Dick Barton - Childhood Pics

January 18 2012

The Time of Dick Barton's childhood the 1920's

Young Dick Barton who celebrated his 80th birthday in Assam in 2004
has found quite a number of photographs of life as it was in the 1920's
he having been born in 1924 and remained in Assam until 1931 when
he left
for school in England and did not return until 2004

The photographs shown below are from Dicks old album and the
subjects have been individualised and enlarged to allow folks to see
the photos. It is interesting to see the clothes the adults are wearing
and in the group pictures the childrens attire is different from today
All the photographs were taken in the 1920's and it is quite amazing
that the quality is so good after nearly 90 years

Thank you Dick for sharing these with us

Vintage shots of a bygone Era


1 Car & Parents--Note Spledid Car Hooter

2 Dining Room All prepared for the burra khana

3 Drawing Room--Goul Kamara with ginormous "Humpty"

4 Parents

5 Hughes--Tea Planter with battered Topee

6 Cook Chota Sahib ready for Morning Kamjari

7 Dr Goldie Plus a bunch of happy planters

8 Cow

9 Tea Times--sumptious tea party with memsahibs wearing tea cosys

10 Dr Goldie, Mother (Mrs M E Barton) A C Cook, E P Rouse

11 Tree holds Mr Cook, E P Rouse,A N Barton & Dr Goldie

14 Father (A N Barton) Sir H Carr, Mr Moore, Mr Cook, a group of Pukka Sahibs

16 Tea Party Shearer--third memsahib wearing Tea Cosy

18 EP Rouse

19 E P Rouse 1924

20 Dr Goldie

21 Mr and Mrs Fisher

Mr & Mrs Barton & Dog

24 Bearer, Memsahib, and hooter

22 Garden & Horses--Equestrienne Pose

25 Tingri 1926 --All set for the next chukka

26 Mr. McKenzies Shooting Party--Didn't shoot a bloody thing

27 Shooting --Sorry, lost our guns, now up to the dogs

28 Planting

29 Clearing

30 Polo Ponies

31 Pluckers

32 Bombays 1924--Puja time by the Burra Bungalow

33 Mr Barton w/Craven

34 Mr Barton w/Three Castles

35 Mrs Rice on Horseback

36 Mrs Rice & Sgt Major Rice--a secret tryst by banana patch

37 RGB 1925 ANB

38 RGB 1925

39 Peggy & Fred Bebner

40 RBG plus his Mother M B

41 Dick's Father ANB

42 Dick RGB

43 Mother with Camera Kodak ???

43A Mrs Rice & Mother with Dick

44 Mrs Woodward

45 Club Scene

46 Mr & Mrs Woodward

47 C O Foley 1927

48 Gwen and Dr McLaren 1927

49 Mr Proudfoot and Father

50 Another Club Scene

51 -Group in dugout with no paddles-Fishing ANB, Janet, Mr & Mrs Prichard (ICS)

52 -Mr & Mrs H M Prichard--Time for "Chota Pegs"

53 -Hitting the rapids , still with no paddles

54 The Gorge--River scene

55 Women picking young Tea

56 "Smoke gets in your eyes"

57 The most attractive Miss Tea of 1924

58 Borduli Feb 14 1929--A Tea Planters Wedding

59 -Bride and Bridegroom with guests-Mitchell,Davies,Maxwell,Watson,Whagley,BM, Packe, Witham, Corner, Berryman Mount

60 The Three Musketeers

61 - Hooray we found the paddles

62 --. Memsahib with the biggest of family pets

63 --Happy Picnickers

64 --. Now all replete and smiling

65 --. Any one for a dip

66--. Jungle pit stop

67--Pit stop pose, drivers etc

68--. Whose for tennis

69--. Gee up Dobbin

70--. Runner up Miss Assam Tea

71--Coy also runs, Miss Assam Tea 1924