NBMR Journal 1941-47


                       THE NORTH BENGAL MOUNTED RIFLES

Auxiliary Force, India

Formed on August 6th, 1872 as the Northern Volunteer Rifle Corps.

Absorbed the Darjeeling Volunteer Rifle Corps on August 5, 1881

Reorganized February 15, 1899 under the present designation.

Crest - the Bengal Tiger, with motto "FIDELITER'

HQ - Darjeeling, N. Bengal

Honorary Colonel - His Excellency Sir Fredrick Burrows, G.C.I.E.

Governor. of Bengal

Commandant - Lt.-Col R. Moss E.D. A.D.C.

Composition - Regimental Headquarters

                     2 Squadrons Cavalry

                     1 Squadron (4) Motor Troops

                     4 Platoons Cadets

Uniform - Khaki, Mess Dress - Blue with white facing

Regimental Sports colours - Dark green with thin, double-white stripes.

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