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Year of borth 1925.

Presently residing (and for ten years to date) in Pacific City, Oregon, on Oregon coast, 100 miles west of Portland;
Mailing address, P.O Box 802, Pacific City, OR 97135.


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Our (my brother and I) tea group consisted  of three companies that shared one office in Eastcheap,  in London  ... the Dooars Tea Company, the Singlo and the Empire. 

Bryan was with the Singlo in Assam, joining  them about two years  before I left tea, which was in 1953.

I chose the Dooars Tea Company. 

I was with the Dooars Tea Company from mid 1947 to  April 1st,  1953, joining them in London, straight out of the RAF (four years, Air Sea Rescue, South East Asia, Indian Ocean islands)  in 1947. 


I worked on three tea estates for my term in the Dooars in Tea  ... Bhogotpore Tea Estate, Ghatia Tea Estate, and Tondoo Tea Estate, the  latter completely  destroyed (and then abandoned)  by flooding  -  the  Jaldaka River, out of Bhutan  - in 1954., a year after I left.


Leaving the Dooars, in April '53.,  I hiked into Nepal and opened up and ran a big game hunting company there for twenty years and then spent another four decades there in other occupations (much of which I think is described in my website) to 2012.,  when I had a last project in the far west Terai, to terminate ten years of wildlife  conservation.

Peter Byrne