Heron History

Nov 2 2015



Captain Reginald Heron, MC


This page allows you to  look into the Heron Family

It has been created by Chris Heron whose father served in the Second World

war and was decorated with the 'Military Cross'. His father remained in tea until

the 1960.
Chris tells us that his father was great golfer, cricketer and tennis

player and played with my mother in many mixed doubles tournaments

successfully. I have a man eating tiger he shot on ourwall today. The

bungalow burnt down in about 1956 and he rebuilt it.

Chris is indebted to his father in law  Ken Whitehouse who created the

web site for Chris  Chris is making plans to visit Assam in early 2016

to read the web site please click   http://www.heronshistory.com/

Chris was born in Jorhat