2008 Pics - Group D

Thank you John & Monika Mackenzie for taking these pictures and sharing them with us.

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Helen Omand, Yfke Simpson and Bea Stone

Gordon Simpson, Jessie Simpson and Bob Simpson

Elsie Kirby, and Joan Scott (Sutherland)

Denny Sharp, Iain Ross and Fairly Sharp

Norman Gerrish and Daphne Nichols

John Mackenzie and Duncan Allan

Alistair Bruce, Monica Steven and Charles Bruce

Seated John Mackenzie, standing Cathy Simpson and seated Ramesh Jaitly

Seated John Mackenzie, standing Cathy Simpson and seated Ramesh Jaitly

Margaretha Simpson, David Kilgour and George Scott with hand over mouth

Cathy Simpson and Ramesh Jaitlly

Left hand side--- Cathy Simpson, Judy Ross and John Mackenzie Right hand side --- Yfke Simpson, Iain Ross and Margaret Scott

Yfke Simpson and Iain Ross

Cathy Simpson, Judy Ross, John Mackenzie, Gordon Simpson,and Ramesh Jaitly.

A view of the Hall

Another view of the Hall

Facing from left to right--- Maxine Humphries, Robin Humphries,Jimmy Ross ,Collette Isaac, & Lorna Ross. The other side Patricia O'Malley

From the right --- Shelia Grimmer, John Grimmer and Dolly Simpson

Katie Dawson and Helen Omand

Right hand side--- Retta Beattie and Jessie Simpson, Left hand side --- David Mitchell, Flora Mitchell with Veronica Lees at the end

Left hand side --- Mary Deighton. Seated right to left --- Lily Maclean, Margaret Donald,Eileen Wedderburn and Ailsa Anderson. Standing right hand side -- Ann Hunter (Barr) and Leslie McGregor. Standing at the end of the table --Donald Steven and Gordon Wedderburn.

Left hand side seated -- James Chalmers, Merle Bartlett and standing behind them Yfke Simpson. Standing at end of table-- left to right -- Margaretha Simpson, Iain Ross, David Kilgour and Harry Beattie Jun

Sheila Grimmer, John Grimmer, Dolly Simpson and standing Duncan Allan

Ron Brown and Ann Gerrish