2008 Reunion


      September 10 2008

The Reunion took place at Trinity Hall, Aberdeenhome of the Seven Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen on 
August 15 2008


David Kilgour was the prime organiser of the event assisted by his lady, Josie, and others including Gordon Simpson--the event  proved to be a resounding success

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#Chairmans Report---The report by  David Kilgour
#List of Attendees
#Address by Ramesh Jaitly
#Gordon Simpson Speech on how the collection for Cathie Campbell was arranged  
#List of Subscribers to Cathie's presentation 

Pictures from Peter Bartlett
Pictures from Maxine and Robin Humphries
Pictures from Bob Simpson

Pictures from John and Monika Mackenzie

The editor is very grateful for all the help Gordon Simpson gave 
in getting all the names correct for the foregoing photos in order 
that folks around the world could enjoy

#News cutting from Aberdeen paper
Report on the Assam Reunion Held on 15th August 2008
                                  by David Kilgour

The Planters Reunion was held at Trinity Hall home of the Seven
Incorporated Trades in Aberdeen on 15^th August 2008. The reunion
started with coffee being served in the small hall on arrival but two
enterprising Planters managed to enter before 11.00 via the back door!

The reunion attracted many from down South and also a couple from
Ireland. Several had not seen each other for forty years or more. Most
arrived early and enjoyed chatting to each other and catching up on all
the news.

Several groups took advantage of a tour of the building including the
four committee rooms containing collections of historical items many of
which were in display cases.

Pre lunch drinks were then served at 12.30 and just before lunch David
introduced Ramish Jaitly ex ITA who gave a very witty and interesting
address which was appreciated by all. David then proposed a Toast to
Indian Independence Day.

The doors of the main hall were then opened and everyone took their
seats for lunch. A short welcome address was given by David who thanked
everyone for supporting this reunion. All together 113 attended.
Unfortunately the Fosters, Millers, Elliots and Janete Bain could not
make the journey to Aberdeen due to Hospital appointments.

David then introduced Charles Bruce who had kindly come to Aberdeen to
talk to us about the Scottish Heritage Trust of which he is chairman.
Charles Bruce explained that this trust had been set up in May to look
into the negleted state of the Scottish Cemeteries in Kolkata. Charles
said that this had the backing of the Indian and Scottish Governments.
The committee's first project is to restore the six acre Scottish
Cemetery. He also mentioned that at the Kolkata International Book Fair
in January 2009 the organisers have designated Scotland as the theme
country and are planning to hold the world's biggest Burns Night.

Lunch was served and enjoyed by all. There was a short break followed by
coffee. Afterwards David thanked the Trinity Hall staff for the
excellent meal. Gordon Simpson then spoke about the sterling service
Cathy Campbell had provided over 33 years in maintaining the Koi-Hai
Directory. Josie Kilgour presented Cathy with a cheque and a card of
congratulation specially painted for the occasion by Bob Simpson.

Afterwards people started to drift away to catch trains, planes and
buses with the last leaving at 16.30. David's recollections of the
reunion are a bit hazy as he has no idea 6 hours could just disappear in
a flash.

E-mails and letters have been received saying how much everyone
appreciated the reunion and David feels sorry that he was unable to get
round and personally thank everyone for supporting the reunion.


                                  A list of those who attended

   David & Cynthia Air                 Williamson Magors

The  address given by Ramesh Jaitly to those 
attending the lunch

Ladies and Gentlemen

The British officially left India on the 15th August 1947.  The Scots hung on to the Tea Districts for much longer. Much has changed in India since Independence, but one thing has remained constant, the goodwill towards the British.

In some other Commonwealth countries, Zimbabwe for example, intolerance, even hatred appears commonplace, but it has not been so in India.  If anyone here returned to the Garden they were on, I am sure they would be given a tumultuous welcome and I know at least one of you here has.

But other things have changed.  India is fast becoming a financial power.  A country to reckon with in international politics.  Where there were ferries, there are new bridges over the mighty Brahmaputra.  At Goalpara, Gauhati and Silghat for instance.  There is a broad gauge line from Delhi to Dibrugarh.  Gauhati now has flyovers, enormous shopping malls, multi-storied buildings galore and more "Indian made Foreign Liquor Shops" selling Scotch whisky than it has Pan shops.  Every car marque in the world is available.  And just think, even though the Indian voter may be largely illiterate, it recognises bad government and has changed it more than once.

