Dick Barton


May 22 2005

Dick and Clare Barton visited Assam in November 2004 in order to celebrate his 80th birthday. Dick tells us they had a wonderful visit and were treated royally for the occasion by all the wonderful people they met.

Dick was born in Assam in 1924 on  Kutchujan T.E. which was an out garden of Hukanpukri T.E. - all were Jokai gardens

Dick  returned to England in 1931.. and since then had never been back until this visit in 2004

Dick is sharing some of the photographs he took during his visit and they give us a very interesting view of Upper Assam today--Thank you Dick



The 80th Birthday boy Dick Barton at Mancotta



Dick Barton enjoying breakfast at the Mancotta Bungalow

Clare Barton also enjoying breakfast at the Mancotta Bungalow

The Visitors Book at Mancotta

The wonderful dancing show at Kutchujan.  The dancers greeted Dick and Clare  the evening we arrived.  Dick tells us: It was a local troupe and the dance was - I think - a festival of Spring, but I'm  not too  sure.  At the end we all kneeled down for a blessing including Mark SLIM and his companions.

Another view of the dancers at Kutchujan.

Dick, Himself in Tea

The Train 

Zaloni Golf Club

The Entrance to Zaloni Golf Course
Established 1960

The 19th hole

Bell Temple

The Mancotta Bungalow

Buddhist Temple

another view of Buddhist Temple

Old Book

More  views of Old books


Buddhist Tomb

Panitola Station


InterCity Express

Digboi Cemetery

a Memorial  Stone to a member of 
Queen Alexandra's Indian
Military Nursing Service

Panitola Station

Panitola Hospital

Dick Barton at the Panitola bungalow

Panitola Bungalow entry

Bungalow Verandah

Bungalow Dining Table

Clare and Mickey

Clare & Dick Barton enjoying it all

The Superintendents Office

Clare with some unprocessed Tea

Fermenting Room 

Coat of Arms

At the Club Bar

Panitola Club Tennis Courts

Panitola Cricket Field with a game in progress