Assam Company India Ltd

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For more than a decade and the company is now set to bring foreign Direct Investment to strengthen his hand in terms of Infrastructure, Technology and Finance so that more successful exploration can be undertaken. Vision and mission of the company under the leadership of the chairman can be enunciated as

  • Continue maintaining as one of the leading producers of the most exquisite high quality premium tea
  • Continue exploring the vast discovered oilfields in Assam and Bay of Bengal basin
  • Be a tool for enhancing India's GDP by employing over 32,000 people with well laid out infrastructure, duly supported by planned social welfare 'activities
  • Operate an established R&D division doing extensive research in the Biotech field
  • Advance further with the in-house Technical Group in the fields of Geology, Geophysics, and Petroleum & Reservoir engineering
  • Experienced International Management Team
  • Having more technical collaboration with the organizations abroad, for the earning of the nation and the collaborator
  • High working interest with operatorship
  • Low downside risk
  • High upside potential in the diversified field specially in Hydrocarbon and Biotechnology
  • To bring more FDI for the growth and prospect of the nation.
  • To reach the targeted audience who would be briefed about the topography, demography and prospect of oil and natural gas in India.