You, during the course of your employment in India have been part of that change and the aches and pains of a country stumbling from foreign rule into independence.  You, along with the Indians have been through the language riots in Assam, the chaos and turmoil of the Chinese invasion of India and the evacuation of Planters; the initial unease with, and eventual acceptance of the emergence of the trade union movement in the Tea Districts, inspite of its militancy and the fact that many suffered physical violence in the Dooars.  Most of you were not there during the terror of ULFA and the Gurkha movement in Darjeeling.  I have almost forgotten the annual terror - Floods.

All of us have been involved with and evolved with change in India.

Tea Planting was never really a job.  It was and is a way of life, the type of which the average person outside this hall cannot possibly imagine.  It was never the best paid of jobs in the world, but many of you would not have changed it had your hand not been forced by the changes in the rate of exchange for instance.

All of you made a positive contribution to change in India in general, and to the Tea Districts in particular, which contribution has never been properly acknowledged.

We were good at everything - work or play.  Can the yobs of today hold a candle to the Goriajan crowd on a "pub crawl".  The difference was that we never harmed anyone.

Please allow me to add my personal thanks to Kathie for her splendid job on the Koi - Hai directory.

May I also propose a toast to the British Tea Planter, and that unsung hero - his long suffering wife - not only the administrator of the bungalow, director of hospitality and confidential secretary but even the driver home.  

Jai Hind.

This is the address given by Gordon Simpson at the lunch

Ladies and Gentlemen

Before I go on to the main reason for standing here I am sure you  will all join me in thanking David Kilgour for arranging this Lunch.  
  Without David, ably assisted by Josie, this gathering would not have happened    He has already mentioned that the final number attending is far greater than at first anticipated and he has coped extremely 
well to accommodate this much larger  group of people.

Some time after the announcement of this event was posted on the "Koi-Hai" website David Air, Editor of the site, who was in the UK for most of the summer, received a call from David Kincaid (yet another David!).   He suggested this would be an appropriate occasion to honour Cathie Campbell for 33 years of dedicated service as Hon. Secretary of the "Koi-Hai" Directory.      David Air ,David Kilgour and  I thought it was an excellent idea and discussed how we could offer as many Koi-Kai members as possible the opportunity to contribute towards a gift without alerting Cathie, --- yes Cathie we were conniving behind you back to give you a surprise.   We considered asking you for your mailing list but thought you might realise something was going on so gave up the idea. 

 A decision was then taken to use the names in the Directory .   David  Air and I  arranged two teams of helpers  consisting of:- Peter Bartlett, Colin Jackson, Cethin Davies, Alan Lane , John Gill, Margaret Donald, Jennifer Dunn and Jean Campbell .    Josie Kilgour  volunteered to be the Banker   We first scrutinized the pages and eliminated those we knew  were no longer with us and then contacted the others.   This produced 144 replies with donations some of which came  from India and Australia.

I would like to thank all who donated to Cathie's farewell present and the helpers already mentioned for work they did to make the collection a great success.

Cathie ---  I will now quote from some of the comments of appreciation and thanks received from the  grateful members of the Directory

1) long and outstanding service to the  " Koi-Hai " Directory
2) magnificent  job
3) appreciate all her hard work over the years
4) truly done a wonderful job
5) faithful and meticulous work, wonderful memorable years of devotion
6)  with every good wish to Cathie. She has carried the banner for a long time and so splendidly

7) thank you Cathie for a labour of love for so many years most of it on 
an old type writer

  I am sure you  will all agree that Cathie deserved all these splendid comments.

  I  now call upon Josie Kilgour to present Cathie with her farewell gift  which is a cheque for £1720   In the envelope there is also  an appropriate card designed by Bob Simpson  together with a list of the names of those who contributed .  


Below is the list of those kind people who subscribed to the Presentation given to Cathie Campbell 144 in all and the card of
congratulation specially painted for the occasion by Bob Simpson.

