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September 27 2015

We have some new memories from the Gillanders Arbuthnot Company kindly supplied by Larry Brown and Rony Das  


The story of Gillanders Arbuthnot

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Calcutta has been built up by British Commerceand is the marvelous story of the growth of the Commercial capital of India the annals ofThe house of Gillanders Arbuthnot must alwaysHold a prominent place


The firm of Gillander, Arbuthnot & Co is the oldest of the mercantile houses of Calcutta. The foundation of the firm can be traced to 1819 when F.M. Gillanders arrived from England and established himself as a merchant in Calcutta.  Perhaps the most interesting question which arises in the early history of the firm is that of relations between Sir John Gladstone, the father of the famous statesman and four times Prime Minister of England between 1868 and 1894 and the venture initiated by F.M. Gillanders.  Sir John Gladstone was a prominent Liverpool merchant and shipper and it was in his office that F.M. Gillanders began his commercial career.  Sir John Gladstone financed Gillanders at the outset.  But the direct connection between Sir John Gladstone and the Calcutta House was strengthened only when his nephew Thomas Ogilvy joined F. M. Gillanders in business.


 It will thus be seen that the business which afterwards developed into Gillanders Arbuthnot was founded by F.M. Gillanders under the patronage, as it were, of Sir John Gladstone:  but the firm probably owes its existence to Thomas Ogilvy who always claimed to have been its founder.  It was in 1831 that G.C. Arbuthnot came into the firm but the style of Gillanders Arbuthnot & Company was not adopted until 1833.


The firm has been singularly fortunate in the succession of able men who have directed its affairs, and whose sagacity either widened the scope of its activities or saw the firm safely through the crisis to which business in Calcutta has been exposed.

 May 2010

Jutlibari is a garden of the Gillanders Group.  Alison Ross-Dow's Great Grandfather Charles Ramage Blake opened the original garden and she has a blog spot so that she can keep up to date on what is happening at Jutlibari
Please click to go to her spot to learn about Jutlibari today --Thanks to Alison

July 15 2006
This interesting story of Gillanders Arbuthnot and it's Tea Estates of Today


    Betjan Tea Estate  
Betjan Tea Estate is one of the highly reputed tea estates in Assam and produces superior quality tea adored by tea-lovers across the globe. Betjan, along with its out garden Kharijan, produces the finest quality tea in the region that form the delectable cuppa in many a households. The superiority of Betjan's tea has been acknowledged by Tea Board, the apex body of tea industry in India. Betjan has bagged the coveted Tea Board awards several times till date.

The tea estate is just 2 Km away from the Makum Junction railway station in the Doom Doom circle in Tinsukia district of Assam. In order to further improve the tea yield, older sections of the garden has been replanted with high yielding clones of superior variety in a phased manner. This has resulted in even better quality of tea that the tea-lovers can savour upon. Betjan along with Kharijan yields 1.12 million kgs of tea from a combined area of 662.03 hectares. The tea estate is equipped enough to produce both 100% CTC as well as Orthodox tea. 

Jutlibari Tea Estate

The Jutlibari tea estate has already earned international fame. It has not only bagged the coveted Tea Board awards several times but also the "Arch of Europe Gold Star" awards for excellence in quality at the international level. The estate can produce both CTC and Orthodox varieties of tea. The Orthodox variety is primarily exported to Germany.

Jutlibari is located just 8 Km. From Duliajan in Tingi Circle of Dibrugarh district in Assam. In order to further improve the quality of tea, older sections of the garden have been replaced with high yielding variety of clones. A meticulously planned water management project has kept the water logging level in the tea estate under control. The estate has a total grant area of 707.47 hectares and produces 1.07 million kgs of tea annually. 

Gairkhata Tea Estate

When you enter the Dooars area, Gairkhata tea estate is the first one that you come across. The garden is highly reputed for its superior quality CTC teas. Gairkhata and the adjoining out garden Hindupara produce several varieties of CTC teas. Differing qualities of CTC teas a re blended in varied proportions to arrive at the best mix. The blended tea is sold in 250 gm., 100 gm., and 50 gm. polythene packs under the brand name of "Gillanders Mayur CTC Teas".

Gairkhata is barely 8 Km away from Dhupguri Railway station on National Highway no. 31 in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. Gairkhata along with Hindupura has a grant area of 1070.30 hectares and produces 1.56 million kgs of tea annually. 

Taipoo Tea Estate 

Tea from Taipoo Tea Estate represents the world famous flavour of Darjeeling tea. Taipoo, the century-old estate at the foothills of Darjeeling has lived up to its reputation for so many years. Tea produced from the estate are blended in the right proportions and are sold along with Gairkhata Tea Estate under the brand name of "Gillanders Mayur CTC teas".

Taipoo is located within 10 km. from the Bagdogra airport in the Terai region of Darjeeling district in West Bengal. The estate is located on the riverbank of Tepoo. It has a total grant area of 393.79 hectares and produces 1.13 million kgs. of tea annually.

Golaghat District : Borkatonee, Gorunga   and Dooria Tea Estates

Golaghat district of Assam is a proud host of some of the finest tea estates in India. Notable among them is the trio of Borkatonee, Gorunga and Dooria tea estates. All the three estates are equipped with state-of-the-art tea processing facilities that produces finest quality of tea to refresh your body and soul. Excellence in the qualityof tea produced by these estates, more specifically Dooria, has won consistent accolades throughout the country.

The Borkatonee, Gorunga and Dooria have grant areas of 294 hectares, 251 hectares and 638 hectares respectively. Sonitpur District : Arun and Dherai Tea Estates

Sonitpur District : 
Arun and Dherai Tea Estates

Assam's Sonitpur district hosts some of the most reputed tea estates in the country. Amongst them Arun and Dherai tea estates provide a rare combination of leaf and liquor. The tea produced by these two
estates will give you a refreshing start in the morning and will give you a feeling of rejuvenation in the evening.  

The Arun and Dherai tea estates have grant areas of 342 and 168
hectares respectively.

Product range 
Our product range can satiate anybody's tongue when one extends his/her hand for a refreshing cup of tea. Whether you long for black tea or green tea or packet tea, we have all of them in our kitty. Our tea, when prepared and served hot after a hard day of work, is bound to energise you. 

Black Tea 
Our black tea segment comprises of both CTC and Orthodox teas. The CTC variety consists of tea rich in liquour and unmatched in style. Orthodox tea also has a fair level of acceptance in the market.  Dooria, Gorunga and Arun tea estates are capable of producing this Orthodox variety. 

  Green Tea
Global health awareness has catalysed the consumption of  green tea.  Health-conscious people are getting more and more inclined towards the green variety. We offer you the best quality of green tea produced under strict supervision from our Arun tea estate. The estate has a concentration of young tree bushes that are nourished with the best planting materials. The state-of-the-art tea processing infrastructure at Arun tea estate ensure you healthiness along with  refreshing taste. 

Packet Tea

We bring packet tea to you keeping in mind your varying requirements  and budgets. Finest quality blended teas are available in 250 gms, 100 gms and  50 gms polythene packs. Pick up the one you need and. Your teacup has never got such a better companion! 

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