2018 - Bournemouth


Photos from the Event

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3rdKoi Hai Reunion Lunch 2018  : Seating Plan 

Table 1

Robin Humphries (Convenor)

Maxine Humphries

Malcolm Geary


Don Collier, (Its Tea, Main Speaker)

Marc Montgomery

Lesley Montgomery

Table 2

Anita Batten

Jay Atal

Mike Norgrove

Bunti Norgrove

Lakli Shine

Pauline Darby

Babs Johnson

Mary Cherry

Lali Crow

Table 3

Clive Roberson

David Rushton

Ken Baber (2ndSpeaker, His Photographs, recent visit to Assam)

Rod Brown (Short presentation, his book: Tea & Me)

Janita Pointer

Colin Cavers (3rdSpeaker his on going project, The Language of Tea) 

(Tina) Christina Lloyd-Jenkins

Table 4

Jacqualine Patel 

Paul Graves

Tertia Graves

Caroline Morgan

Iain Ross

Judy Ross

Venk Shenoi

Anna Shenoi

Total  number of attendees:  31