 Allan, Duncan & Allison
 Anderson, Ailsa
 Andrew, Bob & Jill
 Atherton, Elizabeth (Sis Fea)
 Austin, Vic
 Bain, Janette
 Bartlett, Peter & Merle
 Batten, John
 Bayley, Philip & Jennifer
 Beattie, Retta
 Beven, Jim
 Bottomley, Diana
 Bleaden, John
 Brown, Larry
 Brown, Rod & Jan

 Bruce, Alistair & Helen
 Buchanan, Robin
 Burns-Thomson, Ian & Barbara
 Burton, Wendy
 Campbell, Jean
 Chalmers, Jim
 Chaurasia, Kailash
 Church, Roy
 Comyn, Cynthia
 Coombes, Neill & Enid
 Copland, David
 Cordiner, Alex & Constance
 Corstorphine, Sandy
 Courtney, Mike & Cathy
 Craig, J.H.G. (Ginger)
 Dame, John (Jim)
 Darby, John & Pauline
 Davidson, Ian & Lilian
 Davies, Cethin
 Day, D. S. (Dicky) and Jill
 Donald, Margaret
 Donaldson, Margaret (Arthur)

 Dunn, Jennifer
 Elliot, Tommy & Grace
 Eyton-Jones, David
 Falconer, Alexander
 Farbrother, Pamela
 Foster, Jimmy & Eleanor
 Fraser, Gordon & Flora
 Fraser, Jean
 Gill, John
 Glendinning, Jim
 Gollan, Ann
 Gow, Ian
 Graystone, Mike & Judy
 Gregory, Robin
 Griffiths, Sheila
 Grimmer, John & Sheila
 Hadfield, Mo
 Halnan, Gerry & Jean
 Handa, Pran & Karolina
 Hardy, Peter & Valerie
 Healey, Tim & Joan

 Henderson, Hazel
 Hindmarsh, Sheila
 Home, Kenneth (Ken) & Diane
 Husseyn, M.G. (Mo) & Fauzia
 Hutchison, Pamela
- Innes, Isobelle
 Isaac, Gordon & Colette
 Jackson, Colin
 Jackson, Norman
 Jaitly, Rajiv & Alison
 Jennings, Sandy & Gwen
 Kent, John & Pat
 Kilgour, David & Josie
 Kincaid, David & Kim
 King, Harry
 Knight, Jimmy & Wendy
 Knights, Dick & Mary
 Lane, Alan
 Latham, Len & Dawn
 Lees, David & Vicky
 Leonard, Alan & Anne
 MacDearmid, George
 MacKenzie, Betty
 Mackenzie, Hector & Jean
 Mackenzie, John
 MacRae, May
 Mackie, Mrs. B.B. (via son John)
 Maddocks, Jim & Marjorie
 Mehra, Shalini
 Melling, Stanley
 Miller, Bill (Dusty)
 Naug, Rex & Jean .
 Nelson, Anne A.
 Nicols, Jim & Daphne
 Parks, John & Mary
 Paterson, Stella
 Pattie, Norman & Margaret
 Pearson, Sandy
 Perry, Derek
 Peters, Pamela
 Pett, Peter and Maggie
 Poole, Dr. Tom & Katie
 Rex, Peter & Gabby
 Roberson, Clive & Caroline
 Robinson, Sheila
 Rogers, Richard & Sue
 Rome, Michael
 Ross, Iain
 Ross, Michael & Marcia
 Rushton, David
 Scallon, Holly
 Scott, Joan
 Scott, Margaret
 Seymour-Eyles, Peter & M.E.
 Sharp, Denny & Fairlie
 Shenoi, V. G.
 Simpson, Gordon & Yfke
 Simpson, R. D. (Dick) & Dolly
 Simpson, Robert & Jessie
 Sixsmith, Maureen
 Skinner, Tyl (formerly Simpson)
 Sloane, Denise (nee Pollard)
 Smith, Marion
 Smith, P. W. (Smudge)
 Stevens, Donald & Monica
 Stone, Bea
 Summers, Matt
 Swales, Roger & Philip
 Thomson, Eric & Alexandra
 Thomson, Jack
 Tocher, Doug & Pat
 Tracy, Jan
 Tyler-Street, Dick & Jenny
 Van Oppen, Martin & Cilla
 Waghorn, John & Margaret
 Waters, David & Barbara
 Warburton, K.F.C.
 Weatherstone, John & Carolyn
 Whear, Michael & Ray
 Willoughby, David & Maria
 Wilmot, Gordon
 Wilson, Peter & Christine
 Wood, Robert
 Zaman, Ali


The following news cutting appeared in the Aberdeen local paper mentioning the Reunion lunch on August 15 2008