James Warren Tea Ltd

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The company traces its legacy back to James Warren who planted his first tea estate near Dibrugarh in 1850. Properties have been added subsequently and Warren Tea Limited was acquired by Govind Ruia, a prominent businessman from Manchester (UK) in 1983. We have recently demerged 7 high quality estates into James Warren Tea Limited.

All our estates are located in the high quality belt of the South Bank in Upper Assam.

We are a family of approximately 9, 500 employees and are spread over 4,000 hectares of land. Our estates have the ability to produce CTC and Orthodox teas and our teas are enjoyed in India and across the globe.

Our estates are renowned for having the best quality of plants which we continually strive to improve by cultivating clones in our own nurseries. All our tea is carefully hand plucked and this coupled with our state of the art factories leads to an optimum level of customer satisfaction. All estates adhere to the strictest of EU MRL and food safety norms and are HACCP and Ethical Trade Partnership certified. Before offering any tea to our customers, our passionate tea tasters with decades of experience monitor the quality of each cup to make sure it matches the standards we expect.