2010 Dornoch


                   The Dornoch Reunion Lunch 

This very enjoyable event was organized by Duncan and Alison
Allan and no fault could be found in the total arrangements-
thank you both for a very successful event.

The editor and his lady had the privilege of attending this reunion
lunch at the Royal Dornoch Golf Club---the meal was absolutely first
class and the menu is shown below with the main course being  a
choice between Breast of Chicken and a Goan Prawn curry.They
obviously employ a very skilled chef as all food served was of the
best quality.

Twenty eight attended and copies of the pages of the menu are
shown below.

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(a salute to the garden labour)

Ek swira, do pat

Kharjan ya Banarhat

Khabisukh,  Khabisukh

Char bagan kamjari 

and for those with memory problems Duncan kindly supplied the translation

(We) pluck two leaves and a bud

on tea gardens (where we work)

sometimes (work) is easy, sometimes hard,

working on tea gardens

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 Unfortunately there are a couple of " Don't Knows" whom I have
 had to show as ?

David Air, John Mackenzie, James Chalmers, Eric Thomson,

Yfke Simpson, Alison Allan, Dont Know

Gordon Simpson, Isobel Miller, Jean Gilcrist, Buddy McDougal

Jean Gilchrist, Buddy McDougal

Gordon Simpson, Hilary Taggart

Roger Swales, Marjorie Swales, Jean Gilchrist

Robin Miller, Isobel Miller, David Air

Eric Thompson, James Chalmers, ? , Betty Mackenzie

Jean Gilchrist, Josie Kilgour, Alison Allan

at tne end of the table nearest Isobel Miller, Robin Miller, David Kilgour, Alison Allan

Left side, Roger Swales, Betty Mackenzie Right side, John Mackenzie

Roger Swales, Betty Mackenzie, Marjorie Swales, John Mackenzie

Top Table Alison Alan, Duncan Allan, Hilary Taggart, Alexandra Thomson

Buddy McDougal ?, ?, ?

Left side Emcee McNie, Josie Kilgour, David Kilgour, Photographer is Yfke Simpson, Gordon Simpson on Right

? Roger Swales, Betty Mackenzie, John Pearson

Yfke Simpson, Cynthia Air

Duncan Allan, Gordon Simpson

Gordon Simpson, David Air

Betty Mackenzie, ?

Duncan Allan, Alison Allan, Alexandra Thomson

?, Betty Mackenzie

Left to Right, Duncan Allan, Alison Allan, Alexandra Thomson

Emcee McNie, Josie Kilgour, David Kilgour, Robin Miller

?, James Chalmers, Eric Thomson

Isobel Miller, Alison Allan, Robin Miller

Don’t Know—Betty Mackenzie

Marjorie and Roger Swales

Buddy McDougal, Jean Gilchrist

Hillary Taggart, Duncan Allan, Gordon Simpson

Jean Gilchrist Josie Kilgour, Alison Allan

Right to Left: Isobel Miller, Robin Miller, David Kilgour, Josie Kilgour, Emcee McNie

John Pearson, Roger Swales

Chairman Duncan giving his welcome address

Cynthia Air, Gordon Simpson, David Air, James McNie