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I am looking to promote tours around the history of tea and built heritage of India. With your mentorship, we think we can achieve this objective,  your website is packed with essential information. We would research / develop and operate these tours from United Kingdom.  

We are a fully bonded ATOL & ABTA tour operator. We are based in Harrow -Greater London.

I believe this will be an excellent opportunity for tea lovers to travel to the tea estates and engage with the local communities and help in betterment of their lives.  These initiatives are very much up on the list in the current situation of climate changes etc.  This is also a great opportunity for contributing to family history tourism so that travellers will see what their great grand and grandparent’s contribution has been to India.

I am a member of BACSA & FIBIS.  Over the years we have planned and operated tours under our family history tours profile helping Britons to find their ancestors graves in India and restore them. We have helped many British clients to find birth and death records in various record offices and cemeteries across India.

I have enclosed a document “ India & The British” as a joint initiative with BACSA for your reference.

I saw a mention of Kohima Educational Trust on your website.  We have been working with Kohima Museum York and have been contributing to Kohima Educational Trust for few years now.  I have enclosed a leaflet for your reference.

We have been distributing these leaflets over the past few years to help raise awareness of these wonderful organisations. We can do something similar for KOI-HAI.

We operate a battlefield tour to Kohima and Imphal every year.

I was inspired to work on tours around tea estates by Ceila Brown ( Glenburn Tea Estates) few years back and we have operated tours to North East India.  I have also developed and operated tours to Oxford university and University of Cambridge to visit North East India.

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Indus - leaflet for Kohima Museum