2010 Official Photographs

Here are the photos taken by Mo Hadfield--designated as the Official; Photographer--and we thank her

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Younger Generation


Convener's Speech

Table 3

Stan Melling

Patricia White and Rona Mackie

Rona Mackie, Denys Wild & Janet Mogg

Obvious, Table 2

Mike Graystone & Babs Joshson

Mike Graystone

Mike Graystone, Babs Johnson & Lalli Crow

Michael Ross & Alan Lane

Maxine Humphries

Laurence Ginger & Gerald Halnan

Lalli Crow & Isobel Davies

Kim Hembry & Ian Ross

Kim Kincaid

Kim Hembry

Katie Poole

Judy Ross & David Rushton

Jennie Hinton

Jackie Lane & Michael Rome

Isobel Davies

Ian Leetham & Kathy Courtney

Ian Ross

Holly Scallon

Laurence Ginger

Georgette Gordon-Ham, David & Kim Kincaid


Digby Hembry

Elizabeth Baber & Clive Roberson

Denys Wild, Janet Mogg & Georgette Gordon-Ham

Denys Wild

David Kincaid

Kathy Courtney & Shareen

Ken Baber & Digby Hembry

Alan & Jackie Lane

Adele Fletcher & Bruce Dunlop