Juan'Sheikhawat

L to R --Harry Smith, Gerry Halnan, Paul Christie, Alan Gordon, Jean Gordon,
Surendra Bhasin, Ian McDonald (lady behind unknown) Jennifer Christie in foreground

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