2011 More pictures

May 3 2011
The photographs on this page were taken by Georgette Gordon-Ham and we thank her
There are the letters DK where names should be as the Editor could not trecognise
the person  This will be corrected later when I am told

1. John Jinks, Janet Mogg, David & Kim Kincaid, Dacre Mogg and Robert Scallon

2. John Jinks, Janet Mogg, David & Kim Kincaid

3. David & Kim Kincaid, Dacre Mogg, Robert Scallon

4. Mike Courtney, Shelley Clarke, David-Eyton Jones, Kathy Courtney, Ian Leetham and Jill Robinson

5. Michael Ross, Lois Charlier, David Somerville

6. Ros Carswell , Les Carswell, Angela Paterson Betty Mackenzie, Caroline Melling

7. Angela Patterson, Betty Mackenzie, Caroline Melling

8. Pam Peters and Ros Carswell

9. Caroline Melling, Sally Fleming, Tertia Graves

10. Caroline Roberson, Ian Ross, Elizabeth Baber, Clive Roberson, Kim Hembry, Foreground Judy Ross

11. Clive Roberson, Kim Hembry, David Rushton

12. Stephen Brown, Isobel Davies, Ian Burns-Thomson

13. Ian Burns-Thomson, Keith Taylor, Jacqueline Lane

14. Keith Taylor, Jacqueline Lane, Alan Lane, Mike Graystone

15. Cethin Davies, Judy Graystone, Stephen Brown

16. Patricia Todd, Bruce Dunlop (or is it Neil)

17. Sue Paisley, Johnny Paisley, Pam Farbrother

18. Pam Farbrother, Barbra Marshall, Dee Hamilton Jones, Phil Bayley

19. Robin and Maxine Humphries

20. Shareen Courtney, Cathryn Knight, Guy Knight

21. Wendy Knight, Mike Courtney, Shelley Clarke

22. Ian Leetham, Jill Robinson