John Clark


August 29 2011


We are indebted to Fiona Scott (nee Clark) for sending us this collection of photos taken by her father John Clark in 1941-42 on the Manipur Road bordering India and Burma.
They are in remarkably good condition considering they were taken 70 years ago
Thank you Fiona

Aug 29 2011

These three photos shows the Terrain through which the Manipur Road was built

Manipiur Road

The top picture shows the landslides

The middle Photo shows the Length

Bottom Photo shows the Terrain

The next three Photos show the Dozers  "going in


Men at work on the Manipur Road

Not sure who the bloke in the bottom photo is but his socks are very distinctive--
it could be Dodd Smith ?

Lastly some good pics of the results


All the above is a tribute to those from the Tea Industry who served in this battle in WWII--thanks to the late John Clark and his daughter Fiona for sharing his memories