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September 18 2010

We are very grateful and feel honoured that Robert Pollock has taken the time and
trouble to let us have the photographs shown and especially the top one defined as
the day after the party

 After six months we now have the names of most of those in the above photograph, Mike Clare who was completing a two year  ILO project for the UNDP in Bhutan and Freddie and Liz were their nearest neighbours. Mike has been in touch with me (Editor) and is delighted to help with the identities of those in the photo.

From left back row: Mike Clare, Marigold Wisden,  Val Clare, Helene Pollock, Guy Carlton and one unknown lady on right who thanks to Vivek Arora is identified as Mrs. Janet Johnston.

Seated ;  Freddie and Liz Stroud

Robert Pollock took the picture

Robert tells us:


"These souvenir photographs are precious memories of my introduction to the rather special World of the Terai, and Dooars tea planters. A thoroughly likeable, very hard working and very hard playing set.  I remember the visits more by the hangovers than the journey.

As first secretary in the British Deputy High Commission in Calcutta in 1975, once a year we were invited to address the planters.  I was asked to go and it was an eye opener.  A long drive from Calcutta and a night at a garden in Bagdogra, next morning ,the meeting and my few words were part of it. 

I met there for the first time the inimitable Freddie Stroud who took me under his wing  and we met a large number of the tea community.  Regrettably my memory is not perfect  and it was not helped by the amazing quantity of gin or brandy and hot water that we  consumed and it also seemed to be a very important part of Tea Planting..

We got to know Freddie and Liz quite well over time and were priveleged to be invited to his 25th Wedding anniversary at Chuapara (the photo was taken the day after).  A memorable thrash and it was amazing to see how many friends had come so far to join the party.  Several hundred kilometers, "just a little drive old boy"!!!!!!

For a non tea person, a visit to a garden is wonderful. I like gardening but did not realise the scale of a tea garden and the numbers involved in managing and harvesting the crop.  After the chaos and noise of Calcutta; the peace and quiet of the acres of tea bushes and their shade trees is very relaxing and unforgettable.
The hosptiality is unbeatable and the stories got better and better.

I think I am very lucky to have seen the gardens at a time when "work hard, play hard" was the rule.  I hope it still is to-day." 

Freddie Stroud died on 1st July 2005. After war service with the 1st PunjabRegiment he came to Tea in 1947 and was a popular and always cheerful member of the Tea Community both in Assam and the Dooars. During the last years ofhis career in Tea he became Dooars Visiting Agent for Jardine Henderson based at Chuapara T.E.  Freddie was also the proud holder of the OBE. Freddie's wife pre deceased him - there were no children Freddie's Obituary was published in the Burma Star Association  ,"Major F.H.Stroud OBE; 1st Punjab Regiment, Romney Marsh.".

 The Editor would be very grateful if anyone recognizes any one in the photos would
they kindly tell the Editor  

I am fully aware that at least 35 years have passed since Robert's visit to Chuapara
-Thank you ---Editor


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