2008 Pics - Group B

Thank you to Maxine and Robin Humphries for taking the pictures and sharing them with us.

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Patricia and Terry O'Malley

Sandy and Gwen Jennings

Katie Dawson and Josie Kilgour

David Kilgour, Gordon Simpson, and Robin Humphries

The entrance to Trinity Hall Aberdeen

Len & Dawn Latham and Merle Bartlett

Collette and Gordon (George) Isaac and Josie Kilgour

Listening to the address by Ramesh Jaitly

The magnificent lunch hall

Betty Mackenzie in centre

LH Side:John Grimmer, Sheila Grimmer, Cathy Campbell, Ellen Rorrison, RH Side: Alexandra Thompson, Eric Thompson, Betty Mackenzie, Norman Gerrish

LH Side: Jan Brown, Bea Stone, Alex Cordiner, Constance Cordiner, RH Side:Elsie and Peter Kirby, Jennifer Dunn, and Katie Dawson

Jimmy Mortimer, Margaret Mortimer, Jessie and Robert Simpson, Retta Beattie, and Harry Beattie Jnr

Right to Left: Veronica Lees, David Lees,Jan Tracy, Ailsa Anderson, Flora Mitchell and David Mitchell

Left to Right : Charlotte Fraser, Daphine Nichols, Helen Bruce, Duncan Allan, Alistair Bruce.

Charles Bruce of the Heritage trust on left gave talk on restoring British Cemeteries in India on right back is David Kilgour On the table from left to right-- Margaretha Simpson, Judy Ross and John Mackenzie

From left to right --- Jim Nichols, Peter Hardie, Sandy Pearson, John Bruce, Alison Allan and Doug Florence

From left to right---Walter Johnston, Shona Murdoch (Campbell), Jen Campbell and Bruce Campbell

From left to right---- Denny Sharp, Dorothy Cunningham, Iona Sharp, Jean Campbell, Bob Wood and Fairly Sharp

From right to left---- Yfke Simpson, Monica Mackenzie, Iain Ross, Margaret Scott, Charles Bruce, and Elizabeth Coutts

From left to right--- Gordon Simpson, Margaretha Simpson, Judy Ross, John Mackenzie, Cathy Simpson, Ramesh Jaitly and standing Betty Mackenzie

From immediate Right --David Kilgour, Josie Kilgour, Merle Bartlett,Peter Bartlett, and James Chalmers

From left to right--- Ann Hunter(Barr), George Scott, Joan Scott (Sutherland), Lillian Davidson, Johnny Findlay, and Tulu Findlay

From right to left--- Norman Jackson, Ann Rose(Bain), Alex Fernie, Dawn Latham, and Jimmy Bain

From the left--- Beverly Johnston, Hazel Henderson, Hector Mackenzie, Muriel Bain, Len Latham, and Jean Mackenzie

From the right--- Gordon Wedderburn, Jen McGregor. Mary Ward, Monica Stevens, and Mary Deighton

From the left--- Donald Stevens, Leslie McGregor, Eileen Wedderburn, Margaret Donald, Lily Maclean and Nicol Maclean

From the right---Harry Beattie Jun., Reta Beattie, Bob Simpson, Jessie Simpson, Margaret Mortimer.

From the left--- David Mitchell (half). Flora Mitchell, Ailsa Anderson, Jan Tracy, David Lees and Veronica Lees

Sandy Jennings and Robin Humphries

From the right--- Alistair Bruce, Duncan Allan, Helen Bruce, Daphine Nichols, Charlotte Fraser and Alison Bruce

From left to right --- Jim Nichols, Peter Hardie, Sandy Pearson, John Bruce, and Alison Allan

From far left Sandy Jennings, Maxine Humphries, Robin Humphries, Jimmy Ross, Collette Isaac

Right handside, Gwen Jennings, Patricia O'Malley, Terry O'Malley, Lorna Ross and Gordon (George) Isaacs

Cathie Campbell receiving her presentation from Josie Kilgour

Cathie C and Josie K

In background --Gordon Simpson and David Kilgour

Tulu Findlay and Jessie Simpson

Mary Deighton and Jennifer Dunn

Mary Deighton and Jennifer Dunn

Merle and Peter Bartlett and Yfke Simpson

Jim Nichols, Monica Mackenzie (tall lady) and Ellen Rorrison (with bag over her shoulder)