Miller Family

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December 22 2013


 The Editor has had a note from Charles Miller who is the eldest of four brothers whose parents were with the Chulsa Company in the Dooars but left in 1950 as hIs father, on Doctors advice, had to return to Scotland as he had just survived a normally fatal Blackwater Fever for the second time

The family consists of

FATHER;   John Irvine Miller  Same family as famous "Bruce Millers" music shop in Union Street, Aberdeeen.  (Alas, after trading for over 100 years the business closed  in 2010, falling victim when the recession and Internet combined.)

MOTHER:  Rose henderson Miller, (nee Moir) born in nearby Turriff. her family moved to Hammerfield AvenueAberdeen where her mother taught Braille to the Blind.

ME:   I am Charles Alexander Miller born 18/11/39 in Great Eden Hospital  Calcutta (although our home was Samsing)
My India-born younger brothers , all born in Mount Herman Hospital Darjeeling are:

MARCUS Hay  Miller; now Professor of Economics at WarwickUniversity

COLIN Henderson Miller  Retired

TIMOTHY Miller; a babe in arms when the family left India , he has no memories of life in India from that period.

Our parents died some years ago

I have worked in India since, at the Indian Government's Security Mill (Currency paper) in Hoshangabed, Madhya Pradesh and more recently (I am noew in the oil industry) at Dehra Dun and Mumbai

Although I remain in contact with today's India , I would welcome contact from those who shared the British period , particularly if they were in Assam or Darjeeling or in or near Hoshangabed, and Bhopal MP
Anyone wishing to make contact with Charles his e-mail is