Siang Tea & Industries (P) Ltd


March 1 2014

The Editor wishes to thank Ashley Larkins, Willie Wood, Mrs Audrey Apang,
Alan Lane, Ali Zaman, and Larry Brown
for all their input to show us the
latest manufacturing technology and the beautiful Himalayan mountain pictures


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Today's Technology

Deki Tea Estate

Magnificient Himalayas

Ashley Larkins tells us:

Here are more pictures of the tea gardens at the foothills of Arunachal with the
Himalaya mountain in the background.  They are from
 our Deki Tea Estate in
Upper Siang District. 
A beautiful area. 210 kilometers distance from Donyi Polo
Tea Estate, up in the mountains.  It take me 10 hours to get there. I visit every
three weeks.
In this estate we make Organic Green Tea and Flavoury Orthodox Tea


March 1 2014

                                    TODAY'S TECHNOLOGY


The twelve photos below show  the automated tea factory at Oyan near Pasighat,
Arunachal. Apart from placing the green tea leaves on the conveyor belts by hands,
nothing else is touched.











March 1 2014

Some more great pictures of the Deki Tea Estate area











February 23 2014

Magnificent Himalayas

The mountain range in the pictures are the lower Himalayas, part of the Hump.
dividing India and China

Doni Polo,  in Arunachal.

Here are some magnificent photographs taken by Frank Ashley Larkins, the
General Manager of the Siang Tea Estate in the Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh

After 5 days of cold wet weather, 18th Feb was a clear day, when I went out to work
at 5:30 am, I saw snow on the mountains . I rushed back to my bungalow picked up
my camera and took a few photographs




The above Photos are from Doni Polo,  in Arunachal. The CEO of the the company,  
comprising of three estates is Mrs Audrey Apang,. daughter of Alan Wood, whom
the Editor had the privilege of meeting in Florida.
The pictures were taken by the General Manager, Ashley  Larkins  instrumental in
turning the properties to leading tea gardens in the north east.